The greatest motivation in my life.

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The world has changed so much since I was born, and not always for the better as we may al agree. I have come to understand that we are all interconnected on this planet and that each of our choices make a difference in the collective on a much greater scale than most of us are even aware of. When I was younger I only knew what I knew then and acted in accordance to that knowledge and understanding as I could do nothing else. I look back and see my younger self as a mere gear tooth on a gear in a much bigger machine than I could even conceive back then.
As time passed and I gained knowledge and experience in life I began to feel that something wasn’t right, and that we were all being lied to and deceived by those we led us. I began reading older text and looking for answers outside the box of conformity that I had been raised in, and I haven’t stopped yet.
My granddaughter (pictures above)is just 3 1/2 months now. As I look into her eyes I realize that she will see a world far beyond my years, a world that is truly freer than anything my generation could dare imagine. It is for her and future generations that I strive to change myself and the world for the better in any and every way I can. When I think of her future I am
Inspired in the most unique and impowering way to continue forward and help people see the truth, the very foundation of which all the lies we’ve been sold has been built upon. The Truth that has been intentionally occulted from the masses so that the few can control the hive mind of our species.
As tough as this gets at times I believe we all need inspiration like she gives me. An inspiration of Love and hope that nothing else has ever compared in my life experience. I wish that everyone finds this kind of inspiration in their lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you find value in my words.

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