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How things are going in here? I check from time to time to see how you guys are holding up. Good to see the token price lately and also the Tron addition to the wallet, that's a plus. Would like to see more projects here as well. Also, I need an autovoter to put some people in auto vote, so suggestions will be highly appreciated. Let's put to work the few sp I still have here ahaha.

Here, a sexy pic of my pet cactus so no one can say I didn't even posted a nice pic! LOL


And y'all thinking cactus can't have sexy hair! Shame on y'all!

Take care and keep Steemit alive!


nice hair! look like a 'Hi!' from 1980-es :)))

steemauto stopped working -- try this link:

ps. I delegate 95% to @gotogether, and recommend it... but maybe it will not suit your purposes, as you dont post daily (i.e. you will not be getting all the benefits from this delegation). cheers!

I just wanna support some people. Not planning on posting regularly here or in hive.

I know ;)

You to decide, sure thing. I just shared info and raised awareness.

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