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For the first time in many months, it's been over 4 hours since I've woken up and not had a cigarette.

I wrote a post here last summer as I was attempting to quit smoking, it went well for about a week but unfortunately I broke down and started smoking again. I blamed it on the stress, the trading and all other sort of things. Like in Lethal Weapon it felt like "the wrong week to quit smoking" or something like that. Of course it was all just excuses really, but now I'm as determined as ever to give it another go and take a break from most things to see this through.

I started smoking when I was 20, we had a pretty chill class in highschool where only a couple students out of 30+ smoked so I never got introduced to it that way. I was one of the people who didn't understand what it meant to be addicted to smoking, it felt ridiculous to believe some people couldn't be without it. I started my military service and everyone started telling me that I will start smoking there because everyone does. The stress and being outside all the time will get you to smoke. I brushed it off as I was sure that wouldn't affect me and for the longest time it didn't.

I started smoking the last month of my military service out of boredom as we didn't have much to do at the end of it. How ironic is that, looking back now I almost wish I had started smoking earlier to relieve the stress. Ever since that last month I continued smoking and it's gotten to a point where it feels like it's affecting my health and way of life. Throughout the 8+ years I've attempted to quit many times and I recently read that only 6% of people that attempt quitting on their first time succeed. So I hope that percentage is greater now as I can't even recall the number of attempts.

To be able to ease my quitting I've decided to replace that addiction with another past addiction that I had, gaming. At the time where I could spend countless of hours just sitting in front of the PC and gaming I never thought about cigarettes, so I am hoping to get back into that mindset and being without smoking for a couple weeks until I feel confident again that I can stay smokefree.

This will be where I will spend most of my time in the coming weeks and hoping I can kick the habit of smoking.
I will be using nicotine gum to not make it too difficult, it will be more about the smoking habit at first and then moving away from the nicotine addiction by mixing it up with regular gum now and then and at one point quit nicotine as well.

My hands are somewhat shaking still as I am writing this and they have became really warm as have my feet as well.

I will be posting my gaming onto @dtube if you are interested in seeing an ex-pro player come back into the game and once I have a new PC I will look into streaming it on @dlive. Even if my PC could handle it I wouldn't feel comfortable streaming right now as I probably will get easily annoyed at stuff.

Will also be blogging about it now and then and I'm hoping that together with the community I can fight this through and finally be smoke-free again.

Thanks for reading!


Have you try e-cigarette people said that they are health and you can still enjoy cigarette

Good luck! It is actually not that bad if you have something to focus on that keeps you busy, playing video games will certainly work.
Having a drink always makes me want to smoke cigarettes.

Keep fighting the good fight. It can be tough to have relapses, but we're all human. Turning your attention to gaming is a good idea and will help you a lot. Don't give up and you will eventually reach your goal, which will be good for you, your family and friends. Good luck to you.

Hit the gym, swing come kettlebells, clock up some miles on the treadmill - let your lungs remind you why you really do not want to smoke. Plus it is an hour in an environment where you cannot smoke.

Plus most gyms have a lot of specials running this time of year - so it is great time to join if you have not already.

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I liked your advices....But How many times a man can fight good..?

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep fighting as long as it takes brother.

i guess i lost my faith to this fight when i jump the gun.

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That's tough man, but I am sure you can do it. The key is changing habits. Which is easier said than done I guess. But maybe your gaming will work.

I was going to suggest Snus. I don't know if you have the same name in Finland ? But yea the tobacco that is in a pouch that you put under the lip. It's not supposed to be near as harmful as cigarettes. But still it would be replacing a bad habit with another bad habit so haha forget that - stick to the game plan ;)

My roommate has snus and offered me some to make it easier, but I think I'm going to stick to nico gum instead. Might use it a couple times if things get really tough.

