My Response to those @berniesanders ASS KISSERS who Now Try To Claim I Hate Jews & Am POersonally Responsible for the Holocaust

in #blog3 years ago

Your assumption that I hate Jews or am a Globalist could not be Further from the Truth. As I am from a jewish family & adamantly against Globalism.

If you wish to INSERT YOURSELF into someone one else's Dispute that has NOTHING to do with you, you should could at least find out the facts of the dispute first- before proceeding to spread LIES.

So now you presume to know how I treat my family & that I am MOST EVIL to them, per you?
1st you infer that I am an ANTI-SEMITE. Then when you are informed that I come from a jewish family, still knowing nothing about my personal life- you then INFER that I must be opne of those EVIL JEWS who is EVIL to all his JEWISH Relatives.
You simply can not admit you made a wrong Presumption in the first place when you stated I was AGAINST ISRAEL & A GLOBALIST.
Instead you seek to SLANDER me Further with LIES.
For the record one thing I am is HONEST. That is the ONLY THING I Steadfastly Maintain is my Honesty.
I do hold many views that are Considered Politically Incorrect & Rasict by some. So If you had pointed those out, I would not say you were MISTAKEN or LYING About me.
But with what you have written here- YOU ARE both MISTAKEN & LYING about me.
Have you ever been to Israel? So you KNOW personally on the Ground HOW the Israelis treat each other?

I know for a MOTHER [email protected] FACT the Jewish Israelis do everything they can to EXPEL as many of the Black African Jews out of Israel as they can. I also Know for a MOTHER [email protected] FACT from EXPERIENCE How the Israeli Jews of European Descent TREAT like INFERIORS the Israeli Jews from the ARAB COUNTRIES! Let alone the Black African Jews. TALK ABOUT HARDCORE R-A-S-I-C-M!

I may spout Unpopular Political Views, But One thing I never do is to LIE or Intentionally Mistlead anyone. Also when I am wrong or mistaked I WILL ADMIT IT.
I am 100% Correct when I write that ISRAEL is a HARDCORE RACIST Country & Wished to EXPELL all NON-WHITE JEWS, As Many as they CAN!

You write about the HOLOCAUST as if you personally lived through it. I do not know if you did or did not. My own Father, Grandfather, and several Uncles actually FOUGHT IN WW2. Do not bring up the Holocaust with me & make any Inferences that I am a JEW HATER & somehow Responsible for The Holocaust. MOTHER FUCKER! My father was jewish, I have jewish Relations living in Israel, My family fought in WW2, other's also HAPPENED to ESCAPE RUSSIA around the Time of the Russian Revolution- when the Bolshevieks- mostly JEWS went on their Killing spree and starved Millions in the holodomor.













You wrote that I was a LIAR when I commented that ISRAEL Placed a Bounty on the Head of all African Immigrants in Israel. NO I DID NOT.

To Point out the BAD BEHAVIOR or the Double Standard or the HYPOCRISY of Some Jews & of Israel, Does Not Make Me an Evil Anti-Semite Piece of Trash- as your have Inferred. Nor does it somehow make me GUILTY for the HOLOCAUST or WW2- as you ALSO have Inferred.

The only PIECE OF SHIT is that poster who first claims I hate Jews, and am a globalist. Then when informed I come from Jewish family- proceeds to infer I am one of THOSE EVIL Descendant of Jews who HATES JEWS and is MOST EVIL to my own Family. Them Further expound that I am somehow responsible for the HOLOCAUST, as if he Lived thru it. Which, since I do not know him or his age, he may have. But i doubt it.

Don't Admit you NEEDLESSLY Inserted Yourself into a Dispute between me & @berniesanders, which Did not involve you. Don;t admit you make False presumptions about me. Don't admit any mistake. Just go on to Claim you have somehow SUFFERED Persecution of the HOLY GRAIL of Jewish Suffering the ALL MIGHTY HOLOCAUST & that I must somehow be personally RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT & all those like me. Oh yah- ASHOLE- keep making whole posts Dedicated to Me to.

I love the Energy Your Feeding.








Keep bringing up the HOLOCAUST & Please keep writing I am an EVIL JEW HATER who is RESPONSIBLE for it & all your long history of Personal Suffering in life.

YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT. You can not Dispute the Facts I made. So you Resort to Claiming I am Evil & MUH 6 million died because of the like s of me.

Right there- that is when you lost ALL CREDIBILITY.

I have Never before mentioned this or wrote about it. But since you want to bring up some history of JEWISH Suffering as PROOF you are RIGHT & GOOD & I Am Wrong, Evil, Racist Piece of TRASH.

I will Mention a few thing

1- I grew up on the holocaust

2- with a Jewish last name, at school I was not immune from the comments of Jewish Slander hearled at me from classmate or teachers over the years.

3- there are the family stores about my own Father growing up in a jewish neighborhood- having the local sign at the swimming pool & park - say NO NEGROS, NO DOGS, NO JEWS ALLOWED.

4- there was the time my Families house was BURNT down while my mother & the kids were inside sleeping- by the local branch of the KKK- because they did not want any JEWS living in that Neighborhood. BURNT TO THE GROUND!!!!!!

There are a lot more stories. i have never before mentioned in public. Because it does not matter.

I am neither a Jew Lover nor a Jew hater.

I am a realist.

No group of people of planet earth is immune from CRITIQUE or HOLIER THAN THOU. That Includes the Jews.

In short


Oh yah, I think I might have a Lampshade. - The one they made of your Grandfather's skin after they gassed him.

You want it?

Sincerely the Troll.


You are an Idiot. I Remember you.
Time for me to Castrate you.

caladium downvote @bullionstackers

So Back in May of 2017- shortly after I first started using Steemit;

as a new user- you found a SINGLE downvote from me & included the proof of it on the blockchain.

I looked at that post- it was a post of the GUM TREE & it's flowering blooms. There was no reason to downvote that post.

Knowing myself BETTER than anyone else, I can only say- it must have been a MISTAKE, by me when I was still fairly new to Steemit. I probably;y clicked the wrong icon on the screen by mistake.

You my apologies for that downvote from over 1 year ago.

Be sure to keep that single 1 X downvote from 1 year ago BURNING in your psyche for the rest of your life & use it as justification in your DESIRE to now CASTRATE ME.

I also would like to ask, did you find this down vote yourself? Did you remember it this whole time? or did someone (perhaps a certain whale) search out my entire voting History on Steemit going back to over 1 year ago- to look for every single downvote I may have ever made.

And there by try to use the PROOF that I myself have occasional downvoted someone here & there- as JUSTIFICATION for their 1+ year long Non-stop Wholesale Flagging of my posts into INVISIBILITY because I dare express a politically incorrect viewpoint different from them?

It has nothing to do with your Posts. I don't care what you write.

How do you Like Being The Person of Interest?

Flag me for No Reason??


i hear you are quite the keyboard warrior?? We dont need racist people like you on this platform - have a flag Hillary Clinton

I do not support Hillary Clinton. Are you related to that Bitconnect Scammer- whose Girlfriend did BOTH PORNO & Ran a BOUNCY House Business for Little Kids?

Or are you Just part of the @berniesanders Sycophant Club?

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Sad your posts found a bunch of flag fags.

What are you doing with your 30 SP Downvote ?

Consider Mine is Over 30 K !
I let you go this time , Unless you are Asking For It

he flagged me as well - so i returned it with one of mine