Buying Delegation: @blocktrades vs. @minnowbooster

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Buying Delegation

So you're a minnow. A little iddy, bitty, tiny, super-small, infinitesimal, barely noticable, no one sees your posts, my-votes-ain't-even-worth-a-penny, fresh out the egg minnow. Or maybe it's worth a penny. Maybe your vote is worth three cents? Or maybe you're a borderline dolphin and it's worth around 40 cents? You may have heard that you can lease some STEEM POWER somewhere through the grapevine and just have to do it! Why? So you can gain better post rewards and give those people you follow more for their fabulous content. You need to buy some delegation.



Now, if you are not familiar with the term, let this serve as a simplified tutorial for you. Delegation is basically renting STEEM POWER (what gives your vote its value) for your account. My friend @michaeldavid first turned me on to this about 3 months ago and I find it very helpful. Especially for us little fish that haven't grown into 'dolphins' or 'whales' quite yet. Lucky for us, there are massive account holders that are 'kind' enough to let us rent some of their heaping stashes of STEEM POWER. Some are private, but there are two public major players I'm going to focus on here.

The Contenders

blocktrades — Steemit.pngMinnowBooster Beta   minnowbooster  — Steemit.png


Good old @reggaemuffin has been doing quite well with this beast. He even picked up my witness vote recently because he supports the @originalworks bot. Love that little thing. But yes, buying delegation from them can be done fairly easily. There are two ways. You can go to Minnow Booster and click on lease from bot. Type in the amount of delegation you would like, or how much you want to spend and how long. Their delegations are parted out in weeks and @minnowbooster itself does not do the delegating. People actually go on there and buy your 'contract'. I've had delegations picked up by @eturnerx and a few others. You can also do it straight from your wallet if you keep the math in mind and in the memo field, put how long you want (in weeks) for a delegation. 1 week/75 SP (STEEM POWER) = 1 STEEM or for 4 weeks and over, you get 150 SP per STEEM (4 STEEM = 150 SP/4 weeks). Proof can be found by visiting @thealliance or @syndicates.


@minnowbooster also sells upvotes with their bot. It's something entirely different, but lately has left a bad taste on my selective tongue. Earlier today even, I was trying to buy a vote from them and 4 times it failed. Oh, by the way @yabapmatt, I saw your bid for witness on your Steem Bot Tracker site and wrote you in today. But back to @minnowbooster. I'm not sure what happened, if it was the whitelist thing they introduced or the new 'sell your SP' bit, but it is all jacked up now and I've just completely had it with that bot. I tried 4 different prices and none of them worked despite checking the site to see recent purchases so... y'all need to fix that som-n-a-beech.

Killer Whale   killerwhale  — Steemit.png


This account has been here forever and should be respected. I also wrote this one in today for witness even though I've never used the Blocktrades website. That is until today, and omg was it ever easy. They have some major advantages over @minnowbooster too I'll get into in a minute. But, just to make sure you understand it well, as it is a new delegator, I will walk you through the process. First thing you need to do is click here and open another tab on Blocktrades.

1) Choose the currency from the drop down menu on the left with which you would like to pay. There are around a dozen including ETH, LTC & DASH.

2) Type in how much of said currency in the box below the crypto option button.

3) From the drop down tab on the right, choose your desired delegation length. (no account needed) Select either 30 or 90 days, whichever is more comfortable.

4) Check the box below to see if it is acceptable, you can adjust the STEEM POWER you would like and it will reflect in the price.

5) Below the two selection tabs, type in the username/Steemit account for which you are buying the delegation for. If it is valid, the profile thumbnail picture will pop up.

6) Tap/click the generate address and VIOLA!

BlockTrades (3).png


These next few steps are very important. Each transaction is unique so you must first make sure the user/address you are sending it to is @BLOCKTRADES. Secondly (if using STEEM or SBD to pay), and most critical, is be sure to double check that you have put the proper MEMO in the MEMO field. Double check. Triple check if you have to. Just make sure it's @BLOCKTRADES and the MEMO field is filled out properly. It's basically the code that says how much you will be getting for what cryptocurrency at what price. I got some today and it is virtually instant.

BlockTrades (1).png

Who Wins?