My husband started smoking when he was 14, and smoked until the day he moved to be closer to me when we were dating. He quit cold turkey, because he knew how much it meant to me. I will be honest when I say he’s the only person I have come across who did not resort back to smoking, but it took him a few years to ditch the immediate desire to smoke when around others who were smoking. For the last couple of years, he has been using snuss and likes it. Gives him that little taste of nicotine without chewing gum and a plus side of not smelling like other tobacco products. Like @gtrplayer said, keep fighting the good fight. One of the negatives of quitting smoking is trying to replace the oral habit- the actual movement of taking the cigarette out and bringing it to your mouth. Replacing that with chewing gum, straws, toothpick etc will help a lot with that desire. Gaming is awesome too to preoccupy your thoughts :) good luck!

I think you make the right decision, it's not a really sexy habit to snusa


I didn't use snus, but I used to chew. You don't want to get going on that stuff instead. better to cut it all out.

Props to you for realizing you had a problem with it and working through kicking it. Just work your way through those shakes and you'll pull through :). Its not easy by any means.

ALSO does this mean the new game now that Diablo is done is WoW?? Going from one Blizzard game to another I see...

Yes, I think it will be the best one to keep my mind on the game as much as possible. With FPS and Diablo I have this thing where after a couple hours I lose concentration and look for other things to do, but an MMORPG can be different. :)

Plus Diablo you can easily pause and stop... there's no pausing when you're in a 40 man raid that lasts a couple hours so you LITERALLY won't be able to go out for a smoke :). It actually is quite the perfect way to force yourself.

It took me a good 2-4 weeks before my cravings started really cooling off. It was hard for me to be around people smoking or to be able to turn down smoking when I drank, and that honestly waxed and waned for 6 months or so. Now that I'm on the other side of it I am sooooo happy to be done with it. It's so worth it, I promise. Check out Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr. Reading that book when I was ready to quit really put things in perspective and strengthened my resolve in a big way. I think you can find a pdf of it for free.

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Hi), I once also tried to get rid of nicotine addiction after 17 years of continuous smoking, but all these attempts were reduced to zero, kept a maximum of 3 weeks and already began to think that I could never give up and almost despaired. I tried to replace cigarettes and nicotine gum and tablets and even cigarettes without nicotine, but none of the methods worked (and one day I came across a very interesting book by author Allen Carr, I started reading and for a long time I had the confidence that I could end withthis very bad habit, I read it very quickly because I really wanted to start a new life faster) and waking up on the morning of July 4, 2007, I experienced this unique feeling when you get rid of something that prevents you from living! It's been more than 10 years and I did not do one puff, as I advised reading this book 2 to my friends with a similar experience of smoking and it also worked for them)) So it's never too late to change your life for the better !!!

I totally understand the military thing bro, Thats why I started too! I mean, I started in my first tour to Iraq but its all the same... fucking military, lol..
I wanted to say ~Good luck bro~ I know you can do it! I quit one year ago now after smoking for over 15 years! If I can do it you can do it too! My trick was to just think about every negative thing I could everytime smoking would cross my mind. Like how stupid it was to pay for cancer, how bad it smelled, how expensive it was, how much it hurt my lungs, how I was a slave to it, how it sucked to go on a plane or to a movie without craving one. and I would go on and on until i was so disgusted I didn't even want it anymore.. the truth is we all know how bad it is to for our health to smoke, I mean there is a fucking warning on every pack you smoke! lol.
anyhow, you just need to retrain your brain to think about it negatively rather than positively. Now when I think about smoking I don't crave it at all, I just get pissed I willingly payed to poison myself for so long! Trust me, you will feel so much better it is ridiculous ;)

Hang in there, bro.

You can do it!

There's a great book you might try. I often send it to folks who are wanting to stop smoking. There's the key: STOPPING not quitting.

The book is, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", by Allen Carr (yes, a WEIRD similarity to my own name...).

If you are a quick reader, you'll be able to do it in a sitting. Alternately, if you NEED to take some time to let the ideas set in, the book allows for that too.

I JUST sent out our last copy before the New Year (by request- I ain't no crazy person shoving my beliefs on folk), but you can find it for a couple of bucks on (Half Priced books).

The video game deterrent is excellent.

I wish you the best of luck and strongest of wills!

