Heaven On Earth ( Kashmir In Winters )

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Hello Steemians,

I Hope You All Are Fine.

Today, I want to show you the #Beauty of #Kashmir, when the #Winter Season Comes, it turns #Kashmir into a #Paradise. There is nothing else in front of #Kashmir's #Beauty, that is why it is called #Paradise.

There Is Some #Beautiful Clicks of Kashmir.











When the Ice sheet is situated in the #Land of #Kashmir, the scene of #Beauty runs to the eyes that it does not feel like seeing anything else.

#Kashmir is often refferred to as #Paradise on #Earth, I truly oblige. Last season #Kashmir received highest #Snowfall recorded in last #25 years, Hence this was made even more #Memorable by #Nature.

#Kashmir, #HEAVEN on #Earth indeed.

This is one place which has got me hooked like no other. This time winter was no ordinary, record snowfall in last 10 years, it was truly a mesmerizing experience to white wilderness.

Photos cannot do justice to actual #Beauty, but have tried to do my best. Hope you all enjoy.

This is the real #BEAUTY. #Kashmir is a place where no one comes here in the #Winter or seeing the #Beauty of the #Summer here, it is kept here, there is no heart to go back from here, because who wants to go beyond #Heaven.

So my #FRIENDS how much you like my #Kashmir, tell me in Comments/

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Thank You All.


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