For me, @blocktrades is the new champion! It knocked out @minnowbooster in three categories. Since @blocktrades is letting the STEEM POWER, it is as fast as you can say 'pickles and peanut butter' once you send the payment. I have waited almost 3 days on delegations from @minnowbooster before and even had a few requests returned because no one picked up the contract. I also love the fact that I can choose to pay for the delegation with a good couple handfuls of diverse cryptocurrencies. The ONLY thing you can buy delegation with from @minnowbooster is STEEM. Last and far from least, @blocktrades is actually CHEAPER than @minnowbooster! YES!

In Conclusion...

The choice really is yours. I bought delegation from both today just to see the difference. You have my comparisons, but do your own research and see what you come up with. I'm glad someone else stepped in the ring for delegating STEEM POWER. Anyone get the strange feeling that there will be more competition for delegation...

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You have balls of steel @enginewitty. I imagine you will surely prove to be the cream on this platform.

Brother, Does Blokctrades return our SBD after the contract (duration of steem delegation) finish?

No it's like renting a car or hotel room. You pay for it then use it until your time is up😎

This post is indeed very useful and makes me want to try the @blocktrades offer, but there is one small problem - the page you are referring to does not work ;/

Is blocktrades down??? Was working earlier just dandy.

I'm not sure if it's down, but it's not working at least fo me...

minnowbooster is no longer for the minnows.. Now I find it whalebooster.. before I was a fan of minnowbooster and would often buy votes from it..

I rented some delegations from @blocktrades and personally I find it good.. I think few people are saying it's a loss investment but I don't think so.. moreover minnowbooster will never vote for free (except for the shareholders/developers of minnowbooster)

But @blocktrades would vote average people for free depending on the content quality depends the vote %

Very useful information here my friend. One day I may just lease some and become a boss for a bit 😁 stay classy! #thealliance baby!

You already a boss my man! @blocktrades would be great if you got ya a pile of DOGE sitting around somewhere...

Great analysis. Due to @blocktrades cheaper price, it is going out crazy, out of 3,674,489.074 SP, 2,137,879.109 SP delegated in one week. Therefore, it looks like there is a huge demand for delegated SP. What I think, @blocktrades delegated SP will be drained very quickly and @minnowbooster will see some users for their service too.

However, @minnowbooster offers 1-4 week service which differentiates it from @blocktrades.

@minnowbooster is practically begging for people to pick up delegations, so is there a demand??? Oh ya, big time.

Cool, thank you :)

I think MB is often missing vote sellers in the middle of their range. I'm told they're working in it.
It'll be interesting to see how things go in the delegation business space. Competition is good.

Yes, competition is always good! I have a feeling that the price of STEEM itself will be affected positively by it. (fingers crossed) Also makes me wonder if other people/accounts might throw their hats in the ring like @ned or one of those beasts. Maybe he'll just gift you some ;)

It's certainly increased the opportunities oi make an income on steem, so less pressure to cash out. So, less supply of steem may increase the price. We'll see if market demand for delegation is deeper than blocktrades' deep pockets.

Lol, that's a good point! It catches on and spreads like wildfire and he'll have to either put a limit or call in some help to fill the orders.

Or put in a Bancor-like algorithm to raise their lease prices.

Not sure I like that idea, but highly possible.

This was exactly what I have wondered about how the delegation worked. Very helpful and when I reach a little higher I'm releasing some.
Thank you for sharing! Awesome! 😉

Glad you got questions answered sweetness! If you get to a point you want to, hit me up on discord and I can walk you through it if you need me to.

Thank you very much dear 😉
I will do that, probably has questions at that time anyway... Lol
Thank you for being so awesome!

Awww...shucks, I do what I can hun, thank you.

Yes you do what you can and then some..... always helping others!
And still have time for clueless people like me 😄 lol

I think you're closer to getting a clue than clueless doll :P I fully believe that what comes around goes around. I do my best to support people and help them grow and that only makes my leaves prettier and flowers bloom more fully.

