A Letter To My Readers :)

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Dear Readers,

It will be one year, next Monday, when I first joined and became active on this platform. I learnt about Steemit from my husband, who upon my enthusiasm about the perspective of having another blog opened an account for me straight away. ‘What would you like your account to be called?’ he asked me. I said with no pauses, ‘psychology for you’, ‘psychology addict’, ‘psychology rocks’! He frowned and immediately suggested ‘abigail-dantes’, with a hyphen, he emphasized, as if it was a matter of life and death. I just nodded in agreement already drafting in my mind my first post, which would be about one of my favourites as well as one of the most controversial experiments in the field of psychology, that of Harry Harlow’s.

My First Post

Strictly speaking, Harlow’s are rather a series of experiments that he conducted on Rhesus Macaques. His findings provided deeper insights and furthered the understanding of Attachment Theory. Very importantly, Harlow’s findings also contributed to debunk the explanation that both behaviourists and psychoanalysts put forward, back in the day, about the bond that exists between a mother and her child. In my opinion, it was a great topic to blog about to test the Steemit waters. And so my journey began.

A Humbling Experience

This is not the first time I write articles. Or, the first time I have a blog for that matter. But, it was through my Steemit posts that I learnt about the serious misconceptions that exist out there regarding psychology and mental-health. It was upon this observation that I humbly embraced a ‘mission’ here on the platform: To discuss psychology in a way that goes beyond self-help, to make a point that psychology is much, much more than Sigmund Freud, to show people that facts differ from opinions; and last, but not least, to inform others that psychology is a science, one that studies mind & behaviour.

It has been an enjoyable, humbling ‘mission’. I have learnt A LOT from each and everyone of you. I have met several insightful, funny, informed, loving people here. Some of which have really become part of my life and thoughts. Some of which have felt comfortable to approach me directly and share with me whatever was making them anxious or sad at the time. A few of you have given me the enormous privilege to accompany you in beautiful journeys of self-discovery throughout which fears were challenged, acceptance took place and inner-peace was found. I can only thank you with my heart for this.

Thank you for your Kindness and Support

Also, I would like to thank those of you who send me kind messages, photos of your pets, happy weekend wishes, updates of how you’ve been and so forth. These are all things that make me smile and sometimes make for a nice change in an overwhelming day. I am infinitely grateful to each one of you who are kind enough to take the time to read and provide feedback on my work here on Steemit. You add meaning to what I do on the platform and make it all the more worthwhile. I would never risk listing here the names of those I would like to thank directly. There are so many! But, something tells me that you know who you are.

Nevertheless, it feels wrong not to explicitly thank @curie and the work they do on Steemit. I remember when I was first found by them. It was a truly exhilarating, surreal feeling. And of course, @steemstem, but with them it has become a love story. One that started with a brief post about The Most Famous Brain in Neuroscience, and continues to this day. They are my home here on this platform, a home with a family that were willing to move things around and make space for psychology. Thank you so much guys.

All the best to you all,
Lots of love,


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I think this is, among others, one of the reasons you were one of the first authors I started to read regularly:

to make a point that psychology is much, much more than Sigmund Freud, to show people that facts differ from opinions; and last, but not least, to inform others that psychology is a science, one that studies mind & behaviour

As someone who's always annoyed by popular myths, pseudoscience and common misbeliefs - especially when it comes to psychological topics, I was amazed by your articles right away.
You have the ability to passionately write about something - without ever starting a rant against other ideas (which is, apparently, something I will never be able to do). This is an extremely valuable talent.

Somehow you made me smile whenever you answered to something I wrote or we were talking on Discord - and you even got me to do one of these weird challenges! Which I usually wholeheartedly ignore. That's some kind of achievement.
Your impact on me can probably be summed up like this:

ۜ \ (סּںסּَ` )/ۜ



(ಠ_ಠ) ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶


◕_◕ (。◝‿◜。)

EGO!! 😍 ❤ 😍 What a beautiful comment. You made smile with your words (again), and laugh (again) with the latter part of your reply Owwwww... 😂 How lovely!

