How to maximize profit/posting rewards!

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I joined this community because of a video I saw on traditional social media. The idea behind the STEEM blockchain immediately appealed to me because it combines two things that I often spend time doing/researching and (at least somewhat) enjoy - blockchain technology and social media. Of course there is also the added monetary benefit of investing in a blockchain that can handle 100x the bandwidth it currently supports, WHILE it is currently supporting many many more transactions than (I believe) all, or close to all other blockchains.

And the steem(it) community did not disappoint! This is definitely without a doubt the most I have ever learned in a short period of time, in my entire life. The amount of knowledge people have here, and their willingness to share it astounds me. A big thanks/shoutout to everyone involved with the following projects:

#whaleshares - the first steemit discord I ended up joining (of many)

#PAL / #MSP - we have way too much fun in here

#unity #unityguild - deep conversation melts my brain on a daily basis

Now back to maximizing profits...

Believe it or not folks, there are reasons to invest in STEEM/SBD that have nothing to do with,,, etc. It is a technological masterpiece and it is constantly evolving.

That being said, I figured i'd write a nice how-to in regards to the best method (in my humble opinion) of maximizing posting rewards. There will always be the traditional pieces of advice we hear so often... Post original content, cite sources, take your time, produce quality content, etc.. this is all great advice but what I'm about to share with you is something that's suggested less often, however it's just as important.

Firstly, you'll want to make sure you select the 'Default (50 / 50)' Rewards option whenever you post.

The reason for this is because at times, SBD can become very valuable, very quickly, in relation to STEEM. The way to maximize posting profits is by being very patient and holding SBD, for a month, two months, or even more. We are going to treat SBD like Bilbo Baggins did the ring. It is our precious, but at the same time, we want more STEEM.

THE KEY, is that you want to exchange your SBD for STEEM during a period when the ratio of SBD/STEEM is 2:1 or more. Recently (as outlined in the chart below) the ratio was at over 3:1!

By converting SBD to STEEM at these opportune times, we can effectively triple our posting rewards. I would also recommend converting the STEEM you gain from this exercise (and any other STEEM you might have, for that matter) into STEEM POWER. Obviously posting rewards will then be increased.

Encourage your friends not to power down! Stay connected and stay consistent. The more people that are involved with and the STEEM blockchain, the better it is for all of us.

I hope at least a couple people learned something new from this post. If you liked it, please comment below and let me know what you think. I'm all about suggestions and or constructive criticism. Thanks for checking out my post!


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