Minergate app review

in #blockchain4 years ago

I haven't been mining long but I've been trying out all the different mining tools and Mining apps for both Android and PC. I'm in the middle of making a few rigs. And once I have a mining rig completely built and functioning I will put it up on steemit.
basically every computer I have is running some kind of mining program. For now I'd like to talk about Miner gate.

I'm currently running this in the background while doing this Blog on steemit. To say the least it does its job well.
I've looked into it and it is not a scam it may sound like a Ponzi but I'm going to pull as much coin out of it as I can right here on my mobile phone.

As you can see I'm averaging around 15 to 20 hashes per second which is really slow. but actually the phone I'm using is an LG G6 it has the Snapdragon 820 in it with 4 gigs of RAM I was surprised that I was even getting that much hash out of it I decided just to let it run in the background and see what I get.
I'll keep everyone updated on a weekly basis thanks for reading zardoz out...


Out of curiousity what would a decent mining rig cost to build? I just started with minergate last night on my PC that my brother in law built for me about 8-9 yrs ago. It's probably way outdated. Lol

Thanks for commenting. A good rig is gonna cost $2000 ..around that..

Thanks. what hash rate are you looking to achieve with the rigs you are goin to build?

Hopefully i get 180mh/$ ..

I never thought that Minergate would achieve such heights in service. They give a high hashrate and it`s safe to mine with them. There is the easiest connection to a pool