Going Live on #blocktalk! with ned scott of steem and adrien of DTube

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Dtube uploaded to follow after show


Loved one of the first comments by @ned that we want 100 000 Entrepreneurs building Apps on STEEM!

Why don't we host a STEEM StartUp Weekend SMT edition? It's easy to attract great minds to those events who will then get introduced to STEEM as a palce to build new business and we can then also introduce it to participating tech companies which are usually invited as a jury.

Think you could be a host as usual @travelmarcus ? ;)

It is good to dream, but unless steem is able to remove the dichotomy that exists between the users that have put fiat money into the steem ecosystem and the news users who are just looking to make a few dollars, steem will never garner mainstream adoption. What is more likely to spawn mainstream adoption ? A bunch of people upvoting their friends posts who also bought heavily into steem, or that guy who didn't invest a dime, but ended up making $25 dollars last months communicating with other users? Option B will most likely lead to more organic leads and people joining the steem ecosystem via word of mouth, the ill scratch your back if you scratch mine methodology will never be a sustainable one.

That's what SMTs are aiming to solve. Eventually Steem itself will just be used as the bandwidth that allows you to participate in the community that has created the incentives that most align with what your looking to see as a reward system for a community.

Steem is not dependent on Steemit at all in the same way that EOS will not be dependent on a singular app that is built on it.

If you want to know about Blockchain then this post is for you surely https://steemit.com/blockchain/@fxfighter/preface-of-blockchain-part-01

Steem is about reputation, not the money. If you maintain a good reputation, the money will follow. I agree with your point and have, with minimal effort, managed to generate some income just by writing, not investing.

I haven't been that enthused to see that some people are gaming the system by putting money into Steem and setting up voting farms. That is not the path to quality.

If Larimer is right about game theory and how Steemit is programmed to reflect game theory, that gamesmanship will work itself out. I think that people need to be focused on reputation here.

If Steemit becomes famous for good reads and writing opportunities, then Steem will increase in value. But if it is just going to be used as farm for upvotes, that will, in time impugn the reputation of Steemit and decrease the value of Steem.

Reputation is what matters here, so if people destroy the reputation of Steemit with voting cartels, upvote farming and the like, then we can reasonably expect a decline here. Hopefully, people here will choose a higher road and just post and vote based on the merits, not the nepotism.

I have to respectfully disagree here.

To many people continue to believe that the success of Steem is tied to the success of Steemit.

It is not!

It's a huge misconception about the Steem blockchain and is one of the main reasons the token is still so undervalued even though it's the most used blockchain in the world, has 3 second transfer times, has no transaction fees and is nowhere near transaction capacity.

Can you give me any other crypto that can actually compete with those metrics right now? On the merits of how we judge almost every other coin in the space, Steem is by far the best. But because most people don't understand that Steemit is not Steem, it is written off.

Steemit is a proof of concept for what one app running on the Steem blockchain can look like. There are already several others and SMTs will usher in Steem 2.0 where the ability to play with reward distribution and community building will be available to anyone.

It's the 100k different apps that will be built on the Steem blockchain that will determine the success of Steem or not, not Steemit, it's rules, it's community or it's reputation.

Now that is spirited discernment. You have touched upon a nuance that I didn't consider when writing my post. I have a habit of conflating Steemit with Steem, but you're helping me to see beyond my initial impression of Steem, the currency.

On that point we have agreement. Steemit the website, is just an app built on top of Steem and Steem delivers great performance as you have rightly noted.

So to be fair, the reputation that I speak of only concerns the app that is built on Steem. Steem is independent of the apps built on top of it. Dtube, Dmania, Steemit, Busy.org, to name a few, are all running on top of the Steem Blockchain. The reputation of those apps depend upon the inputs made by their users, and as such, do not impugn the reputation of Steem, the currency.

The Steem metrics you mentioned are the reputation of Steem the currency, and are in stark contrast to Ethereum, another currency with a blockchain that is getting a bit bogged down due to a few Crytpkitties.

I notice that you did not disagree with me on the point of reputation, just that the good fortune of Steem, the currency, is not tied to Steemit. So on both points, I see common ground. That's something I look for in everyone I meet.

It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Thank you for your enlightenment. :)

Excellent response :)

You are correct, when you break it down the way you just did, we are indeed in agreement.

At this point every app built on Steem has to play by the same rules of the blockchain. The current state of Steemit and other apps is the same and will not change until SMTs come along. At that point we'll have a ton of communities attempting to find the best way to reward their users so that the best content truly floats to the top and is rewarded appropriately without bots or other "unfair" systems being able to disrupt the process.

As an example let's look at Dtube. Right now the same tactics that can be used to abuse Steemit can also be used to take advantage of Dtube. Once SMTs are released though, Dtube can create it's own coin and determine it's distribution method, total supply and reward distrubtion curve. All of these different variables can then be controlled within the Dtube ecosystem and played with until it matches what the Dtube community is looking to achieve. All of this is done without impacting Steem or it's process at all. But every SMT is dependent on Steem and that is where the true value of Steem will come from.

