30 Days of CryptoCatz Blog #4

in #blog3 years ago

Hello World!

Yes, world, sadly,
when the weather is crappy
I don't get out of the house to much,
so Steemit is my world right now.
I am enjoying the platform fully,
browsing, reading, anything that
tickles my little brain.

Jumping back to BLOG #1

about flat-pack-furniture,
the "thing" isn't up yet, (grrr)
but we are slowly getting there.
I can't wait to be honnest, tired of
living out of boxes (SO many boxes!)

Here's my best friend

helping out :


Sorting out the screws

together, Diëgo giving it 1 last inspection :


He has a big nose

and it always seems to be in my business.
Diëgo is a rescue dog from Spain,
he came to the Netherlands about 4 years ago when he was 4 months old, we adopted him on arrival,
love at first sight!
So much love to both give and recieve from this creature ❤

He has proven to be a bit of a handfull

at times, so we decided to keep him benched up when unsupervised for now,
hopefully he will settle in just fine and it will not be needed anymore in the near future.


Trust me,

he loves it in there really, but he could be an Oscar winning actor putting up that sad puppy face, right ?

His girlfriend

already came to visit and checked out his new crib,
they had an awesome play :


I could watch them for hours..

If it wasn't for him, I probably would not have seen even half of my new neighbourhood, we go on long walks together, scouting the area.
We found a "dog-toilet" ,
a secured place to let the dogs of the leech for a run & a poop,
neat huh?



This is who I spend most
of my time with,
& loving every minute of it,
silly crazy gorgeous pup ❤❤❤

If you made it this far,

Thank you for reading,
and have the best day!

Love, Diëgo






A cute dog and a wild crypto cat hanging out?
This is unheard of. I am aghast.

It's a great mix, trust me

Instead of just trusting you, I will just follow you. It's nice to meet you here :)

Stalker away 😁😂

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