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I was off Steemit for a bit as I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Canada that I grew up in is gone. I was quite depressed after watching the events of the Danforth shooting unfold knowing that my country was going down the same road as the rest of the western world.

It goes much like this: gunman shoots innocent people. He has a mental illness, so he is not responsible. The government and the MSM media tell us to be sorry for the gunman meanwhile innocent people are dead.


The PM of course says nothing and continues his surfing vacation.

He finally shows up over a week later to Reese Fallon's funeral and he should be glad that I wasn't her mother as I would not have allowed him to attend.

Two weeks later, Trudeau shows up to open the Taste of the Danforth one of Toronto's biggest street parties in the city. He was in his element with adoring sycophants and selfies.

Check out @PeterAkman’s Tweet CTV news:

I find unbelieveable that people are so stupid although I should know better based on evidence already shown in other countries.
The people today are not made out of the same stuff as the generations of yesteryear.

Canada is going down and I'm not sure if it is already too late to swing the pendulum back to the centre. Do people even realize where we are going?

I don't think so and they are not listening to the canary in the coalmine.

In the meantime, all people like me can do is to find like-minded people and wait.

For what, I don't know.


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