Only White People Can Be Politically Incorrect.

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@liquifire told me to check out The Goyim Defense Force. I'd never heard of them before.


The GOYIM needs more than some defense. The Goyim had better STARTED A PURGE!



University In California says it's A-OK for 4 year old kids to watch Porn. BUT FORBID you say a 1 word against a JEW!


A lot of JEWS seem to be On BOARD & full steem ahead with Destroying White men., White women, white children, white culture & all Formerly White Countries in the world.

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At the EXACT SAME TIME that JEWS are waging a WAR on Whites, The JEWS are having LAWS passed in Foreign Countries to make it a CRIME for anyone utter 1 word of Criticism against a Jew or Israel.

Israel comes to the USA & gets to PASS LAWS that PREVENT AMERICAN CITIZENS from saying Anything the Jews/Israel don't like. While at the Same time Bleeding Billions of Dollars from the USA & Promoting LAWS & Policies to FLOOD our Country with NON Compatible NON WHITE Low IQ STREET SHITTERS.

Screenshot-2018-10-6 Racial Consciousness on Twitter They sincerely want to make antisemitism a global hate-crime that need[...].png



In Communist Russia, Stalin could would have you KILLED if you were ANTI-SEMITE. HMMMMM, so Much for the RUSSIAN PEOPLE being the Communists. Perhaps The Russian Revolution & The Communist Take-Over WAS ALL COMMUNIST JEWS?


I've seen enough. I Seriously Doubt Israel Capable Of Existing without the Financial backing & Military Support of The USA. Why should the USA & the People of the USA pay Billions of Dollars to Israel? Why does the USA fight war that HAVE no benefit to the USA or the People of the USA, BUT DO BENEFIT ISRAEL?

What stranglehold does Israel have over THE USA? Does Israel already have NUKES here on the Ground in MULTIPLE PLACES the USA?

Why is EVERY LEVEL of the USA Government filled with people who have ISRAELI PASSPORTS? You can not serve 2 masters. You can not be LOYAL to 2 Opposing Nations.

Most Jews do not consider themselves to be WHITES. Whites are Goyim. Whites are Goyim. Goyim are Cattle. Cattle are Slaughtered. The Jewish Method is to Slit the throat & let the cattle bleed to death.

Now I understand why some people hate Jews. Now I understand why people say Glass I$rael.


The zionist scum have their "man" chump on the job!

But don't worry about nukes - they are another jewish myth, and don't actually exist...

yah, r energy weapons a myth too? What about nuclear power plants are they a myth? what happened at Chernobyl & Fukushima, are those areas RADIOACTIVE?

No - I'm just saying nuclear bombs are a myth - your challenge for the day - prove one has ever gone off!

Do you really think if they existed the zionists would never have detonated any?

Nagasaki (std bomb destruction pattern and no extra cancer):

back just two years ago before jewtube censored everything there were vids about all this...