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out! :)


Stay healthy so you can enjoy your gazillions :D Best wishes

I am free already. smoke during my early age of 14. Just quit for 5 years now. You can do it bro !!!

Good luck on quitting smoking, man. I know it's hard as fuck, but you can do it, dude. If you get the urge to smoke while you're not gaming, I would suggest getting a bunch of gum and just popping some into your mouth. I've heard the oral fixation on chewing can help ease with quitting smoking from a few people.

Quitting an addiction is really a tough time,but never stop quitting on quitting smoking!

Fight till the end,we all have addictions and we all should never stop trying to quit.Since you have asked the community and also got a replacement habit,then it will get easier.

Remember don't quitting on quitting on smoking!

I do smoke yet @acidyo. I'd try to stop many times lot. But couldn't do yet. I know smoke has more worst disadvantages. But after come to the steemit control it coz I sitting in-front of steemit screen. Thanks for discuss matching my life styles topic. I'll try to stop bad smoke addiction.

Yeah man you should definitely try and blog about it as well.

Think of all the Steem you can buy instead of cigs. :)

Yep...that's correct...I started smoke before 15 years ago. Its unstoppable. But when I came to steemit Its control level in now. Thanks for your attention.

you should stop smoking... coz smoking causes cancer

Yep man...Definitely stop and I should think my 1st baby coming out next June.

Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment. I ended up using a vape pen to quit- It wasn't the nicotine quite so much as the hand to mouth motion that I was addicted to. I started because I wanted something to do with my hands so I didn't feel so awkward. I hope that you're able to keep your mind off the cigarettes and quit this time around. It's hard but it's so worth it.

Stay strong man - that is no small endeavor you're undertaking! Obviously I can't fault the plan of replacing one compulsive habit with another - I did that with steemit and gaming and it's worked!

I feel your pain. Smoking is addictive and it is time to go cold turkey [Forever]. Realize that the addiction doesn't own you. You have power over it. The best way to stop the addiction is to know that you are stronger than addiction.

Never stop fighting , I was addition to cigarettes and weed for years and I could not even go half a day without smoking but I realized I am better , when I became pregnant I smoked the first couple months and realized im selfish , I have to do this for myself and my baby , we all just need a reason to stop

Good luck and keep your motivation. I stop during december :)

Thanks and good for you! Stay strong!

You too !!!! :) This one attempt will be the good :)

It's difficult to stop something you are very used to do. I might be to dramatic here but in my experience of quitting some of my addictions I felt like I was letting go a part of myself, it was really hard. Luckily, I had some support from my family and friends. You can do it man. It may take some time but as long as you have the will, you will succeed in quitting your smoking addiction. Good luck and I hope you all the best!

In my family we have people addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and coffee (this one doesn’t matter much)

So I have seen up close the damage this types of addictions can make.

That’s why I don’t smoke, nor drink coffee on a daily basis, and alcohol I do drink, but not much.

I just don’t want to deal with this type of issues that negatively affect our lives.

Good for you for doing all you can in order to quit this addiction. I hope you succeed at this.

Hey dude, have a look at my post, and if you follow my system you will quit smoking.

Congrats! Smoking sucks

fight till the end bro,, @acidyo

Good luck quitting. I have smoked and quit on and off for years. I found that not drinking alcohol, not socialising with smokers (at least initially) and finding distractions (gaming is a great idea) all help considerably but at the end of the day it comes down to will power. Good luck and if you put your mind to it, I’m sure you’ll succeed.

As a hardcore gamer myself (not a pro one though. ;>) i would love to see more gameplay from you. I do really recommend you to try Path Of Exile. If you love the Diablo series, here is one fresh and ingenious ARPG, free to play, yet with unlimited variations and endless theorycrafting.

I'm sure you will enjoy it, i bet my 10000 satoshis for it. :D

I had a pretty similar smoking career as you did. Let me tell you what worked for me:

I met a girl just after I had quit and introduced myself as a non smoker - which was technically not a ly. We came together and I never started again. This happens 13 years ago, we are now married, have 2 kids and I have never touched a single cigarette since then.

