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I admit it. in my absence from steemit, I ventured onto twitter. GASP I finally stared tweeting. This would be my 2nd venture on a social media site. (the 1st being steemit). I found a huge group of twitter users who enjoyed being WHITE & enjoyed good nigger posts as a way to release some of the frustration and disgust they had caused by all the things Negros & other minorities due that cause "NIGGER FATIGUE" to set in, into even the most tolerant mild mannered white person.

I didn't exactly replace 1 bad habit (steemit) for another (twitter). Because the posts on twitter are kept very short - they only allow a few lines. Plus I'm already on twitter almost daily scanning all the CRYPTO-CURENCY sites.


I discovered TWITTER is a censorship nazi- locking people out of their accounts for simply expressing their View of not going along with GloboHomo White Genocide.


Anyway way here's a few posts about REGGIE Middleton touting Veritaseum & one of his recent videos -

r1 copy.png




This man Reggie is a MASTER. Because when I looked at that shot of homeless Africans living under bridge, I saw NOTHING. NOTHING WHAT SO EVER. In my mind, there was nothing you coud possible do with them.

BUT REGGIE IS A MAN OF GREAT VISION. You've got to hand it to him, he is a real MOTHERFUCKER, this Reggie Middleton. He looked at those homeless Africans living under a bridge & HE SAW A WAY TO TAKE $$$$ OUT OF THEIR POCKETS!!!!!! Ya, Reggie describes in this video how thru the use of none other than HIS VERI TOKEN, whatever measly finances those Homeless Africans have- can be used VIA THEIR CELL PHONE to take their $$$ & if you add up ALL the HOMELESS AFRICAN & YOU TAKE ALL THEIR $$$- well now your talking big sums.

Then Via the VERI TOKEN & VEDAIR PLATFORM brought to you by REGGIE himself- that money from the homeless Africans will be sent over to WALL STREET- Via the BLOCKCHAIN. From Wall Street on over to EUROPE (meaning LONDON, do doubt) where they will take their CUT. YES!!!!!! Reggie actually said that - that Europe will take their CUT- their CUT of the homeless Africans money, that is. Then ON OVER TO TURKEY- to bail out the lira. PRICELESS absolutely fucking priceless. Reggie Middleton wants to take homeless Africans money & send it over to Bankers in Turkey to BAIL OUT their Failing BANKS & along the way- Wall Street & London can get their CUT too.

(but I'm sure Cliff High & Bix Weir will still say REGGIE is a GREAT MAN of IMPECCABLE CHARACTER & oh sooooooo HONEST. Now I'm not here to criticize Cliff High or Bix Weir, both of whom I follow. Just another EXAMPLE of how people speculating in CRYPTO need to MAKE THEIR OWN DECSIONS & not BLINDLY follow some youtube guru.)

Video where Reggie describes how to steal every last penny from every last homeless african in laos nigeria

Now then on the heels of this Reggie has another video out. The BLACK Blockchain conference. Where the woman are QUEENZZZZZ and the Men are KANGZZZZ baby. Ya that is right- the guy introducing Reggie actually has a CROWN on his HEAD.

Screenshot-2018-9-18 Reggie Middleton.png

In this video Reggie continues showing us he is a MASTER Salesman if every there was one. He takes out a KILO of Gold. A GOLD BAR to pass around the audience. That there GOLD, that is AFRICA my man. We will STORE the Gold in VAULTS in USA & EUROPE & then SELL YOU our GOLD BACK VeDAR Token which runs on Mr Reggie Middelton Veritsaeum Platform. We can use this VERITASUEM PLATFORM to UNITE all the WEALTH of AFRICA. ALL of Africa Riches Natural resources, GOLD, OIL- will be UNITED with a PAN AFRICAN CURRENCY Via VERTITASEUM. One of the Audience member shouts out they can have their WAKANDA!!!!!!! Reggie agrees. This Gold Backed VeDair Token from Reggie will Turn AFRICA into a world POWERHOUSE & POWER PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone notice the part where the GOLD BARS that will Back the Vedair token are stored in some special vaults in USA & Europe- NOT AFRICA? Also, what about what BIX WEIR ALWAYS SAYS- ONLY PHYSICAL GOLD IN YOU HANDS!!! all else is BULLSHIT! If you don't have physical possession of the gold- you do not have anything.

Let's add to this - some Economic Advisor that lives abroad recently gave an interview with some items to add to this storyline. I think it was Doug Casey- but I'm not sure. Anyway he said it much NICER than I am saying it. But the gist of what this Famous Economic Advisor recently said was this-

If a white American or European young man wants to try & make his mark - seek his fortune in the world- go to AFRICA. Africa has GREAT OPPORTUNITIES for any white man with the BALLS to venture over there. Why? Because AFRICANS are stupid as a pile shit & have No brains or skills what so ever. So just about any white man with a few brains & some skills can with no fucking contacts what so ever- just go to ANY AFRICAN NATION. Within a few weeks to a month that WHITE GUY will be sitting there having a meeting & talking to the POWER PLAYERS of that Country & YES- Even HOLDING COURT with the LEADER of that African Nation.

So back to Reggie, or should I call him Mr. Black Boule (OOOPS Oprah Is MIZZZ Queen Of The Back Boule, she might not like that.)

Back to Reggie, he has been on His world tour in this crypto downturn Pitching his Token from Jamaica to Dubai. Reggie has been ALL OVER AFRICA with his PAN African Tour. So, has Reggie met with just about every leader of all the African Nations to get them on board?

You think the SHIT-O-NOMI ELITES will reward Reggie well for this? Also it could be true.The reports that even though we're all living in a CONTROL SYSTEM with the ONE WORLD PRISON STATE trying to put the final clamp down in us- BEHIND THE SCENES of this control grid things are falling apart & they're scared shitless they're losing control?

I have no doubt there are BIG POWER VACUUMS behind the scenes - just like in the GAME OF THRONES. Reggie he sure is POSITIONING HIMSELF WELL.

Sitting here tonight writing this, I think Reggie JUST MIGHT BE ABLE TO PULL THIS OFF. If he does, how high will Veritaseum Token go?

You want to go buy some "Tokenized" Gold from Reggie? Don't worry, he says he has it Insured by Lloyds Of London.

(PS you won't find that account on twitter- I got kicked off for saying something about niggers & jews)


I wish I had enough to do a pump and dump at the right time.

Veritaseum reached it's high of $500+ during the last run-up- without even being listed on any exchange except ETHERDELTA (the metrodome of crypto excahnages)

it's now around $17. I didn't sell a single one during the last run-up.

I placed my bet on Reggie & I'm sticking to it till I see at least $1K Veri in the next run up.

I'm betting this TOKEN will pump again.

Twitter is for twits - have you tried GAB?

Now here is a post I wrote just for you:

The Muslims first invented the condom in the year 654 using a goat intestine. Christians expanded on this idea in 1364 by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

no I have not tried GAB. I DO NOT WANT to EXPAND the # of social media sites I'm on. For now it is Steemit & Twitter. I'm on twitter because of ALL the CRYPTO Companies posting their announcements there. The day I go to GAB- would mean the Day I permanently Delete my steemit password off the USB Backup too.

Well don't then! - it's maybe a future uncensored twitter, or it may another time waster...