What Kind Of Marketing Black Magic Is This?

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Here is planned parenthood's new ad. I do not believe planned parenthood with all their Power & Money has put out a a Bad Ad. It's not an "INEFFECTIVE" ad that some rookie ad firm made.

What is going in this ad? What is the message getting thru to the SUBCONSCIOUS of the Collective Meat Puppet Golems & NPC character types? I don't have the answers to those questions.

The white baby, should be a CHOICE. Meaning? We Don't Have to have them; white babies that is. Goes in line with TOXIC White People. Imaging if this ad had a black baby, or an Arab baby or a Mexican baby. They'd be screaming Racism & Genocide. Well that is exactly what ONE of the messages of this ad is- White people- it's a choice. We DON'T HAVE to HAVE Them!

I read an article TODAY about a school in FLORIDA that showed a planned parenthood produced video about sexual Consent & homosexuality . Parents found out about the GRAPHIC Video & the school later apologized.

Here it is now- at least until )ewtube takes it down


Americans turning the teaching of sexual activity, MORALS, Ethics & something SO PERSONAL & INTIMATE as to Sharing your own body with another human being. Americans just turning something so deeply personal over to COMPLETE STRANGERS- for Complete Strangers to INFORM your Children About sex. Because of course sex is just that. It's just sex it's just fucking. It's nothing more. How Profane.

This link below- click it. Takes you to a )ewtube video where a Planned Parenthood Employee is telling a Teenage girl that having her boyfriend chok her & other BONDAGE Sadistic & Masochistic activity mixed with SEX is Normal & healthy.