Motivation is everything... good luck to you.

yeah, just had that too. i'm living in the middle of nowhere in portugal. no car and 1.5 hours of walking (in the rain) to get tabacco. i thought it's a good time to stop smoking... but here i am, going through all my ashtrays and smoking the ones that have about 1cm left on it. it's decreasing every day... now i'm almost smoking the filters and start to think it might me healthier for me to take this walk and buy a few packs. for my health... it's difficult

Today is the day of quit smoking.

But I think vtue best way to quit any addiction is to ask God to help you.

Smoking is a hard habit to break. The change in lifestyle and cravings can be tough. Atleast you acknowledge that you need to quit even if you fail last summer keep on trying. Gaming should occupy your mind and find some less stressful ways to deal with what is stressing you.

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I am so proud of you for finally taking the first step on your journey to making yourself more healthy. I am going to start following you in hopes that your posts can help me be strong in my journey to try to quit smoking this year as well.

After two days, the physical addiction has disappeared. The rest is a matter of mind. Stay strong and just think about the most valuable thing you have: your health and thus the lifetime you will win. My congratulations!

Best of luck with the giving up dude... it's an incredibly tough thing to do. I am currently on day three without a smoke so I know how you are feeling. For me the toughest time is around 6pm in the evening, that afterwork moment. My weirdest symptom I get is my arms go totally restless, and I don't know what to do with them. I end up doing a bunch of kung-fu punches just to wear them out. Just remember, lot's of people give up all the time. You CAN be one of those people and I'm sure you will be! Good luck!

It is not easy to stop smoking.. but not impossible! The nicotine and the many chemicals that they put in cigarettes, they are their own to create addiction! Keeping yourself busy is a good option, although I know warcraft well and can be called another addiction! :D You can try decreasing the percentage of nicotine, with patches or buy an electronic cigarette.. but the first thing to do and motivate yourself to quit, be mentally strong to stop this habit! Good luck

Keep it up @acidyo...u can..... nothing we can't do,,everything doing ur of lu k to u

Very motivational article that can inspire a lot of people with this problem, but i wish you all the best because you are very strong

I quit smoking 3 years ago after 10 years tries, but still missing it when stressed.

Congrats! And good luck to you as you continue to overcome the addiction, many blessings!!

Some of us have it easier than others. I used tobacco for years; first cigarettes at a very young age in the 1960's in NY. Then I started on the chewing kind. I stopped because I found it embarrassing and gross. It wasn't who I wanted to be or be perceived as. It was expensive and illogical. Then there was the health insurance. So I stopped. Wasn't easy at first, but it was a matter of my mind winning a struggle with animal impulses. You're too good for that shit.

Hey man! You can do it!

I had a relative with same situation as yours , I know this times are hard but you can do it. Just do baby steps on your habits, the magic does not effect over night, but you can do it! . I hope the huge amount of support from the community somehow help you to totally change your habits. Just keep on fighting. I will wait for your gaming vids and cant wait to watch one!

Hey @acidyo We will be right beside you through your journey, My hole family smoked and my mom was one of them but I had trouble breathing around her. So she quit colt turkey it took 3 tries. Love your gaming post, please keep contributing to the gaming community. I would love to see the gaming post in the future. You should use gaming and steemit as a counter to the time you spend on smoking. Lets do this!

I think i'll give quiying anothre try, thank you.

Hey @acidyo
My family were smokers. My uncle and my mom desperately wanted to stop, but time went by, they felt weak, powerless and beaten down buy not being able to quit. Uncle eventually did quit. My mom is still trying to quit, evethough she still smokes 1 or 2 a day but she made a huge progress.
Is it too late to quit smoking or Is the damage done?
Hell no, It's never too late to quit smoking, the only time it's too late to quit smoking is when you're six feet under.
I’m wishing you good luck!

I think you should not play the game inclusive of your effort to quit smoking, Ideally you should take some exercise up also add to that some walking. Staying within the same environment is one of the triggers to returning to habits.

