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Union between Influencer, Economy and Social Networks.

A while ago, not only celebrities are influential people and seen by many people, being an artist is not just an influential person.
Currently, thanks to social networks, anyone can be an influential person, since with just having a smart phone they can record you saying a positive message to the community in general.

The influential people are those people who use social networks like facebook, instagam or youtube, Etc. Most influential people are people sponsored by companies to promote various types of products of that company.



With PATRON we can unite the economy with the influence.

The market and marketing at the moment is a bit more complex and difficult than what is appreciated behind an event or company, PATRON offers an innovative project with innovative ideas to achieve a combination between social networks and marketing to have a better economy more stable for users patricinated by AirBnB and Uber.

PATRON in general what you do or want is to classify each of the influential in different categories dependiendod of the followers that have the ingluyente.

This will generate more organization at a global level in the marketing market, that is, they can be more sure of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for all influential marketing.

All our users allow their influential people to share their followers with campaigns and companies in search of influential people.
this allows to have an average value in comparison to the number of followers that the influencer has.

Po medium of all this process is very useful, since it does not require or comes any kind of deposit to guarantee on the part of followers to the influential or influential to his followers if or e a sure way, since the records are of an univocal way.



How the value of an influencer is analyzed together with PATRON

  • Patron Currently has 3 normal by which is governed to judge the evaluation of the influencers:

Number of Followers of Each influencer:

The number of people who follow an influencer

Influencer commitment level:

the type of communication and the commitment the influencer has with his followers.

Reputation of the Influencer:

Positive or negative opinion of the influencers about their influencer




Benefits of PATRON for its users and influencers:

The benefit of having PATRON as a sponsor is Expandable in a general sense which any type of information given by the influencers in Rapidly published to multiple and different types of Followers.
The sponsors or followers can sign up for more than one Influencer without any limit measure, taking into account that they must be complementary at the level of followers.
The Influencers have the benefit of creating a brand which their followers will be informed, which will be made public to all followers the sponsors, campaigns and events that the influencer has.

All the followers will be benefited by a better content since it carries out a monitoring monetization procedure for the influencers, since it is carried out mutually with the advertising campaigns and the sponsors.



Official Token or Currency of PATRON

  • PAT Token:

  • The sponsors will use it to have an approach towards the influencers and use their networks.

  • The followers will be part of the work giving "like" to the content of the influencers thus contributing PAT in some way.

  • This coin will be used by influencers to give prizes to their followers through events and contests.














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