So now imagine that you have thousands of apps and communitites all playing with their own token and figuring out how to best use them to bring about the best way to grow the value of their community and thus their token. It won't take long for the issues we see here on Steemit to be ironed out and the best renditions will become powerful forces in the future tokenized social media space.

I too have had to learn to distinguish between Steemit as the first app built on the Steem blockchain versus the blockchain itself, the latter presenting far more promise.

However, as you acknowledged, Steemit is a proof of concept of the blockchain and despite the existence of others such as Dtube and Utopian, Steemit is at the forefront of what the blockchain is capable of to the broader crypto space.

The problems with quality content often not getting acknowledged, accounts that impersonate others, flag wars among whales, self voting abuse by some users (including Witnesses), vast disparities in rewards distribution, differing views on the inherent nature and corresponding value of SBDs, etc that are rampant on Steemit as an app reflect poorly on the Steem blockchain itself. And since the former is the premiere, first mover manifestation of what the latter is capable of, people invariably turn a blind eye to its potential. This will persist until the aforementioned issues are definitively addressed.

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you as well :)

Think about it for a sec. Does it matter how Bitcoin is mined? Does it matter how Ethereum is mined? Does it matter how NEO is mined? Does it matter how Steem is mined?

I'd argue yes, but only marginally. The value of those tokens comes from the scarcity, perceived security of the chosen mining protocol and perceived potential.

It's the potential of all these coins that give them most of their value. How Steem is mined at this point is pretty irrelevant in my eyes and reward distribution or "proof of brain" is still just mining. And as I mentioned above when we're actually talking about what the coin is capable of as a currency, it's smoking all of the above blockchains.

All the problems you mention in your last paragraph are easily addressed by SMTs and that's why all the focus of the Steemit team has been on bringing them to life and not addressing perceived issues. It's quite clear that actions speak louder than words and they don't believe those issues are a threat to the blockchain. The Steem price and rate of growth of the platform also support that stance.

That's likely because they understand that the value of the platform rests in being able to have a thousand different attempts to address those issues in the form of SMTs rather than trying to have one attempt to solve them for every app, which is a fools task.

Please forgive my ignorance, but what are SMTs?that is a new acronym for me.


No worries, it's again part of the problem of why Steem is so undervalued. Not a lot of folks understand what's going on behind the scenes with the Steem blockchain right now and where it's heading.

SMT stands for "Smart Media Token" and it's where all the attention of the Steemit team has been for the last half a year or more.

You can read about them here.

You can just scroll down on that page and it will give you an overview or click through to the whitepaper to get all the details.

I agree. I had voting bots attracted to my channel back in June, it actually discouraged me from posting, because I felt bad for the bot owner. I was getting 1 or 2 sbd for each post, no matter how bad or good it was. Eventually the bots died :)

I know that feeling, seeing that 60 people voted your post, to then see that only 15 looked at it, ergo a voting bot, is a little discouraging when you put time and effort to provide quality posts.

yup, what is even more disappointing is when you write a 1000 plus word post, that takes sometimes a good hour to compose and one of your half cocked comments that took 1 minute to write gets more exposure and value. Sometimes it discourages me from writing new content altogether . Thanks for the feedback :)

I agree with your reply....gets frustrating a bit. now following you

If you want to know about Blockchain then this post is for you surely https://steemit.com/blockchain/@fxfighter/preface-of-blockchain-part-01

I like when NED said Proof of Human = POF
STEEMIT is so Awesome and we are here so Early in the Game !!

That's good idea!

If you want to know about Blockchain then this post is for you surely https://steemit.com/blockchain/@fxfighter/preface-of-blockchain-part-01

Hi, we tried to develop stage.steemiz.io but we ran out of funds. It's very difficult to develop on STEEM as it's expensive and difficult to get traction in the community. Without funding you wont have 100K entrepreneurs on STEEM.

I'm currently of the exact opposite impression, whales seem very eager to support developers with new ideas that can benefit STEEM. What's your business model?

The idea was to build first a similar platform as steemit then to add decentralized games and social features inside. I spent 10K USD on this project as I thought we would get more attention and upvotes to continue, but we had to stop working on the project. To continue for another 6 month we would need a minimum of 25K USD.

We can develop anything, but not without funds.

" Entrepreneurs building Apps on STEEM!" any links on how to do this please,i want to uild a London ride sharing app on steem but cant find the how to sections...


great interview , learn a lot

in our teachings that blom understand in steemit

All good apart from the live audience, they looked like they were in a doctors waiting room!

I was waiting for the enema

So you are the man behind Dtube.
It's going to be the next YouTube mark my words.

This is the power of community. You can see clearly how steem and dtube collaborate for the benefits of the community.
SMTs will be pegged to steem.
Keep on steemin'

This was a fantastic video! Great interview, interviewer, interviewees, questions and answers. It was nice to see @ned and hear about his vision for the next 5 years for Steem, SMT's, oracles, identity data, and even the SBD issue.

Then, towards the end of the video, he mentioned that several witnesses and businesses are working together to address the issue of the high price of SBDs. Can someone tell me more? Who are the businesses he is referring to?