Something always told me that your black heart loves me back Ego 😏 😘 You are an incredibly bright, insightful, funny young man, and having met you here just enriched my Steemit experience even further :)

Thank you so very much for these beautiful words.
Lots of love to you always!

Something always told me that your black heart loves me back Ego

I have my weak moments, I guess :)

You are a wonderful, sweet and loving person Abigail! You are a "flood" of positivity that always has something interesting to share and teach us something!!
May you have many many more blessed and happy years on Steemit (and not only here).
Thank you for all the support all this time!!!

And since you got me on a romantic mood, here is a sweet song for you!!

Lots of love!! 😘💖

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper I love you

Oh my dear @ruth-girl what a fine choice! You just brought me a big smile this morning (well, again). 💖

Likewise, smart girl :) thank you for everything you do for the platform, for steemstem and for the invaluable support you never fail to give me!

Lots and lots of love to you always! 😊

Time flies when you are having fun! Congrats on your first year here on steemit. I remember loving the stories you used to write. Always checking to see if you had written something new. You have expanded your horizons many times over and challenged us as followers to think beyond our realms into worlds we have not been before. The kindness and truly thoughtful comments add a dimension that are unique only to you.❤️🐓🐓

My dearest ❤️,

Only someone as sensitive and kind-hearted as you would remember my short-stories. You are so incredibly thoughtful... you messaged me when I took a break due to my move. That really touched me :) How can't I have fun and love this place when through it I get to interact with people like you?

Much love to you always & forever.

Congrats to you on your steemit's anniversary Abii. You are like a family to all of us in steemstem and we are always buzzing to have you around. Cheers to much more time together on here!

Well, you know you also live in my heart Shaid 😊 Squeezed in there with the others 😘❤️
Cheers to much more time together in here. YES!

I remembered that we had our first conversation in the steemstem chat room. It has been awesome knowing and learning from you. Happy anniversary to you @abigail-dantes.

Thank you for consistently putting out quality posts. I always look forward to seeing what you have to write.

Congrats on one year!

@tking77798 😊 !! You are a sweetie 😘

Hola mi estimada, que lindooooooo..

Hermosa la carta, y bueno ya pronto de aniversario.

Feliz de haberla conocido, pero mas feliz porque ha sido de gran ayuda para mi y los míos jejeje jejeje he gozado de consultas gratis y que me han servido de muchoo. Tiene un alma muy gentil y corazón grandote, mas que ser una steemians es una excelente amiga y considero que soy de su grupos de amigos steemians.
Un fuerte abrazo, y sigamos con la ciencia de la psicología.
Dios me la bendiga!!!

Hello @jayoxaju 😊

Be sure you are among the ones I hold dear in my heart! And it makes me happy to know you know that 😉 It is my pleasure to have met you here!! Thank you so much for your constant support, kind words and meaningful feedback. It meas a lot to me ❤

I wish you only the best! :*

Usted también es de los que mas quiero en mi corazón,ha sido muy buena amiga y fiel con nosotros valoro como nadie todo su amor ❤

Congratulations Abi. You are adding lots of value to people here in steemit. When I joined steemit and surfed through @steemstem articles, your posts first admired me. I was able to create a good virtual bonding with you and your posts.

Till today you have been a good inspiration Abi. Continue your good work. Cheers! Wish you many more years in steemit. 😊😀

Oh @bala41288, you are such a well-mannered, smart young man! It is so nice having you around and interacting with you :)

Thank you for everything my dear. You take care :)

You are one of my favorites here, without even knowing you :)

Keep steeming, you bring value and a wonderful aura along!!

