Facebook will have to give the most secretive pictures to post the revenge pictures

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Facebook is experimenting with new technology. They are asking for a very confidential picture to the users. Its purpose is to prevent miscreants. Those who use Facebook in the UK recently received a request to post private confidential photos from Facebook. Facebook says that the aim of collecting this photo is to post reposting pictures of nude revengeful. They have taken such initiatives to counter the incident of posting another nude photo of another. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

If someone is afraid that any other person can share the pictures of a person's close personalities, then it will work. Because the Facebook authorities will block it before it is published online.
Trying to prevent the spread of harassing images of children through the same technology. Facebook authorities tested this process in Australia. Now they are going to start the tests in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Canada.

A Facebook spokeswoman for News bit said the matter has now been uncovered for the UK people.

Although Facebook did not provide any information about how successful their test was in Australia.

Now sending a very secret picture to Facebook depends on the belief in Facebook. Facebook says it will take matters very seriously for the matter to be sensitive. The photo uploaded on Facebook will only see five specially trained review team. They will create a special digital footprint named Hassing. It will be stored in the database. Anyone who wants to post pictures on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram will be blocked. Facebook will not save the original photo.

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