@acidyo I'm totally with you man, I can relate! I feel like I want to quit smoking too. I hope you make it!

I admire your focus. Quiting a Bad Habit is really difficult. Keep on doing it. Good luck.

I am sure you can do it....keep trying my friend

It gets easier! First you have to fight the craving every second...but over time seconds become minutes and minutes become hours, eventually you will only crave every quarter. It's just about pushing through the initial cravings! Good Luck! I

They say, once a smoker, always a smoker but you can prove it wrong. Good luck!

I totally agree.

Wishing you good luck with your quiting!
Coffee, games, alcohol, cigarets All is addictive if you use too much.

There's this lovely stuff called marijuana out there. You should make the switch. 🤷🏼‍♂️😉

Man, if anyone smoked a pack of joints a day they'd be just as fucked haha

Definitely not easy to quit great post

Good info. Nice post you fren

yes you can sir. May I suggest, you imagine that ther is an Acid in your cigar whenever you are tempted to smoke, I hope it might help...

you have taken a very good step for your life. I hope you will continue to do so decisively after that. good luck :) @acidyo

Did try to stop smoking for a view times now. Always had started it again after a while. I try to trick myself now by do vaping.

Replacing one vice with another is never a good idea

The vapour has nicotine in it, so you just put tamper off it.

Yo man, I can relate to that

Had been through most of high school surrounded by smokers, but only having an occasional cigarette and then towards the end of it, picked up smoking full time.

I love to smoke, but it's a bitch though. Completely killed my fitness and my motivation to exercise. Made me wake up in the morning coughing my lungs out.

Keep it up, brother. It's totally worth it - you can always have a celebratory cigar on New Years eve ;-)

Congrats bro. You really faced your fears, im so happy for you bro. keep fighting the good fight of faith and ruthlessness💪💪💪

Strength to you!
I've got a strange piece of advice. Try pipe smoking. It teaches you patience and slows life down a little. It takes skill and time, and also gives you something to do with your hands. From my experience, and other pipe smokers, too, the addictive quality is nothing like that of cigarettes.
Also, when you put it down, you can put it down. That dependency isn't there for many pipe smokers.

Let me say one thing - Congratulations for even stopping for one day, I have been trying and trying but are so unsuccessful, but not giving up hope yet, it is new year with new challenges - wish me luck

my husband also addicted to cigarette before.Now he decided to stop because of our family he wanted to be agood model of our kids..

Let it be only the beginning to quit smoking, if you manage to quit for a year I assure you that afterwards you will not understand why you smoked in the first place besides that you will improve your health and life expectancy, go ahead @acidyo do not give up!

So glad to hear that! It is a step! :) more gaming gains too!

Wish you all the best within your journey no smoking :), I will take this step as well, but don't know when exactly lol

Congrats man, fight through it!

Good job!

I hope you’ll quit smoking eventually. 😊

Congratulations. You're definitely on the right track, and four hours is a major step! I don't smoke, but I know how difficult it is to go without a cigarette for extended periods of time. Keep up the good work and eventually it'll get easier!

@acidyo, It can be a hard thing to do and it took me at least 5 attempts before I finally broke the cycle and I then had to be pretty vigilant for the next year to not be tempted back into the evil vice of the ciggie.

Its a tough journey but a worthwhile one. I found Nicotine patches and gum combined worked best for me... Take a look at this video for a laugh to take your mind elsewhere for a minute!!! (Warning: Explicit Language)

Congrats man! It's tough ive been there and done that. Most important thing is to not beat yourself up if you do end up smoking again. It's one of the most addictive thing and keeping a positive mindset will help tremendously!

To be able to ease my quitting I've decided to replace that addiction with another past addiction that I had, gaming.

