A Person Sent Me a Message What He Should Do After Keyword Research. I Replied:

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  1. First of all, you don't need to put the affiliate links at the beginning of your post. In this way, Google will put your blog into thin affiliate blog.

  2. You need to provide informative articles on your blog rather than transactional blogs.

  3. The simple formula is 60% affiliate articles, 40% informative blogs.

  4. You need to write epic content like 10beasts dot com and Backlinko dot com write with plugins like Shortcode Ulitmate or page builder.

  5. Your aim should to help the users and connect your writing to their emotional level. The more you understand their pain, the better conversions happen. Go to 10beasts dot com and check how well written the article is.

  6. Tell the benefits then features. Don't say this device can store 1GB of data, rather you can store 1000 your favourite songs in it.

  7. Use that theme that is loaded within 3 seconds. Speed matters. Even 1 second costs 1.6 billion dollars in sales for Amazon. People are impatient these days!

  8. Keep visiting sites like 10beasts or Backlinko to check the quality of writing: starting, middle, end, visual, tone.

  9. Keep learning that niche. Watch videos on Youtube or read articles. The better you have knowledge, the better you can impress the people.

  10. Never give up. You spend 16 years of education for earning Rs. 20,000. You should spend at least 2 years to run such sites. Keep learning, never give up.

Bonus: Use Trello to make your life easier. Make a plan what you will do for the next 90 days, not the whole year.

You can use this template:


Copy the board and use it your own. Learn Trello first on Youtube. Better than Evernote.