Ow ... you always make me smile @katerinaramm.
Thank you for these words! 😘❤️

I guess congratulations are in order at this time and place. I had wanted a hyphen for green to have something like green-run. But on second thought, I realised I might be too lazy to remember where the hyphen is at on the keyboard and settled for greenrun :)
Time flies when you are having fun. I like the approach a lot of writers is on steemstem use, if education is this fun, I think many that dropped out would've completed schooling :D

It is funny how odd green-run looks (to me) now! I much more prefer @greenrun

It is meeting people like you that makes this whole Steemit experience fun and time fly Green 😘

Muy hermosas y sabias palabras, soy relativamente nueva en este mundo de steemit, y me alegra toparme con personas hermosas, particularmente me encantan tus post, poseen todo lo justo y necesario, y destaco que siempre dan en el blanco jejeje. Soy mamá de dos pequeñas niñas y suelo observar su comportamiento, sus vivencias, no soy psicóloga y como soy divorciada, cuido mucho de estar al pendiente de cualquier cosa que pueda afectarlas en su desarrollo emocional, y de verdad me encanta la forma en que escribes, y se que sirve de ayuda a muchas personas que como yo, de una u otra forma atravesamos ciertas circunstancias de vida. Agradecida con tu esposo por haberte introducido en este mundo y permitirnos a nosotros disfrutar y leer tus hermosos y elaborados post, destaco que me gusto mucho donde hablaste sobre "Los Niños Traviesos" y me reí bastante con la frase de tu amiga "Ya no puedo lidiar con mi hija ME RINDO" porque es algo que a ratos me sucede porque particularmente mi hija menor es terriblemente traviesa y es así desde que estaba en mi barriga jajajaja!!! De verdad Gracias querida @abigail-dantes por tan hermosos y maravillosos Post y gracias por compartir parte de tu vivencia y experiencia en esta grandiosa plataforma.

Oh! Thank you @paokarinat I truly appreciate and am infinitely grateful to people who, like you, interact in meaningful ways. I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying my posts and identifying with them. Thank you for your constructive comments and your kindness.

I wish all the best to you and your little girls!

Take Care 😊

I want to give back the thanks. As I noticed that you indeed read thoroughly what comments you receive. That I don't take for granted.

Have another lovely year on this hill.

As for me, I think I am more of a far relative, you once called "Methusalem" - LOL! :)

You are like a cousin who lives in another country, and whenever she comes to visit I put everything else on hold just to receive her 😍 You still are my Methusalem 😘

Congratulations dear...

A year celebration is not a joking matter, it takes a lot of dedications and sacrifices to keep going despite the up and down all through the journey.

Your husband need to take some credit here too, for giving you a name that would be generally acceptable by everyone that have connected with you... Smile

I stumbled on your post few weeks ago, and it worth my time...

Hello @emmakkayluv 😃

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to celebrate with me :) I will pass the message to my husband. He will appreciate it!

So glad to hear you liked reading some of my posts. Thank you for letting me know.

I wish you a successful Steemit journey! :*

Thank you for the wishes, God bless you.

Send my regards to your husband as well as my comment about him... I would love to read his creative replies like he did with your name.... Smile


Very nice speech
It is beautiful when man talks about success and development
I hope to become as successful as you are
All greetings to you my dear

Thank you dear @roselover :)
I wish you all the best on your Steemit journey.

wow, if i wouldn't know the truth of when you started here , i mean without looking on your profile , i would have thought that you have been on this platform for ao long, having your quality posts , your reputation score and all of the elements of steemit , it just all shows that you are really doing a great job on this one 👏

I am so grateful to havemet you here on this platform , you are one of those people who havebeen supporting meeversince i started my journey here . I really havelove you since the beginning , not just because your name is the same as my sister @avhyaceulip's, but because i felt that we have connection and that it will last long.

Thanks miss Abi for all the support for me , the minis and my sister , thank you is not enough, it has been a big reason for us why we continue steeming , really.

I wish all the best in your steemit journey , more blessings and happiness everyday.

