My exploratory quest for optimal writing vibrancy

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Interestingly, I observe that to me my writings feel much more energised and vibrant when I greatly reduce my posting frequency.

My personal golden threshold which allows me to zestfully create and enjoy my posts seems to have crystallised as being at least at five days between every post I make. Ideally, each posts spends an entire week or longer at the top of my blog page.

I found myself feeling noticeably more joyous about my selection of images and words when I comply with this minimum margin of five days. Simultaneously, my curiosity to experiment with fresh text layouts and formats benefits too.

From another angle, creating with the awareness that my post will stay at least five days on the top of my blog page relaxes my fountain of inspiration to an extend that I feel more vivid anticipation toward crafting a new one without stress.

I am in a more joyful state in the first place that positively impacts my creative choices which in turn even more add onto my creative fulfillment. A symbiotic, mutually fertile, interplay is born.

Overall, my blog feels less ephemeral and short-lived when I meet my golden margin of at least five days.

With four days between my posts I feel neither here nor there.

Anything under four days increasingly deteriorates my creative avidity and final enjoyment of my work. Crafting within this time window feels rather binding and makes for mental restlessness because my mind will quickly move on to tinkering and implementing the next posting idea instead of taking the time to settle down into the feeling of fulfillment and appreciation for what I have just created.

Another discovery I made is that the reduced posting frequency inspires me to at first write my words down on paper instead of writing from scratch while starring at the screen. This habit just stresses me out and befogges my mind.

When doing it on paper I feel much more present and my attention won't become so strongly distracted from my surroundings. My mind remains clear during as well as after the creative process. In this case I even enjoy the final typing out of words into the laptop because it takes place seamlessly.

I like to craft posts in an as orderly fashioned manner as possible, in terms of text layout as well as correct grammar usage and spelling. For reasons of visual cleanliness I also never go beyond the original five-tags limit and recently adjusted my way of placing image sources.

Indicating the source directly under the opening picture makes the term inside the brackets the first word to pop up beneath the title on the blog overview page. I always thought this looks irritating and untidy.

The naturally arising feeling to embellish my posting style and habit at my own snail's pace while in doing so exploring how I can draw most long-standing fulfillment from the crafting of posts, altogether feels great.

That's how I effectively avoid becoming sick and tired of writing, which to me is important because the aversion I could develop for writing due to doing it excessively is misguided. Eventually I would feel repelled by my passion when in fact it is the exorbitant self-made stress that spoils it.

The exploratory quest for optimal writing vibrancy is long but worth it.


Images: Unsplash


Much appreciated, thank you. :)

You are very welcome! Love your writings. :)

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