What You Should Know About The Blockvest (In ICO) Cryptocurrency Index

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Blockvest is an ERC20 token that relies on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, Blockvest is a cryptocurrency index of funds and a decentralized blockchain that is based on the exchange of assets and tracks autonomously the leading the leading 30 cryptocurrencies. It is dubbed Blockvest30 index. The fund offers a simple manner for the small investors to purchase several cryptocurrencies at a go, without the need for research. Blockvest creates passive returns via assets supported by smart contracts which allow profit sharing. There Blockvest is the usage of the technology in blockchain and the digital identity to promote asset digitization, utilization of the smart contracts to enable the digital assets managed by the owner, to get an economy that is smart containing a distributed network.

The ICO collected funds are used for buying the inherent index cryptocurrencies. Individuals who use the stable coin in their transactions to pay fees toward people who stake the Blockvest in the Nvestnode wallet.

Nvestnode Wallet

Staking in Blockvest can be done by holding a thousand BLV tokens in the Nvestnode wallet, which offers passive income via the fees. Active Nvestnodes receive quarterly Dividends.

  • Encryption of client-side It has a 100 percent safe wallet free from manipulation or risks from the third party.

  • Every transaction is recorded and stored inside the blockchain for verifiability and trust.

  • Support of Multi-Asset They assist in Etherium, Bitcoin, and others. It can be either short term or long term and safely holds your assets. - Has the yield Stable coin Because of the yield stable coin stability, the Blockvest market capitalization increases.

This project's platforms make use of the following tokens: - YLD (yield) is that stable coin used as an exchange medium on this platform and features the floating supply.

  • Blockvest acts as collateral and includes the fixed supply that represents; 'high performing index cryptocurrency based on the whitepaper. It states that "possession of the Blockvest tokens offers a right to give the Yield proportional value the Blockvest dollar value granted to escrow" and you can hold it in Nvestnodes so as to get the quarterly earnings.
    Blockvest is stated to specifically created to trade mining of cryptocurrencies plus staking and also to invest in the early stages of ICOs.


Blockvest connects all the collateral holders to individuals who need volatility that is low and provides a market based on an incentive for stability. The holders of collateral get awarded when the users do stable coin transactions, making up for the system staking.

The company has blockchain investments that give tokens based on the profit-sharing in the smart contract. Blockvest has introduced the Fund-as-Token business design that makes the investors be able to subscribe to an income stream in funds. In case you need to monitor the present fund reserves and the value of funds, there is self-certification mechanism hence the shareholders are able to keep track of investments any time they desire.

Blockvest holders can give the secondary token in US dollars denominations. This locks the stable coin value to the American dollar.

Blockvest is not only a platform but also a complete working product. Functioning as a blockchain, decentralized and is based on the exchange of assets, it takes away the middleman; therefore, it can offer lower fees than standards of the industry.

Blockvest is that platform that has the four generations of the digital assets. It goes over the first generation, Bitcoin, the second generation (alt-coins) the third generation (tokens of application) - a DAA (Digital Assets Array) depict the final fourth generation, one which merges all the inherent digital asset properties.

The token holders of BLV have rewarded the fees for transaction based on their stable contributions towards the transactions and network owned in BlockVest Exchange, it is usually decentralized.

Blockvest will be incorporated fully within all main cryptocurrency exchanges.


With the several cryptocurrencies presently available in the market and multiple ICOs spouting daily, managing all your cryptocurrencies becomes hard. This is where Blockvest comes in and takes care of portfolio work allowing you to relax and request them to handle everything with care.

Check out the official website at https://blockvestico.io to learn more about the project.

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