Blockshipping - А new revolution in the world of logistics

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  Despite the rapid development of aviation and the fact that the land is increasingly being drawn together by a network of roads and pipelines, the vast majority of cargo is still transported by sea. Sea transportation is radically cheaper and, despite the relatively low speed of ships, often go faster than land. First of all, due to the fact that it is possible to transport a huge number of goods “in one go” - a typical container truck capacity replaces more than a dozen freight trains.   

However, sea transportation is an extremely conservative sphere. The last really big change (Yes, there was a real revolution) is the transition to the transportation of goods in standard containers. However, this happened more than half a century ago. Since then, almost nothing has changed. Even the documents for the containers are processed by the eyes and hands of port employees. It is not surprising that the containers periodically "ride" empty on the other side of the world or simply lost, which entails multi-billion losses.   

The developers want the platform Blockshipping GSCP to win this “container chaos”. They want to equip at first 26 million containers with beacons and combine them into a single blockchain. And the process of ”collecting" the network has already begun.  

  This will allow logistics companies, shippers and consignees to find out at any time what is happening to the container, where it is, who and what actions are performed with it. And blockchain technology will exclude the possibility of data forgery and fraud.   

Thanks to Blockshipping GSCP, the time of delivery of goods will be reduced by reducing the time spent on paperwork, the risk of loss of the container, its damage or theft will be reduced, and logistics companies will be able to radically reduce their costs as well.  

  Who might be interested?   

According to very conservative estimates, the “container blockchain” will reduce the losses of companies engaged in container transportation by at least $ 5 billion per year. So the list of interested in the success of the project is very large (and the Danish merchant fleet is already actively supporting and financing this start-up):  

  • Logistics company. It's simple, they save money and get more profit. 
  • Companies using the services of carriers. Cost reduction will allow logisticians to reduce tariffs without compromising their profits, which will favorably affect their customers. 
  • Ecologists. A bit of a surprise, Yes. Increasing the attractiveness of Maritime transport will increase its market share and reduce the share of land transport. Ships produce much less emissions into the atmosphere (under the condition of equal distance and weight). 
  • Insurance company. Less loss of cargo - less insurance cases, therefore less insurance payments. 
  • States. States will receive more taxes, will be able to simplify the work of customs and less worry about all these unpleasant cases with lost, found and stolen goods.  

  Two tokens - The way to stability  

  An interesting feature of the Blockshipping GSCP project was the use of two tokens - CCC and CPT.   

The first is the ”investment" token, which is sold during the ICO. It can not be used on the platform for calculations, but it gives the right to receive dividends.   

All services of the company will be paid with CPT tokens, which will be sold for ETH. Moreover, the trading value of the CPT to ETH will be reducing, until all tokens are sold. The received ethers will become dividends for the CCC token holders - they will be distributed among investors in proportion to the CCC tokens that they own.  

 This scheme, though it looks very complex, protects the project from speculators and turns CCC into a kind of “stablecoin”.  

  Experience and maturity  

  Team Blockshipping GSCP unusual experience by the standards of blockchain projects. People with 20 years of experience in logistics or IT here are not ”invited experts“ but ”core staff". And the Director of business development - David green-has more than 40 years of experience in IT projects, including almost two decades-in the positions of top Manager.   

Not far behind is the project founder Peter Ludvigsen - he works in logistics is already 39 years old. Moreover, he was engaged in the automation of business processes in logistics and the introduction of new technologies.   

Yes, someone may say that innovative projects are the work of young people, but such a baggage of knowledge and experience cannot be discounted. These guys really know what they're doing.  


  Logistics is one of the main markets for blockchain technologies. Their application is logical and understandable not only for developers, but also for companies in the industry. Logistics companies have already evaluated the benefits of decentralized technologies and are ready to pay for their implementation and development.    

At the same time, Blockshipping GSCP is not trying to sell something extremely futuristic (like a popular idea with a global network of Autonomous drones). They offer a "mundane", applied and understandable solution that will allow the industry to save a lot of money. Not "sometime later,” but "now."   

Add to this the enormous experience of a team that knows all the “pain points” of the container market from the inside, and you get a project “doomed to success”.  


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Great review @mak2017, will definitely keeping my eye one this project! Could be a great investment for a long term i suppose.

Really awesome project with clear idea of what they want to achieve, the fact that team already started gathering containers in one blockchain attracted my attention the most.

Hello @mak2017 this is a very informative post. I love the part where you mentioned despite the slow speed of ships compared to road and air transportation, it's still faster. That holds true till date. I personally prefer to have my products delivered through sea.

Now the ability to access what's going on with my product at every point in time is a very useful tool. Thanks to your new post, I now know there's a project going on to give users authentic feedback on the location and conditions of their cargo.

Great Job @mak2017 Blockchain rocks.

Glad that you enjoyed my post @tymix12 ! And yes, Sea transportation is still one the cheapest way to transfer large goods 👍

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Hoping that these 2 tokens concept will work, as i know there could be some difficulties with tokens that provide dividends.

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I haven’t found much projects who are offering a solution like Blockshipping does, therefore i will be investing in this project for sure.

Highly likely that Blockshipping will be a success due to real demand of decentralized register in sea freight industry.