We love you sooo much @abigail-dantes ❤️❤️❤️😘

You have always been so loving towads me my dear @zephalexia. You never fail to support and engage with my work. I find no words to thank you for that. It is because I meet people like you that I enjoy this place so much and keep going!! We do have a connection, don’t we?! 😊😍❤️

Congrats ...

I do not think you should be grateful to us especially I personally who should be grateful to you. All your posts are full of knowledge and I learn benyak from every post you, read your post like reading a book. For that I personally have a lot to say thank you to you and all the science that you have to convey to us all. May God repay all your good and your family always in love give. Warm greetings from me for you and husband hopefully and family always happy.

Oh! @jamalgayoni :)

What a wonderful, motivating comment you left me here. You truly have a kind heart. I really appreciate that you always manage to find the time to meaningfully interact and add valuable insights to the discussions we have here. Thank you for being so thoughtful and for the kind wishes. Same to you and your family!

All the best.

First of all really congratulations to you because you've spent almost an year on this platform. And great to read your journey and for sure your journey is beautiful and productive and whatever work you are doing on this platform is appreciable.

And i want to appreciate your husband too because he Introduced you to this platform. And good to know that you are really like the subject of Psychology and it's an subject which is really important to understand in current phase of times.

I want to say that, when we do good work and spread goodness then for sure people will return the same and that's why it's always important to spread the love and kindness because it can comfort next person and their life can become easy to some extent.

So, keep up this great work and i wish you more amazing journeys ahead and also want to wish you great heights on Steemit Platform and in life.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hello there @chireerocks.

It is nice to see you here once again with your positive energy and insights. I wish the same for you too! I will do my best to keep going 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!
All the best to you.

Thank you so much and welcome. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It has been an enjoyable, humbling ‘mission’. I have learnt A LOT from each and everyone of you. I have met several insightful, funny, informed, loving people here. Some of which have really become part of my life and thoughts. Some of which have felt comfortable to approach me directly and share with me whatever was making them anxious or sad at the time. A few of you have given me the enormous privilege to accompany you in beautiful journeys of self-discovery throughout which fears were challenged, acceptance took place and inner-peace was found. I can only thank you with my heart for this.

something tells me that you know who you are.

Morí de amor! gracias por esas bellas palabras, estoy agradecido en gran manera con usted querida Abi.

Well, what can I say .... I am glad you know who you are 😉😘🌷

Así es! ten un feliz fin de semana <3

Gracias a ti abigail por tus blog. gracias a tus publicaciones he aprendido muchas cosas importantes e interesantes, eres muy especial para mi te deseo todo lo mejor del mundo sigue adelante

Ow @luisateresa, your words are truly humbling. It makes me so happy to know you have taken something of value away from my work here. Thank you for leting me know this! Much love to you always my dear ❤️🌷

Happy steemiversary to you @abigail-dantes!

All the love, support and success coming your way is definitely well deserved. There's a lot more to come in the future, you bring so much kindness and value to the platform! Your work is always a pleasure to read.

Stay awesome and have a great day :)

My dear @lordneroo ❤️

Thank you for your touching, loving comment! One of the reasons I find Steemit so amazing is because I get to meet people like yourself - from whom I learn so much!

You are awesome! 😘

It will be one year, next Monday, when I first joined and became active on this platform

Next monday? That's 2nd July. Coincidentally, that's my birthday.
This is so cool Abbey. My birthday + your 1year anniversary on steemit. We could celebrate together you know 😃.

I'm glad to have known you Abbey. Stay blessed

Sammyyyy 😃

My birthday + your 1year anniversary on steemit.

Let's celebrate together Sammy. Oh! Brazil owe us a win 😏 don't you think ...

I will stop by to with a happy birthday tomorrow my dear. It is my pleasure to have met such a fine young man like yourself here!

Much love to you from Portugal! :*

Sure we would celebrate together Abbey.

And I wouldn't miss tomorrow's match between Brazil and Mexico. I've got my hopes on Brazil. 😃

Much love from Naija. Thanks a lot Abbey😍

The post kinda had a 'goodbye' tone to it, and I was reading with bated breath. Thankfully, it was no such thing!

