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After my Last perfectly good post got flagged for no reason other than a personal vendetta, I decided to take my blog on a new direction. @boom, @anarchyhasnogods, @berniesanders Thank You. Thank You for setting free my Inner TROLL. Now the real magic can either begin or fail.

(flagged for no valid reason-

Looking back at my past 1 1/2 year on Steemit, all I've done, is given the DeepState & the Corporate Fascists all my good stories. FOR FREE no less!

From now on, I no Longer Give Shit. I'm thru being nice. I'm just going to have fun, Be a TROLL on Steemit, Talk smack about people & turn this page into a full on NIGGER EXPOSE SITE!

If any of my regular readers wish to UNSUBSCRIBE, I understand.

The Smackdown No Holds Bar Shitshow is about to begin.

Do I ever feel guilty for my Racism?

Sometimes I feel a tiny flinch of shame. For I know that not ALL Africans, Blacks, Muslims, Indians, Mexicans are low IQ Smelly Filthy Crime Prone Violent Prone Low Impulse Control Next To Useless POC that Ruin Everything. There are some, a few who are FINE HUMAN BEINGS, representing the very Best of Humanity. But here is the thing, MOST ARE NOT. Add to that They are not the MINORITY- they are the MAJORITY of the world population. They have Huge land masses & countries of their own, in which it is their right to REIGN SUPREME in their own countries. These days we are facing a White genocide. The Few Formerly White Countries Left on Planet Earth are Fast Becoming OVERTAKEN by The NON-WHITE Hordes. Who Insist in turning the Formerly White Countries into the Crime Ridden Cesspits & Shitholes of Misery Filth Ruin- that they came from. We are Assaulted on all fronts from the Media, the news, the schools, the Government that White People are GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of All the World's Problems.

We are told that it is OK for Blacks to want to live with blacks.

Chinese is ok to want to live with Chinese.

Hispanics is Ok to live with Hispanics.


White People are no Longer allowed to have their own White Majority Countries. Then Those whites in those formerly White Only Countries are not allowed to even have any NEIGHBORHOODS or Places where they can live among only whites- because that is RACISM & that is bad. White People are the ONLY people on Planet Earth who are not allowed to live among their. White people are the ONLY people who DIVERSITY is Forced Upon.

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics are all allowed to IMMIGRATE / INVADE into White Countries, Take White Welfare Money and then CALL All White People RACIST & Denigrate White people & Commit Violent Crime Upon White People. Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics all have PLENTY OF CHEERLEADERS Spouting out NON-STOP Ad NASEUM How GREAT THEY ARE- no Matter How Overwhelming Damaging The Evidence to the Contrary is.

Do I have Concern & care for the welfare of the family down the street? I do. But I have more Concern & Care for MY OWN FAMILY. I have more Concern for the Care & Welfare of My Own Family, it is only Natural. As such, as a White Woman I have a Healthy RACIAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. I have more concern & care for the WHITE RACE.

Those White People who are RE-REGURGITATING the Diversity Rainbow LIES & Fallacies of the Politically Correct Brain Washed Propaganda- have a DAMAGED Racial IMMUNE SYSTEM. If they had their way- it would lead to the complete & utter destruction any semblance of a decent healthy society or life for any white person on earth anywhere. Period. End of Story.

So yes, occasionally I do feel a slight bit of shame for my Racist Rants. RACE REALISM is recognizing what the VAST MAJORITY of the SHITSKINS of the world are really like. Race Realism combined with the GRAVE Consequences of DESTRUCTION awaiting the WHITE WESTERN PEOPLE, if the SHITSKIN DIVERSITY RAINBOW WHITE GENOCIDE Crowd were to have their way, is the impetus that fuels my continued "Politically Incorrect" posts.

Let the Troll Party Begin



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