My 2019: Achievements and Failures

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It's been a while since I last posted anything on here so I figured what better time to do so than now and talk about what I have been up to in 2019. So without futrther ado, I'll start off with my achievements for 2019 (or rather a lack thereof lol)

My achievements:

Weight loss

During the tail end of 2018, I was a bit overweight and on the verge of hitting 170 lbs. A bad habit of frequently eating fast food and paired with low activity when it comes to exercise did me in. I'm 5' 7" and based on Body Mass Index (BMI) charts online, my weight should be around the 150-ish lbs mark. I noticed I was constantly out of breath even when walking just a few flight of stairs. I also felt very sluggish and lethargic. So in 2019, I resolved to fix my weight problems and I did that by committing to cardio exercises and being selective of what I eat. Carbs and sweets were a big no-no for me so even though I love to eat, I have to sacrifice a lot of that to achieve my goal. I'm happy to say that
I'm now at 154 lbs now and lost about 15 lbs from 2018.


I first read about meditation during 2018. It was a time where I was dealing with personal issues and also problems from a rocky relationship which eventually lost it's spark and had to end. I was depressed and a wreck emotionally and mentally. Although I practiced meditation for a while in order to cope with my emotions, it didn't became a habit partly because I tried implementing different changes into my life and got overwhelmed.

This time in 2019 though, I rediscovered meditation and I've been practicing it twice daily for almost 3 months now and it has become a part of my daily routine. I don't know if I can call this an achievement, but ever since I've been doing meditating consistently, I noticed I'm more at peace with myself and am better at dealing with my emotions, especially the negative ones. That and having it a part of my daily routine makes it an achievement in my books.

Back pain and yoga

I have been suffering from back pains since early 2019 and thought this was due to me just being overweight. After dropping a few pounds and noticing that the pain in my back still exists, I thought it had something to do with my spine. Got it looked into by a doctor, had an x-ray done and the result turned out negative.

Did some research online about back pains and turns out I have back spasms probably due to being on the computer most of the time because of work hence developing bad posture and also due to lack of physical activities.

I tried going to the gym with my friends before but I figured quickly that I'm not the gym type of guy. Its probably because of the idea that I have to physically go to a gym to exercise which can lead to excuses for me of not going. (Traffic, not enough time, etc.) Or maybe its because of peer pressure. I dont know. All I know is that I detest going to the gym even though I love to have a better physique.

So when I read that yoga can help alleviate back problems and is also a form of exercise that can help develop one's muscles and body even at the comforts of one's home, I was intrigued. I researched more about it. Invested in a yoga mat and some blocks and it's almost 3 weeks now since I started yoga and I'm enjoying the journey so far. I also noticed that the pain in my back is lesser now. And to top it off, it helps me lose weight too!

Attended Steemfest 4

This is probably the highlight of my 2019 and one that I'm truly grateful to be a part of. Attending a Steemfest event has been in my bucketlist ever since I joined Steemit way back in 2017. I regretted not being able to join the last two and knowing Steemfest 4 is in Thailand which is quite close to my country, it would be foolish of me to not take advantage of it.

And also the fact that I have never travelled alone makes this even sweeter. Although I was travelling on a limited budget, I had the time of my life. From being immersed in a different culture to getting to know different people from all around the world, I'm happy that I'm a part of this community and I have no plans on leaving this platform whatever the market condition is.

I hope you're still with me because it's time to talk about my failures (or rather what I wish I was able to achieve or done more):

My failures:

Not reading more books

Reading books has always been one of my favorite hobbies. Constantly learning and gaining knowledge from other people through the medium of books is something that I truly enjoy. Unfortunately this year, I never got around to reading much save for a book or two. This 2020, I plan on reading at least 1 book a month. I guess it's all about including it in your daily routine and sticking with it but we'll see.

Be more active on Steemit

Aside from curating for Curie and playing Steemmonsters, I've been pretty much inactive on Steemit this 2019 when it comes to blogging and creating content. I tried writing more after attending Steemfest 4 but I've been busy with other stuff too and like I said before, I get overwhelmed easily when I try to implement many things in my life at once so I'm taking all these one day at a time.

Learn about digital marketing

I've always been fascinated by people who make their living online and having a digital nomad lifestyle. After attending a seminar about digital marketing a few months back, it has piqued my interest and I've been studying and learning stuff about it since then. I don't consider this a 'failure' though but much rather a work in progress. My goal is to earn a living online and continues to be to this day.

That's about it for my achievements and failures for the year 2019. I look forward to a bright 2020 and I'll see you guys on the flip side!

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I would certainly call regular meditation an achievement, it's something I've been neglecting of late even though I know the amazing benefits! I've been told to do yoga for...yep back ache...same issue, muscle spasms from too many hours in front of the pc!
Meditation and yoga are free gifts we can give ourselves yet we neglect doing it!
It really takes determination and discipline to keep it up but really us humans are a funny lot aren't we! Or is it just life that gets to us and drags us down?
Glad to hear you found these tools, wishing you well with 2020 @andywong31!

yes us human do tend to take free gifts in life for granted. we would rather use our time on unproductive stuff like watching nonsense videos than invest the time on improving our health or our mind. we are a funny lot indeed! hehe i wish you well with 2020 too Liz and its a pleasure to have you here!

Hey! Browsing around I found your profile through a friend's... Must say that I see myself a lot in both your accomplishments and failures. What have you done to start meditating? I think it's a MUST, but I find it so hard to do... BTW, my adive on the marketing: you get a verified certification with a Digital Marketing Google course. Free and HIGHLY useful: I've been studying myself for the last two weeks :) Good luck with your coming goals!

Hi! I use the Headspace app for meditating. You should check it out if you havent done so already, they have like a free 14 days trial or something. Oh thanks by the way for the tip regarding digital marketing. How are you doing with it so far? Which aspect of digital marketing are you focused in right now?

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