I identify with what you said about how you wanted to call your blog! To me that says you really love what you do. I too always think of some 'phil-' or '-sophy' variants when I think of names. A TV series channel? How about telesophy. A stick figure comic series? How about PhDoodle. A daughter? How about Sophia. And so on to the point of ridiculousness.

But that's what you do when you're in love!

Alexander 😊 🎔

How about telesophy

Hahahah 😂 It is brilliant!!

But that's what you do when you're in love!

So true! 😊

Thank you so much for this lovely comment! :)

I'm so happy your hubby signed you for Steem! There's something special about blogging for a community vs blogging just to blog... for it is in this community that as we write and connect, we end up picking up wonderful friends along the way. Love you to pieces!

My dearest @karencarrens,

You have been here with me from my very beginning. You were there with a sincere, loving welcome for me ❤, and here you still are, one year later! You are SO incredibly awesome :)

Much love to you always & forever! :*

Congratulations miss Abi.... 1 year and you touched so many hearts ang lives, I wish I can do that too on my 1st year here....Even before I joined steemit Ialready felt a connection with you, my sister always mentioned you and talks a lot about your post and maybe because we have the same first name... Thank you is not enough for all the kindness you've shown to us.... You are my motivator really... Whenever I feel that my mind is empty, I will think that you and my sister are there, believe in me and support me every single day... Thank you soooo much miss Abi... I may notbe as good as you as a writer but I wish to be like you being kind-hearted person... God Bless always... Love you miss Abi...

Thank you so much my dear @avhyaceulip! I hold you and your sister really dear in my heart and I immensely appreciate your constant love and kindness. Whenever you feel your mind is empty, just enjoy the peace that comes with that, ok? Sometimes is really healthy to just be! Don't see that as a negative thing !!

Don't forget that there is someone here in Portugal who you make very happy every time you engage with her work and take the time to interact with her! ME 😉

Take Care :)
And smile!!

😍😍😍 truly grateful for your kindness and sincerity... Love you bigtime ms. Abi... 😘😘😘

And thanks to you who stays here despite your numerous attempts to quit. I always enjoy reading your extensive blogs.

your numerous attempts to quit

@sco, this is the second time you mention this. I think you are confusing me with someone else, and I even know who that someone else is! 😛

It never crossed my mind to quit Steemit, much less attempt to do it! 😊

Oh dammit, you're right, that must have been @erh.germany. Sorry! I think it's because of that break you had during spring... embarassing... ooops

that break you had during spring
Now we're talking! 😉

Yes, it was our Dear Erika that scared us with a post about leaving us all! But, fortunately, she changed her mind! :)

I meant it quite seriously. ... For about a months. LOL! :-)))

:-))) Laughter. Funny that you confused the two of us. But then we are playing in the same field. I am braking my rules and show with my example how inconsistency looks like. LOL.

Well, I think it was quite cool @sco confused the two of us 😏

What a pleasure to know that you are on this platform, your psychology posts are really fascinating and very educational, with them I have learned many interesting things about human behavior and some psychological conditions that can affect us at any time, thanks for your great contribution and work in this platform amiga @ abigail-dantes

My dearest @mili2088, I could never thank you enough for always taking the time to participate and positively contribute to the debates we have here :) Thank you for your constant kindness and encouragement! :*

Congratulations on your first year Abigail!

There are a number of people here on Steemit that have made a positive difference to me as a person, and you are one of them! In particular, Thank you very much for the support you gave me around dealing with my father's dementia. I know you award stars, so maybe I can award you a ☄ !

I very much look forward to your next post 👍

Gosh Terry is that a comet? 😃 Is it a sungrazing one? 😏 I accept it!! 😍
Thank you very much for these nice words Terry. You’re a man with a kind heart! :)
I wish you and your family only the best in life ✨

Thank you Abigail, a sungrazing comet it is!

