30 Days of CryptoCatz BLOG #1

in #blog3 years ago (edited)

Hello fellow Steemians!

I decided to start a 30 day mini-blog series
about me and my little life, called,
"30 days of CryptoCatz"

All credits to this idea go to @theleafy
who is doing a 100 days of.. series
you can find her first blog here

So without further ado

Here it begins ...

As some of you know, or may not know

Me and my family have recently moved house
This was a very very long overdue project,
but still came very unexpected.
In only 6 weeks time, we managed to move
from A to B , clear and clean location A,
and clean and furnish location B.
We were VERY lucky with the new house,
for only a few hundred euro's
we were able to purchase almost
everything we needed
from the leaving party.
That includes floors, lights, kitchen appliances,
the LOT! That saved us a huge headache!

Which brings me to...

The actual dreaded headache...



No house is complete without it, right?

I have so far successfully managed to
dodge that bullet,
but when it came to closet space,
or better yet,
the lack of closet space,
there was no way out,
no alternative options,
unless you own a huge truck to transport,
there is no such thing as a "ready made closet"
So, here it is, 5 boxes worth of flat-pack-hell :


Waiting in our bedroom since Friday...

for those of you that have had the pleasure
of putting such furniture together
with your spouse,
You KNOW what hell I am dreading, right???
For the past 3 days
we have been putting this of,
but my partner is firmly telling me,

this thing is going up, tonight!


Will our relationship survive this ordeal?
Will it actually go up tonight?
And last but not least, how long will it take us to complete?

I will post updates as to when and how

this project develops,
so don't be shy and check back in.
For now,
Thank you for reading,
and have a brilliant day,




De mooiste stad vd Achterhoek 😊🤗

Officieel ook een stad ja, heb er jaren gewerkt,
Woon nu in Doetinchem 🤗

Its been a while i have been to your blog. Keep making the great impact and i will be the first to anticipate"30 days of cryptocatz"

Thank you 🤗

Thanks again for the banner @michaeljerry0 !
I made a very small adjustment adding a small vertical white line to complete it, but as you can see, using it proudly 🤗

I am glad you are using it

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