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Despite the tremendous increase in value of the DeFi system process, certain issues are however said to be associated with it which are basically yet to be fully resolved.
DeFi is a short phrase or acronym, which in full literal sense means the "Decentralised Finance". For something to be termed decentralised, it means the issue of power concentrating on one particular end is absent and thus all the processes peculiar to a centralised system does not apply. Decentralised Finance system applies the function and features of a typical blockchain technology system to eliminate the need for intermediaries in regards to carrying out financial based activities. With the decentralised finance protocol, users can now basically lend out funds in form of crytocurrency and in return receive a certain stipulated interest in regards to the fund they lent out. This as well as other tremendous beneficial features has led to the Decentralised Finance been highly appreciated and thus recording high acceptance rate amongst the crypto enthusiast community.
DeFi is an acronym which in full stands for " Decentralised Finance" and in recent times, this aspect or protocol brought about by the blockchain technology system has brought about huge recognition as well as interest in crypto enthusiasts. What really triggered the rising interest is the fact that decentralised finance uses the influence of blockchain technology system and smart contracts to eliminate the need of intermediaries in carrying out financial dealings. Also DeFi in recent times has created an avenue whereby users can lend out cryptocurrency and s well earn certain interest percentage in return as well as other exceptional services.
But despite all the exceptional services which has been attributed to the defi protocol brought about by the blockchain technology system, it has also certain lapses which the LATTICE EXCHANGE PLATFORM has pointed out and is therefore aiming to fix, and some of these challenges includes:
Slow as well as costly transaction processes, and also it's systems lack the appropriate tools to process data like that of the centralised data processing.
Some of this issues includes:

  • Speed: it has been noted that the current Defi system lacks speed in terms of handling transactions and this issue is thus yet to be resolved totally.
  • Cost: cost effectiveness is also another issue facing the DeFi system
  • Security: Security on all system is inevitable as it ensures that users can go about their normal or routine activities on the said system without any fear of compromise. But this level of security however lacks in the DeFi system network.

However, the above stated problems have already been pointed out by the LATTICE EXCHANGE PLATFORM and also it's respective lasting solution properly analysed for full effectiveness.

The LATTICE EXCHANGE PLATFORM uses a protocol system which is known as the " Constellation's Hypergraph Transfer Protocol "(HGTP) to improve the current DeFi system thus making it more effective and efficient. Lattice platform operates in form of an application which mainly focuses on DeFi and will also be developed on the HGTP system network as well as Ethereum network space. The platform aims to modernise the current financial dealings Within the crypto space through acquaintance with an AMM algorithm.
With the AMM algorithm, the lattice exchange platform will ensure the optimisation of specific token types from regular Erc 20 tokens to stablecoins.
The HGTP will allow for applications to be built as well as launched on it's network space, where it will facilitate the proper movement of data for an evolution of application data assurance and also acceptance of token swap for the essence of legacy yield farmers using it's core feature known as the LATTICE cross chain which neccessarily will trigger the liquidity for yield farmers.
HGTP is the only protocol which allows for the ecosystem of applications to be built or launched on the Hypergraph Network whereby the HGTP will be used to capture securely as well as connect and move data for an evolution of applications with data compliance and also assurance as well as permit instant ERC-20 TOKEN swap for legacy yield farmers using the LATTICE's cross-chain feature cause operating across blockchain would necessarily increase the liquidity for yield farms as well as projects that use Erc-20 token.


The LTX will be the acronym that will be used to represent the LATTICE platform's token. The token will be developed on the ethereum network nd as such will fufill all the basis of n Erc-20 compatible token. And it will basically have a total supply of 100M.


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