Dear abigail-dantes congratulations for your year here in this magnificent platform, you have been very helpful, you can transmit in a very educational way your knowledge about psychology, speaks very well of you the fact of wanting to inform us about it, I value very much your work, continue with your good post, have a wonderful weekend.

My dear @urbano579

I value your participation and contribution to our debates very much! You personal accounts and views of what discuss here add great value to our topics! Thank you so much for always taking the time to read and comment. And, of course, for your incredible kindness and constant support :)

I wish you all the best always.

How nice my friend, how good you like this platform, you know your posts are very interesting, I am sure that with them you have helped many people with your publications to me in particular I love them and I learned some things thanks to you , people like you need humanity to be better, to be good.

Hello Dear @stefany12 :)

It makes me really happy to hear you took a few things away from what I share with you all here. It is because of interactions like the one you provide my blog with that this whole experience gets more enjoyable :)

Thank you.

Derek and Reg approve of this message...
daily patriot - Copy.jpg

Oowww I miss them 😍

....guess what?....I do to!

I might just have to and go see what they're up to, some day...

I am just hoping that happens before August (things will get really busy for me from then)!! 😃

Well, here is a coincidence.....



(August?- more time off from steemit? tshhhhh!)

Happy Next Monday steemiversary :P

The way you are writing and replying as well as quality of your posts show not only how good of a blogger and psychologist you are but how good of person you are too!

I have learned a lot of things by your posts about psychology and indeed many had misconceptions about it, some because of they real life experiences and other just read somewhere something by someone :P. If they sit and read your posts they will 100% change their views.

Also another great thing your post helped me and that may sound weird, is to understand better how humans think, what they prioritize and what their perspectives are. I get to understand them more and more not only by the posts but by the comment section where everyone expresses to you their feelings, worries, doubts, thoughts etc etc

My dearest @filotasriza3 :)

Our Steemit friendship has been going on for a while, right? I missed you when you took a break from the platform. It is wonderful having you back 😊 It humbles me very much to hear you have learnt things from the work I share here on the platform! And, I could not agree more with you when you say that the comments people kindly leave us here furthers our understanding of human thinking and emotions. It is fascinating right? :D

Thank you for everything my dear.
You take good care of yourself.


Congratulations for this wonderful year at our side, I am happy to have found someone like you, talented and with a lover of what you like as is psychology. greetings and blessings!!!

Oh!! This is a very nice congratulations wish @rosnely :)
It has been wonderful to interact with you for all these months and hear your insights about whatever topic we discuss here. You are a very smart woman! :*

hello friend @abigail-dantes I really thank you for all your publications that leave us a lesson and good congratulations also for that year that you have in this great steemit community where I think we are all a lucky family and you are appreciated greetings.

Hey @catire383 :)

Thank you very much for your constant support, positive contribution and meaningful participation on my blog. We have been Steemit friends for quite a while, right? :D

All the best to you :*

Dear Abi!

Thank you for your presence here. I saw your growth, your involvement in SteemSTEM and in discussions with other Steemians and you are truly making this place much more worthy than it would potentially be without you! Can't wait what are you up to and what will we achieve in 2018, 2019, 2020... and so on ;)

Saunter! 😊 ❤

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a nice comment! :) It is good to hear from you. Although, I have been keeping an eye on your adventures in Iceland.

You take care during your travels! :*
PS: Your photos are incredible!

Glad that you enjoy the platform. Yes, steemit is a wonderful place to be around. I enjoy the platform. It is the perfect place to connect with the people with a wonderful mind set-up. Steemians helping many people in world around, fighting to eradicate poverty, malnutrition and many things from the world.

Making post to comment on great posts makes me happy. I have learned so many things in steemit which are not taught by any educational institutions. I think steemit is the perfect institution to develop humanity.

Wish you a great success ahead. Good luck.

