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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

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Congratulations miss Abi.... 1 year and you touched so many hearts ang lives, I wish I can do that too on my 1st year here....Even before I joined steemit Ialready felt a connection with you, my sister always mentioned you and talks a lot about your post and maybe because we have the same first name... Thank you is not enough for all the kindness you've shown to us.... You are my motivator really... Whenever I feel that my mind is empty, I will think that you and my sister are there, believe in me and support me every single day... Thank you soooo much miss Abi... I may notbe as good as you as a writer but I wish to be like you being kind-hearted person... God Bless always... Love you miss Abi...


Thank you so much my dear @avhyaceulip! I hold you and your sister really dear in my heart and I immensely appreciate your constant love and kindness. Whenever you feel your mind is empty, just enjoy the peace that comes with that, ok? Sometimes is really healthy to just be! Don't see that as a negative thing !!

Don't forget that there is someone here in Portugal who you make very happy every time you engage with her work and take the time to interact with her! ME 😉

Take Care :)
And smile!!

😍😍😍 truly grateful for your kindness and sincerity... Love you bigtime ms. Abi... 😘😘😘

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