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Hello and welcome dear reader.

In this blog, I will announce the release of a fresh and new website ... on cryptocurrencies and blockchain!

Now you are thinking "Do we really need another one ?"

Yes, you do!

Almost every blockchain information website is giving the same news you find everywhere or the raw data from the chains. You know, market cap, price, volume, ...

Things have changed! I have been collecting data that doesn't usually show on other platforms. I have been observing how blockchains are actually used!


You'll find the daily number of operation per day and other indexes especially build to show the reality behind the price of a coin. How well a blockchain is adopted and used. Then, comparing these values with the market cap we can see some shocking numbers.

I'll let you discover this world of new data and you will draw your own conclusions.

The website is not finished and will probably evolve forever.

With that said, one of the next improvement I will probably work on now is to implement a news section. I can hear you saying "he just told the website won't provide standard crypto stuff and he's now speaking about crypto news ...". You're right! That's why I won't share too much news found on the mainstream websites but will select these amongst the best articles I will find here on Steemit.

There is a lot of very good original blogs on Steemit and they deserve more viewers. That will also create a passive advertising for Steemit !!!

I won't use more of your time and I let you discover

Yes, it has the same of this Steemit blog! How crazy is that ? You 're wondering why?
My answer is ... And why not! The name is pretty cool, I'll use it twice!

Have a fun and instructive time on the website. I hope it will help you take wiser decisions when investing in crypto.


Game changer.

That's all I have to say.

Bravo man. Bravo.

Thanks Kimchi, indeed, a game changer. Let's spread this information everywhere !

That's seems great :)

It doesn't, it is !

You got my vote and a resteem :]

I would like to see the price of sbd and golos golds, can you add it?

The website consider the activity on the chains. It's its main purpose. I wouldn't make sense to add SBD or GOLOS gold because it would be repeating the information.

How much traffic are you getting on the new site?

I will look into google analytics to find a way to display the traffic in a separated page.

So far, 100 sessions on the 02/11 and 600 sessions on the 03/11. Looks good but we can do much better. When Steemit community will realise it's on position number 1, I should have also their support !

I think it's a good idea.
Be happy

Be happy too :D

It would be nice to have sorting options in columns

Indeed, it's in my roadmap ! First I want to use this channel blogs to feed a news page. Then I'll do that !

Do you have plans to expand this list?

could You include Stellar in that list
number of transactions in theirs block explorer looks interesting that's why I'm curious

Thats great! Thanks for sharing :)

Ooh, I like it! Cool to see the list of chains ranked by activity.

Thanks for the update, is it exactly like steemit in rewarding, updates and trading?

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you do have the plans to add all of currencies to your list right?
A list is not that useful to base any decision on if it isn't complete.

Yes, any chain with serious activity will be listed.

This seems absolutely amazing. Bookmarking..... I love data!

I like the clean UI and may it keep up to be this style.

I'll try my best ;)

Another way you can look at this is how much is a daily transaction worth on each blockchain. Or if you buy the blockchain, how much of the blockchain do you need to buy per an average transaction? In order to generate an average daily transaction in bitcoin you need $409,275. Might be a bit expensive. In Doge it is only 7,174. Ultimately on could argue it is the transactions that bring value to a blockchain (as with no users they are worthless) but these valuations are not in the same ballpark.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 6.05.18 PM.png

It's the same kind of reasoning behind the AVI index. You'll find your numbers twisted in another way but the ratio is the same. Nice table !

Activity Valuation Index (AVI):
This is one of the most interesting data points on the website. This index takes the Bitcoin value (market cap) and the number of transactions (Tx) per day and makes it an index set to "1". Then, it varies with the other blockchains data. The index grows when the blockchain is very active and its market cap is low.
A blockchain with the same amount of Tx as Bitcoin but with only half of its market cap would have an AVI of 2. From the investor point of view, it would be twice as valuable as Bitcoin because it would have the same level of activity with only half the market cap. Another blockchain with half the amount of Bitcoin Tx with the same market cap would have an AVI of 0.5.
We can see blockchains like BitShares and Steem having very high index values. That is explained by the fact that they have a very low market caps but they process the same kind of Bitcoin activity or more.

It is the same data, to me it seems easier to understand this way. (Well, to some extent both ways seem a little convoluted with ridiculous numbers, but I haven't found a better way yet. )

Hi @blocktivity, nice to know that you have released your blockchain website. I will take a look the soon. All the best for you.
Regards from Indonesia.

where do you get the number of transactions? do you use each crypto's explorer?

Thank you for this info :)

Kudos to all the positive comments!

You would not believe how much easier it is to get people to switch to BitShares once they see the website. It may be the single biggest contributor to BitShares growth in the past month.

Waouw amazing 🤓

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