Hello @pappubhai :D

Thank you for your kind wishes and the reflection you left me here. I also find this place amazing and agree with what you said about how far Steemit is going in terms of helping people. It is beautiful. 😊

You are welcome.😇

Congratulations on completing your first annum on steemit. Though I'm new on the platform but your posts have been quite invaluable to me and I'm sure there are many others who feel the same way. Keep up the amazing work :)

Hey @moshroom, nice to meet you & welcome to Steemit! I am sure I have seen you around, I would never forget this smile of yours! 😳😛 It is very nice of you to let me know you liked my posts. I wish you a great journey here on Steemit. Take care 😊🌷

congratulations my dear aby ... time flies by ... I am grateful to have met you as I have nurtured knowledge through your subjects. I wish that God bless you all the days of your life and that I give you wisdom and health so that you can continue doing what you like. happy weekend.

Thank you very much @julybm, for such loving words. It pleases me very much that you find the work I share here useful!

All the best to you :)

First of all I thank God for having the opportunity to meet people like you @ abigail-dantes on this platform, because it has a great gift as it is transmitting knowledge through its publications, in my particular case I have discovered topics that in Reality completely unknown.

Congratulations for your anniversary in steemit, may God continue to bless you greatly and have a happy weekend. A hug.

Oh! @piky :), isn't this one of the many wonderful things this platform offers us? The incredible people we get to interact with! :) It always makes me really happy to hear someone saying they find the work I share here useful! It fills my heart with happiness. Thank you :*

Hi friend, congratulations to you, and your husband for listening so carefully and creating the account @ abigail-dantes thanks to this you have helped many of your readers including me, thank you for your publications that are so interesting and so informative.

I wish you a happy anniversary.

Oh @josmarly :)

This is a truly nice, loving comment. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement and positive interaction !! :*

Congratulations on your beloved anniversary Abi
Despite being new on this platform and observe that their publications are relevant and I share the attachment with them because the intrinsic prevails.
Forward and successes

Hello there Dear @marlenins, it is always good to have new member who engage meaningfully with the others, here, on Steemit. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment ... I would like to let you know that if you feel more comfortable writing in Spanish, I am ok with that! I can read Spanish. But, I will be replying to you in English, all right? :)

Friend, I congratulate you on your anniversary, which I sincerely hope that it will be repeated for many years.
I share your joy. ENJOY IT

Thank you for your warm wishes @naylenis :)

Thanks for the one year experience at steemit, I joined in August 2017, many I got in steemit, new friend, new experience, new social world, I think this steemit has helped empower unemployment in my country, and I'm wrong someone who uses platform steemit as a media of knowledge, greeting me for you. :) @abigail-dantes.

Hello @nurhayati :)

Yep! Steemit is definitely my favorite social media platform. Precisely because of what you said. It can be used for social causes as well as educational!

Best :)

I agree with you, a very useful social media, happy to meet you😙

A Big Congratulation on completing 1 year on this superb platform. Would you please make a post on particularly how are your experiences over last one year and how did you happen to have so much of SP? It'll be of real help to those who aspire to be successful in platforms like this with/without SP..??

Hello there @knowkrish :) Thank you for your congratulations wishes!

I am afraid to say I am not going to blog about what you requested. I mostly blog about Psychology because that is what I enjoy writing about. But, I can address your questions here on this reply :)

1 - My experience here has been a fascinating one. But, that is first and foremost because I write about what I love. That helps to keep things going. Throughout this year I have slowly learnt how to convey my topics to those who kindly take the time to read what I write, and in return I do the same to them: I read every single word of their comments and wholeheartedly interact back. It makes the whole Steemit experience more meaningful and worthwhile.

2 - The reason why I have so much SP - as you put it - is because my husband and I invested in STEEM. With that, we gain from the curation rewards and support other users as well as communities.

To an extent everyone is here for financial reasons, but focusing on people's wallet, on how much they make etc... can be a frustrating approach to this platform. All those who I have seen to abandon Steemit did so because they came here purely to make money.