Thank you for that.... Lol
I totally agree with you there, in many ways it already has been what comes around goes around
Helping others gives so much back just knowing it made a difference. Awsome feeling 😊
You are a great romodel, don't ever change!
OK as we grow older we all change....... Lol
But you know what I mean 😁

I had no idea blocktrades also did delegation! thank you for this! This is so useful :D

I didn't either until a few days ago. Saw it posted somewhere and bookmarked it. Came back to it this morning ( well, yesterday now) and did it up.

Awesome. I'm going to check it out later when i can (blocktrades is down right now). I really like that you can use different cryptos to buy delegation. That's really attractive to me.

Same here, i usually just trade off the doge i have, nice to finally be able to use it for something!

Great info man, thanks for sharing, I've been hearing how awesome blocktrades is.

Absolutely, had no trouble with it @phelimint.

Thank you for the heads up Bruce. My next lease I'll try then.

Useful stuff - currently pondering a lease, just need to do some sums first to see if it adds up

With as many coins as he's accepting, surely you could spare something 😎
Well, not mandatory to get delegation at all lol but I need it to support all my allies best I can in my budget.

So this is all good stuff, but I want to point out some things that are glossed over a bit here.

Minnowbooster is a SP delegation facilitator. They post your SP request to the market for others to fill. That takes time and a willing partner in the trade. They take a facilitation fee, but other than being the middle man, you are not leasing directly from them.

Blocktrades does currently offer the lower price. Though there are rumblings this may be something MB is addressing. But one thing Minnowbooster doesn't advertise so much is the manual process of removing the delegation. If the delegator does not go to their wallet when Minnowbooster sends a transaction saying the paid lease is up and click the link to undelegate, the delegation doesn't get cancelled and you get a free delegation until that lender remembers to undelegate. I've seen at least four cases just this week of people that realized they had old delegations out there that they weren't getting paid for anymore. Not guaranteed of course , but when we are dealing in small margins, even an extra day or two counts. I can just about guarantee Blocktrades has a mechanism in place to never forget to turn off a delegation.

You are right, Blocktrades wins on additional currencies they will accept. That's a no brainier if you have a ton of Doge sitting around or something. It's kind of like going to Bank of America versus your local Credit Union. You can do business with either, and no one is going to bat an eye, but one has the backing off big business while the other is strictly community based. No, I'm not calling Blocktrades an evil corporate empire or anything, I love their services, and even bought a delegation from them. They're cool. I'm just trying to make an analogy here.

For the time being blocktrades is a better financial deal on delegations, even Reggae would agree with that.

I also want to say something about the voting bot portion. Minnowbooster is the only voting bot that guarantees a return on what you send. They won't vote if they cannot fulfill that guarantee, or come close enough to it to give you a refund of the difference.

Right now, all the people selling their votes to Minnowbooster are in a Voting Power deficit, so Minnowbooster can't buy their votes, and because the bot itself has so much SP delegated to it, they can't get the voting percentages low enough to fulfill the smaller orders that come in. That's why it is important to check the chart on to see what vote requests they can fulfill before sending requests.

I'm sure this will be corrected. It may take a bit for Reggae to get everything figured out. He's also got his Doctoral classes to attend to remember. But I'll stick with the bot that guarantees a profitable return.

Just food for thought...

I did say they were filled as contracts...

Their delegations are parted out in weeks and @minnowbooster itself does not do the delegating. People actually go on there and buy your 'contract'. I've had delegations picked up by @eturnerx and a few others.

not by minnowbooster itself (though they do get a cut, which makes them the actual vendor since they're also the ones promoting it)....not sure I agree with @blocktrades being the corporate evil giant... @minnowbooster has had a monopoly on the market for awhile and to see someone else in the arena publicly with a set rate (some sell their votes to the highest bidders, that's not viable as an actual contender) is a breath of fresh air... as for the bot, I did check it. It didn't accept what was accepted moments before I sent the request. I think they've just bitten off more than they can chew atm 😎 I'm sure they'll be back to form soon enough.

