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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

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Hello there @knowkrish :) Thank you for your congratulations wishes!

I am afraid to say I am not going to blog about what you requested. I mostly blog about Psychology because that is what I enjoy writing about. But, I can address your questions here on this reply :)

1 - My experience here has been a fascinating one. But, that is first and foremost because I write about what I love. That helps to keep things going. Throughout this year I have slowly learnt how to convey my topics to those who kindly take the time to read what I write, and in return I do the same to them: I read every single word of their comments and wholeheartedly interact back. It makes the whole Steemit experience more meaningful and worthwhile.

2 - The reason why I have so much SP - as you put it - is because my husband and I invested in STEEM. With that, we gain from the curation rewards and support other users as well as communities.

To an extent everyone is here for financial reasons, but focusing on people's wallet, on how much they make etc... can be a frustrating approach to this platform. All those who I have seen to abandon Steemit did so because they came here purely to make money.

On the other hand I have seen tens and tens of people who came here without SP, but with a lot of passion towards a specific topic, keen to get to know people, support others and have a laugh. These people work on making Steemit a better place, fighting plagiarists and scammers, they truly care not only about themselves, but about the entire system. I am also one of these people. In my opinion, the right question to ask is: how can I contribute to make Steemit a better place? I don't really know what you mean by success, but with the right mindset you will most certainly see recognition, followers, interactions and consequently support coming your way.

I hope this helps :)


I am sorry If I meant rude or something different I didn't want to mean. First of all, THNX a lot for the reply and the courage to say NO... I appreciate from the bottom of my heart for this. I really mean it. You must follow what you like doing rather what others ask you to do. It's a lesson for me. I'm learning all the time. I am thankful to this community for which I am getting rectified for all my actions. Please correct me If I am wrong. That's where I'll get to learn. I'll take your criticism in a positive way so that I can be of someone who can be able to contribute to the community from where I'm getting what I deserve. And last but not the least, Thnx a lot for taking time to reply me.

Hello dear @knowkrish :) by no means I interpreted your queries as rude ones :) Yours are normal questions asked by all those who are starting their journey here on the platform. I, myself, asked those very questions when I first got here one year ago 😉

I am very pleased to see that you took my reply on a positive note. Although, it was not meant to be a criticism, ok? :) It is great to see you are willing to contribute and learn here with us all. The learning process never ends, and this is one of the beauties of Steemit!

Thank you for being open-minded!

My English is not as good as you have or others who hold sound knowledge. My primary motto here is not to make Steemit the bread & butter initially but to improve my English so that I can stand tall before all stalwarts.

I simply love this language and that's why I chose Steemit over Facebook. You know what I used to be active on Facebook writing on different topics, I used to share my thoughts and opinion on different subjects irrespective of my knowledge on that subject but I used to speak my heart rather than speaking my mind but I didn't find any @abigail-dantes over there who can point out my flaws or drawbacks the way you did and for which I'm ever thankful to you...

Believe me, You are the first person in last 10 months I've interacted with so much on any post. I need a true guide like you who can pull me off if I go in a wrong direction and motivate me if I am doing good. Thnx Ma'am...