On the other hand I have seen tens and tens of people who came here without SP, but with a lot of passion towards a specific topic, keen to get to know people, support others and have a laugh. These people work on making Steemit a better place, fighting plagiarists and scammers, they truly care not only about themselves, but about the entire system. I am also one of these people. In my opinion, the right question to ask is: how can I contribute to make Steemit a better place? I don't really know what you mean by success, but with the right mindset you will most certainly see recognition, followers, interactions and consequently support coming your way.

I hope this helps :)

I am sorry If I meant rude or something different I didn't want to mean. First of all, THNX a lot for the reply and the courage to say NO... I appreciate from the bottom of my heart for this. I really mean it. You must follow what you like doing rather what others ask you to do. It's a lesson for me. I'm learning all the time. I am thankful to this community for which I am getting rectified for all my actions. Please correct me If I am wrong. That's where I'll get to learn. I'll take your criticism in a positive way so that I can be of someone who can be able to contribute to the community from where I'm getting what I deserve. And last but not the least, Thnx a lot for taking time to reply me.

Hello dear @knowkrish :) by no means I interpreted your queries as rude ones :) Yours are normal questions asked by all those who are starting their journey here on the platform. I, myself, asked those very questions when I first got here one year ago 😉

I am very pleased to see that you took my reply on a positive note. Although, it was not meant to be a criticism, ok? :) It is great to see you are willing to contribute and learn here with us all. The learning process never ends, and this is one of the beauties of Steemit!

Thank you for being open-minded!

My English is not as good as you have or others who hold sound knowledge. My primary motto here is not to make Steemit the bread & butter initially but to improve my English so that I can stand tall before all stalwarts.

I simply love this language and that's why I chose Steemit over Facebook. You know what I used to be active on Facebook writing on different topics, I used to share my thoughts and opinion on different subjects irrespective of my knowledge on that subject but I used to speak my heart rather than speaking my mind but I didn't find any @abigail-dantes over there who can point out my flaws or drawbacks the way you did and for which I'm ever thankful to you...

Believe me, You are the first person in last 10 months I've interacted with so much on any post. I need a true guide like you who can pull me off if I go in a wrong direction and motivate me if I am doing good. Thnx Ma'am...

congratulations, i wish you the best..
have a beautiful day :)

Hello dear @ abigail-dantes, congratulations for your anniversary in this platform and thanks for your input in it since many of us have learned unknown topics through your very interesting and informative publications, I wish you to keep reaping many successes.
happy weekend

Thank you dear @joserar22 :)

Congratulations on your anniversary! I wish you an even better experience for your next years on Steemit! :) Reading your post and the comments below makes it very clear to see that you managed to change lives and attitudes during this very first year! Congratulations on that, too! We have a motivation in common so I am really happy to see that there are people on Steemit who managed to inspire their readers to observe their inner-worlds and share their experience! Cheers!

Hi @insight-out :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a nice message. Thank you. I have just read your last post and REALLY liked it . I am following you now and like I said on the comment I left: I look forward to learning more about Systemic Approach through your writing :)

All the best!

Hurrah! Happy Anniversary, @ abigail-dantes, people like you are the ones who make this great platform grow, contributing information on such important issues, I congratulate you for having such good aim when dealing with such important issues, of which I have identified myself with some of them, Thank you very much for transmitting your knowledge.

Have a happy weekend.

Hey @franm :) Thank you for the warm wishes! Glad to hear you identified with some of the topics we discuss here in a positive way :D

Thank you very much for sharing. Very nice writing. I have blocked you very much. Thank you so much so much thanks for giving us such a great content. Thank you very much for sharing some of your life with us.

Congratulations dear, you've successfully completed one year! I'm happy that I met you and read your posts. I wish a very good luck for the next many years. The first portion of this post made me little emotional.

Saludos, felicitaciones, muy bueno y sincero tu post, muchas gracias.

oh my God
your post really touched my heart. it was nice.
i invite u to see my post, u will like it.

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