30 Days of CryptoCatz Blog #3

in #blog4 years ago

A rainy Hello from the Netherlands!

Today was a rather doom & gloomy day.
After a few (very) lucky days filled with
sunshine, we today got visited by,
my good old friend (not),

Go away!

I'm besties with Sun,
she has such a warming personality,
and always brightens up my day
when she's around.
You weren't even invited today?!
Why always "just show up" unexpected?
So rude? And if it was just for an hour
here and there, I would not even mind
so much, but you just, can't, seem, to,


And then to come out with the
same old same old excuses,

Mother Earth needs me


Without me, plants can't grow

blah blahh freakin blahhh!

Narcissistic much?
No, I don't want you here,
my dog certainly does not
want you here, please,

Rain Rain
go away
I don't want you
here today
Go take a hike
do what you like
make sure it's
faaaarrrrr away

Sun Sun
please, just come
and visit for a while
I need you here,
don't disapear?
You always
make me, smile..


It's a clear case of pre-summer-bluess

If you made it this far

Thank you for reading my rant,
hopefully the sun is shinning,
wherever you are 🌞🌞🌞
Have a great day,




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