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About 60% of the world trade is done by the International shipping Industry. Shipping is the backbone of import and export, more important than air transport. Ports are among the highest grossing revenue generators for most Countries. It is, therefore, no surprise that the shipping industry is one of the fastest and steady growing industries in the World.

Foods and goods are affordable because they are transported via the low-cost shipping method. Half the world would freeze and the other half starve to death if not for sea transportation. Sea travel is so harsh and exposes ships to a considerable amount of risks, even though shipping is the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport.

The sea shipping industry has been changing rapidly in the past years technologically. The shipping industry which has been known to be traditionally slow to change is embracing technological shift.

Some of the advantages of Sea Shipping

Lower costs
More time for document processing
Shipping without constraints
A greener transportation mode.
Although more time for document processing is one of the advantages of sea shipping, it still doesn't do enough for the documentation aspect. There are so many lapses that still occur and BLOCKSHIPPING brings a solution to that.


Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP)

The efficiency of the shipping industry has been what stakeholders have been looking into for years now. Better accountability, how to reduce overcapacity, how to tackle security threats and environmental regulations. The GSCP is expected to reduce C02 emission by at least 4.2m tons yearly.

The GSCP tackles the inefficient documentation of the shipping process.

It provides a complete Blockchain enabled container asset registry where the full global inventory of containers is registered with real-time location of every single container around the world.
The vision for the GSCP Platform:

  1. To achieve a 60% market coverage with 3-4 years with a 16 million container units in the GSCP Blockchain.
  2. Also to become the main and primary IOT platform for real-time tracking of containers enabling real-time visibility of containers to all stakeholders.
  3. Monetize data insights based on machine learning, IOT data, AI, and blockchain data
  4. Become the number one platform for managing operational payments clearing between stakeholders related to physical handling (Interchange), haulage and sharing of containers.

The GSCP will be open to all parties in the shipping industry; Carriers, terminal operators, port authorities, leasing companies, freight forwarders, Non-vessel operating containers carriers and the companies who manufacture the containers. It will be a massive, easy to use Platform. With the estimate of the total potential users of the platform, it's safe to say the Blockshipping token will be a hit from the get-go.


A lot of time and cost can be saved with the GSCP platform;

The platform will be reliable and trusted for carriers that miss out on huge savings in empty container repositioning.
Triangulation and street turn cost savings will be achieved.
Real-time awareness of container locations.
Integration of operational business processes which have been hampered by outdated and manual methods which invariably results in poor customer service and an inflated workforce of staffs.
In total, the GSCP Platform will enable a cost reduction for the global container Industry for at least 5.7Billion USD/Year
GSCP with Blockchain

The Blockchain is an easy and transparent system. The technology will offer real-time visibility and smart contracts that automate the whole process and payments between parties.

Blockshipping ICO

The ICO is needed to raise funds to complete the financing of the GSCP Platform.

The GSCP platform will have two tokens

The container crypto coin (CCC) will be an external ERC20 Ethereum revenue share token to be sold publicly during ICO and subsequently traded on external exchanges.
The Container Platform Token (CPT) that will be an internal utility token for transactions on a private/permissioned GSCP Blockchain.
The two tokens will be separated so the CCC cannot affect the stability of the CPT due to its' external trading. The internal token CPT can support the value of the external traded token by sharing revenue generated by the transaction volume in the internal system on the GSCP platform.


Total Tokens to be distributed - 50,000,000 (Hard cap, with no future minting of tokens). The Price of one CCC is locked at $0.62. Minimum purchase is $100. Purchase can be made via ETH, BTC, USD, & EUR

Finalizing of exchanges where CCCwill be traded will be done after the ICO putting into consideration the reputation of the exchange, if the exchange has a fair fee structure, sizable trading volume, etc.

The allocated CCC to founders will be locked and released after 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.




Last year(2017) different ICOs were birthed that didn't have any use case. The Cryptoworld was in a frenzy and the hype was preyed upon by ICos. The bear run came and investors realized a quality project is only what stood the test of time. BLOCKSHIPPING is among that class of quality projects.

The GSCP platform is a well thought of Project that can last as long as the shipping industry is in existence, and also have the potential for growth. The platform will be open and fair to all and this surely will be the enticing aspect for users and even investors alike. The supply is limited and relatively small which will give it an exponential value especially when the platform becomes widely used. This is the best time to invest in BLOCKSHIPPING, while it is still cheap.


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