What's perfect for you?

in #blog2 years ago

What means to be perfect? I have no idea! I think it means to be yourself.

What actually made me write this post is this song of the British singer Anne Marie - Perfect in which we probably find ourselves.

We do not feel like putting make up every day, we do not feel like putting the prettiest clothes, we just want to feel good. It's not necessary to have a perfect body, we do not have to compare to supermodels in magazines, we have to be exactly as we are and how we feel good.

About the supermodels, I was watching the last day some YouTube videos about how the Victoria's Secret models do their makeup, their hair or day by day personal routine. They are not wearing tones of makeup and they're using one product for more many uses. For example, they are using the bronze powder as eye shadow or the lipstick as blush.

I liked it so much and I was surprised how natural and beautiful they are.
They may have a little bigger or crooked nose, wider forehead or thinner lips. Others have freckles - which they do not hide, they highlight them. They are not perfect and do not have to.

Everyone is perfect in his own way.


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