Very useful post, I haven’t leased any SP yet have pretty much been powering up any that comes in, but now you have me wondering whether i should be thinking about it

Food for thought thanks my friend

It's worth it. Be surprised what 25 SBD can do 💪

Really that’s interesting
I have thought renting is ok for short term but just investing it all in SP is better for long term

Maybe I have had it all wrong

Entirely up to you, I do it so I can give people better rewards and bigger upvotes. No right or wrong way to use your earnings my man. They're yours, you earned them :)

Ohh yes thats true of course, I looked into the cost yesterday and I think earlier on i wish I had known and rented, for now I have 1500SP for voting so will just keep working on building it up rather than renting

Have a good weekend my friend

Well thought out, thanks for educating me! I love the idea of borrowing within the community, and i'll take your word on Blocktrades :)

Also, I think MinnowBooster may have upped their minimum vote. I know @randowhale did

If you look on that pic up there, it says go to to see what 'bids' have been accepted. They actually lowered it to .01 and that goes through all the time, but I saw it was accepting .6 and .8 but it didn't for me so...idk what the deal is with it.

We only have a limited supply of votes. Our website shows a graph 📊 with all amounts that currently work. Steem makes it impossible for us to make this easier, sorry :/

Is it because of the fluctuation in the price? I'm not entirely sure what dictates whether or not what amount will be accepted. Seems to change frequently.

We have sellers. And they have limited steem power. Once that is gone, they recover.

Ah, that explains the ranges. Is there a way to set it so it accepts certain amount every time?

Jumping in here so I can get notified as to the answer

Was my first attempt today after noticing they started doing it a few days ago and it was smooth as silk.

The best post so far about buying delegation.

Thanks for the useful information, I'm still relucant to buy delegation but it's nice to know how I can do that....

By the way, I just heard that there's a level before "minnow" (called a "red fish") and most people don't know they aren't minnows yet....

That was some valuable information sir. I have been thinking about purchasing delegated power for some time now and i am been thinking if i will get it from blocktrades or minnowbooster. I love both but since blocktrades is more cost effecitve i will try to use that Thanks and more power to you sir.

And may the STEEM be with you!

Thanks may the steem be with also :)

Thanks for the post.
This boosting thing is now a little clearer, but I've read your post a couple of times & I'm going to have to do more research into the whole basic concept. Still a 'plankton' here.
The main issue is how or where do 'plankton' find the SBD to buy the boost?
And assuming they have spent several weeks earning at < 0.001 per post, why would they 'give' / risk that with a bot?

It's a long learning curve for old brains.
Thanks for the thinking material.

How familiar are you with cryptocurrency as a whole? You can buy both SBD and STEEM on exchanges like Livecoin or Bittrex.

I'm just getting started on the crypto knowledge really.
many exchanges don't work outside USA and even less will take visa (if I had one) & / or anon.

Lots of learning to do, but enjoying all the 'brainfood'.

Research VPN😋

Great post @enginewitty! Thank you so much you just confirmed the advantage of using @Blocktrades in buying delegation. I bought some couple of days ago and it was really instant. I used my funds of Ether from my Blockchain wallet. Very easy!

Right on buddy! Glad you having a positive experience with it like I have.

Yes. I hope more of us here get to use Blocktrades though they decide on their own. This is without prejudice to @minnowbooster who I think will work hard to improve their services.

You know they will 😎

I'm too cheap, clearly. I'm doing 10K/30 day delegations, month to month for 200 steem.
I'm all booked out for the time being, though...

That's good dang!

I'm charging like VISA, with no risk of default. As long as Steem stays in a good place; I'm in a really good place.

If I had a decent amount, I'd let it out pretty cheap too. Maybe even gift worthy Steempeeps.

Right now, yes they are.

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This is from a while ago. Any more recent comparisons?

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Yes that was quite a while ago. I haven't done a comparison in a while, need to😎

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I was looking at both today and last night. Neither seems worth it. Better, in my opinion, to just buy the Steem at this point. But there are probably folks who know how to make it worth it. They just aren't me.

Is it worth it. Og you rent 500sp for 20steem. Will you manager to make 20steem in 4 weeks time with the upvotes. And do your rewards get bigger? I dont really understand how og works. Is it only the upvote thing? Which will give you more followers?

Please explain. I want to buy a delegation tomorrow and not sure if i should or not...

With the price of STEEM at the moment, you'd actually be better off powering up IMHO

Okay. Cool. Thanks for the input. I dont have money to buy 460sp right away so could be a good start.

But i do have about 120SBD around waiting for rewards with bidbots. So i also get alot of SP de som that going on :D

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