The mob complains to paypal, then paypal "agrees" with the mob basically. It sucks.

Paypal and the rest of the criminal cabal will have to answer for their crimes. The blade will fall and severe their ugly heads. Anti-trust laws and high-treason will be their downfall.

I bet the biggest hurdle for justice is how dirty everyone in Washington has been for the last few generations.
We have an outsider in charge and our best chance ever to restore our freedom here.
Showing the world an example of what happens when corruption runs rampant is overdue.
Could be that we have already seen all of Trump's dirty laundry and his deep state opposition played their hand too early. If he has nothing to lose we could really see some action finally.

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The threatening thing is how they seem to be gathering steam with their efforts and have consolidated so much wealth and power already.
These people are used to subjecting others and may get a rude awakening from the military one day. If that happens we have a real mess on our hands indeed.

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Even greater will be their shock when these entities and their minions are held responsible.

Remember the criminal Ceaușescus?

Looks like paypal took them down

Their payment methods were ripped out from under them right when they were getting massive amounts of free advertising from content creators like Sargon and Styx.
This is a huge blow to their company and the people who were hoping to make this all work in order make our own lives better.
They say they will have it figured out in the next two weeks but will anyone care by then I wonder?

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