I love these lines of yours. I wish you the best in your new adiction gaming. Gamingis really Better for you it increases your blood circulation

Addiction ruins the addicted person and his family members too. I am a real story of the victims of addiction. So please be strong and healthy with your decision, it is only you who is your only friend that help you to get rid of it. My husband left the world due to the addiction of alcohol and cigarettes in the age of 45 ,so please friend life is precious don't cut short of it with bad habit. You are only your support for your every success and failor, so please be bold and happy without the wrong life style. More than that you are a genius person and a great personality please take care of yourself and your family. If you want some more you can contact me with out any hagitation, I will be be there for the great moral support as only victimised know the feeling of lost from addiction. Thanks for sharing, wish you a very happy and healthy future my dear friend.

Great job my Friend! Two thumbs up! Please be strong! Our health is our wealth! We control our thoughts! Please don't think of a cigarette ever again! Risk vs Reward my Friend! It is definitely not worth the consequences! @extraterrestrial cares ! Please continue to be strong! Positive Energy! Light and Love! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

My father started smoking at 16. He tried to stop at 44 because he had a nervous breakdown. He had a relapse less than a year after and was smoking a lot more than before. He finally stopped at age 60 until today at 63 because he had difficulty breathing and has emphysema. there's a need to stop. The earlier the better.

all have the process and change the habbit is always the good way to do. You can eat some papper mint candy or something like that while gaming, but don't take it too many. Maybe eat the candy can help you out too. oh, keep your water for drink cause you have sit in couple hour for gaming. hehe . just my thought.

I am also an active smoker But after I read your post I realized that cigarettes are a lot more harm than good for him. I will try to quit smoking by undergoing a hobby that can make me forget about cigarettes, because cigarettes can kill us slowly.

I quit for 3 months once and to this day wish I hadn't smoked the ONE that got me back smoking. Thanks for the inspiration to be done with it! Upvoted!

You have my respect. I never even finished the first pack I bought, so I don't know what the withdrawals feel like, but I was hanging out with a guy who was quitting and he was not having a good time... You'll get through it, just take it one day at a time.

I don’t know how I managed to avoid smoking since almost every single one of my friends does it. Get addicted to some weird ass healthy habit, like nibbling on carrots. Don’t put nicotine on he carrots.

I was going to suggest get out of the house more and do some healthy excercise like jogging, after all everyone commits to that in their new year resolutions. Then I thought you might jog nearby some shops and get yourself some cigarettes....

I am in the same boat, have been quitting smoking far too long, my biggest advice, even though it might be a bit personally effective is to treat it like any kind of addiction and in no way succumb to the oh so tempting "just one smoke", it never ends up being just one, it always turns into "oh shit, how is it I am smoking a pack a day again".

First time I quit smoking for about 4 years straight was after reading a book by Alan Carr, some people think it's a bunch of nlp nonsense, but hey, if it helps - it helps, that's what matters.

Other than that I second the advice to find something to replace smoking with. Gaming would be hard for me as I enjoyed having a smoke as a way of breaks, but if it works for you - great, just make sure it's not an activity that used to trigger your smoking wants.

Another thing I heard of (but might not be helpful to you know as you are already not smoking), which might be helpful to someone else stumbling upon this and trying to quit - try smoking mindfully. Don't talk to people, don't listen to music or even think about stuff, but rather just pay full attention to smoking that cigarette, you quickly realize how gross it actually is, if you pay full attention to your feelings while smoking.

To everyone not smoking - take it one day at a time and it is totally worth it. We can do it!

Don't stop your trying effort. Keep going and keep going.. Yeah you can stop smoke addiction.

You can do it, your life depends on it!

bro keep up the good work, addictions can be hard to stop, but today it's 4 hours, and next it could be 4 days then 4 week and eventually it's 4ever. You just need to be strong, have supportive people and pray. I also love games, i play Clash of Clans, do you?

Congrats @acidyo! Keep hustling and moving toward your goals mate.

I used to play wow too. Amazing bloody game

To be able to ease my quitting I've decided to replace that addiction with another past addiction that I had, gaming

Yea its been proving that to get ride of an old addiction feel it up with something as valuable and important as that, hope you push through this challenge you set and hope we steemians have a nice time watching your dtube.