Can't wait for SMTs to start happening! Did I miss a timeline on this? I did hear that Steemit Inc is working on them and everybody wants to know more!

It was also great to get to know Adrien, the man behind the dTube app! With the monetization changes and censorship over at YouTube I can really see dTube growing into THE killer app over the next year or two! That is going to benefit everyone here on Steemit and all the other apps on the Steem blockchain.

I will be looking for more @blocktalk videos for sure!

Thank you!

Great site :D We use it for our Video Thumbnails!


First time that I've heard Adrien talking, seems like dtube is in good hands!

Stay solid STEEM community 💪🏽

hosting a STEEM StartUp Weekend SMT edition? hmm... I can send to you some people of great minds I know. They will probably won't hesitate to grab it.

Very informative. I am still trying to explore steemit and finally got some idea about steem being used as a blockchain for different applications.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to SBD in the future. I honestly could not understand why it was trading so high.

It's great to hear from the great minds behind these platforms. Keep up the great work!

Peace! ✌

:-) litecoin is not finish.
next Tattootime 07.02.2018

Do you think Dtube should get content creators at a massive rate from youtude? I don't think content creators at Youtube is still unaware or slow to adopt. What can we do to spread the word?

Don't have to spread any word. This service is growing super fast already. If it grows slower then that will be better when it comes to scalability. YouTubers are very fast to adapt. Especially the last 2 months. And the speed of that will only grow from here. Will be interesting in one way on the other hand what will become most popular. Text format or video format. Very excited about tokens for just video views. It will create even more motivation to create videos.

Thanks for the reply. Yes good point. I actually came to this platform following an Youtuber who I watch regularly anyways. So I thought why not use the content from this platform if that helps in any way. I am glad I did.

At the end @ned mentions that Steemit isn't a success unless it gets dwarfed by all the other applications being built on top of the Steem blockchain. I've checked out other apps like Busy and have been a bit skittish about entering my Steem cred. How does one know if something is brand new whether an app is just phishing your blockchain info for profit?

Dtube is freakin amazing man, well done Adrien "of course we didn't ask anyone" haha I'm glad you didn't. You guys are crazy! Feel lucky to be witnessing this as it unfolds. I love Dtube, made a jacket!

Untitled design (33).jpg

Looking forward to seeing how SMT's unfold too @ned. Awesome talk!

"* applause *"

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Great interview.Lots of informative talk

:blocktalk is the way right now

I hope, DTube will be much more popular this year.

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Well my saturday night enlightened it is quite refreshing and fun discussion and talking session.

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That's great

I just joined steemit like an hour ago and am seeing so much stuff already. I think am gonna like it here... Nice Blocktalk

Apakah fungsi seperti youtube atau memang punya kesamaan secara spesifik?mengingat konten yang unggah dalam bentuk format video.

This is an amazing video! I learned a lot. From how it started and how it works, as well as future plans. Also, now I understand what dtube is. Really appreciate you shared this video. Thank you so much for what you do in Steemit platform.

Thanks for this talk.

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Interesting. I was kind of giving up on steem which seemed like more like a blogging platform than anything else. DTube is a whole other thing which I am very optimistic for! I can totally see this eventually replacing YouTube especially if YouTube keeps acting like a dick to its creators.

i hope in the future Dtube can be popular like YouTube Videos Platform! Are you Agree guys?

The creative and dedication here is so encouraging and outstanding and I am very sure these in no time will put steemit on a very high demand level way above the top communities of this world.we over here are looking up to this greatness and will do all the positive for the upcoming newbies and existing steemians.

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Wow I am very excited to hear about the future plans of @ned. He has very ambitious personality

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@Blocktalk i really loved watching this video. But it was a little noisy because of live audience but still there was a lot to learn. Steem on!

good friend.
hopefully we can always share here.

Insightful. Nice talk.

Great post keep like this!!

ask @ned why he never welcomes any new members or why he never votes any minnow

very nice post of u sir wonderful .

good idea for future blockchain app.. nice job @blocktalk

glad to see this talk of the steemit and dtube pioneers!

P.S: Hello, adrien!

Thumbs for ned for the great idea on the creation of steemit. Creating new memories that can help your financial needs and as well as the needs of others. Keep on inspiring more people to do steemit and this ill last long.

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i am new here. Can someone help me wit explaind for d tube? Can I directly from steemit post to d tube or need to open web site d tube? is need two account for d tube and steemit or only one and what kind of videos i can post on d tube ? only videos where I amor any exept swedish action... Thanks

muy interesante tu información

D tube vs YouTube

Buen post me parece interesante lo que publicas.
Saludos desde Venezuela.

Thanks @blocktalk
Very important talk

Thanks for sharing! 🤘

this video is amazing. and dtube also

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The recent Demonetization of many YouTube videos is just one of many factors which will drive more people to Steemit and Dtube. I know people with millions of followers who make only a few hundred dollars from their Youtube videos. Once people see the potential earnings on the Steemit platform, the user base will explode. When you combine that with the increasing value of Steem, there is no comparison to other platforms like YouTube. This does not even take into account the recent censorship issues on Youtube.

amazing post my steemit frineds wish you good luk

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