Video Tutorial: How to use to exchange your STEEM and SBD | Step By Step

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Good day to all, Steemians!

As you guys might know that poloniex having problems with SBD and Steem deposits if not then check out my last post here and friends it's too dangerous now to sent your hard earned coins to poloniex exchange and secondly Bittrex is only allowed it's verified user's to use their exchange and i see peoples are searching for the best alternative of these exchanges, so my friend you don't need to worry about it and also don't need to find any other exchange because we have marvelous present here on steemit, which is to me a perfect, reliable and most fastest exchange i have ever experienced, so in today's video tutorial i am going to tell a step by step process about exchanging SBD and Steem coins by using, i talk more about it in my video below.

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thank u for ur really helps me a lot.

You are welcome, i am so happy it helps you.

Good video with useful information about the process of exchanging SBD and Steem coins by using ! Great job! ;)

hey, thanks for all the info man. I appreciate info like this to make the blockchain easier to use.

Im happy you come by my channel my friend!

You are welcome and thank you very much for the kind response my friend.

wow amazing video i was looking for it how to use and how to exchange... im glad you upload this video so now i can learn thank you bro

thank you so much for this

You are welcome my friend.

FYI, bittrex isn't also a good idea, i had converted some btc worth about $60 into usd from there, the fee they deducted was almost 20 U$D!! it wasn't the exchanger site, it was deducted by bittrex :(

that's true and as far as bitcoin is concerned we all know that it always has very high tx fees, so if bittrex charge fees then it's normal.

what's your opinion about

thanks for information about poloniex