By the way heard there was a group of gamers here on steemit gsggamers or so looking for players, try joining them, a party is usually more fun to play with

You can do it @acidyo, take it one day at a time! I find that keeping my hands or mouth occupied with a toothpick or lollipop really helped when I quit the first time. I still smoke, but I have a 3 year old and need to quit and set a good example. I quit for 2 years, and then started back up. It's so hard to quit, but if you really want it youll get it done...and it looks like you have a ton of support here as well! Best of luck!

Good work bro. Hopefully you kick the habit. Nice strategy replacing an addiction with an addiction. Smart. :)

Push through the cravings mate.

very good post

I think it is really cool that you are trying to quit smoking, good for you @acidyo and I really think you should stick to it.
You can do this you just really have to want it and not let it win over you. You can beat this.

I also use doTERRA essential oils, and I heard some good results of people quitting smoking by using doTERRA black peppermint essential oil.

I really wish you all the best @acidyo.
Maybe you should make a like a " Quit Smoking Steemit Challeng" and update us every week and this way maybe you can get the support and you can support other people. Just an idea.

Good decision! You can do it! I finally quit after I started using the (e-cig) vape devices and started somewhere around 12mg/ml and worked my way down until I was at 0mg/ml nicotine (within 1-1/2 years) where it then took me another 6-12 months to finally stop vaping altogether. Haven't looked back since, you'll thank yourself in the future!

I have quitted so many times, I have lost count. I have even tried replacing it with another addiction but it didn't last. On new year's eve I made a resolution not to smoke a stick again. Two days ago, I smoked ten sticks.
the painful part is that my elder brother smokes and I see what it has done to him. I am fighting really hard to quit and I pray you too succeed in your own battle.

Some advice by way of my girlfriend. If this round doesn't work it's ok, just quit every monday. Sometimes you'll make it to Saturday, sometimes you'll make it to 4pm, but just know that if you fail it's ok, you can do it again can take some of the pressure off so that's it's no always weighing on you. Then one week you'll wake up on Monday having made it a whole week and you'll be well down the road. She hits 5 years in April =).

I'm a freelance nicotine freedom counselor, if it were up to me I'd do it as a full time job and run a camp where people could go play volleyball and soccer for a couple weeks in a completely smoke-free environment.

I failed to 'quit' 3 times until I decided to 'stop' giving other people money to help me poison myself. Really, really understanding that deep down, once you are hooked, you get zero utility from that cigarette while the person who sells it to you is selling you something that is worthless for 100000% profit.

Nicotine is a type of mafia of the human circulatory system, it takes a percentage of every process in your body and throws it out the window if you're lucky or builds cancer if you're not.

The odds are against you, you will either stop smoking cigarettes or you will die with one in your mouth, and they will dance a jig on your face.

I am available for counseling regarding this. The first 3 days are the hardest, you will just feel anxious. Sugar can be used as a kludge, wintogreen breathmints helped me.

The most important attitude change is to think of them as deadly and nefarious, a level 5 full blown life threatening addiction. Hate them like you hate death, then you won't feel like just because you have gone without one for 5 days that you can just have one more.

That one more starts the entire 3 days of hell all over again, and you can't take that twice in a week.

Don't even bother stopping until you are really ready to stop being suicidal and embrace your life. If you truly want to die sooner rather than later, or don't care, or whatever dude, you might as well just keep smoking and save the effort because you simply don't have it in you to defeat them.

Hope this provides perspective. Humans are not designed to live in clouds of poisonous gas, unless I am really, really missing something.

If anyone else is interested in another way to quit smoking cigarettes, I would suggest joining the Army! They send you to boot camp for 9 weeks and you can smoke or even eat any candy. So if you're a bit overweight, this would also be a good benefit for you as well! Way to go, two birds with one stone. Where else do you gain such a benefit in your life. No place but the Army Hoah!

Good for you that you are doing your best to stop the habit. But be prepared for challenges along the way like nicotine withdrawal. I know somebody who went through depression because he withdrew INSTANTLY.

Just take it easy. What's important is you are getting rid of it slowly. Cheers pal