Madonna's disaster breakups in life

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Madonna's letter of love has been revealed that she has lost all around. Although it would be better to say the separation than the love letter. The letter to late singer Tupak Shakoor Priyatma Madonna in 1995. It seemed unlikely to have love with a white woman against black Shakur.

It seems that Shakur was deceiving his fans. So she gave a letter to the lover asking for separation, 'You may be able to get many honors by loving a black artist. But if I love anyone in white, it will not take my fans well. '

Paul Mason filed a lawsuit against Madonna's once-close friend Darlen Lutz Madonna, in addition to some other personal items, in the auction last year. Complaint, Madonna's auction was unannounced. Shakur's former lover recently lost in this case Shakoor's former lover recently lost in the case. She was however, but Tupak Shakur was not just Madonna's boyfriend. Madonna's companion list is quite big.

Madonnas all weird hookups and breakups

Madonna is in love with the American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquet. Time is 1982. Their love did not meet for too long. That year, Madonna was preparing to publish her first solo album, publishing her first solo album. Where is the time to give love time! Gene died in 1988 due to excessive drug addiction.


John F. Kennedy Jr. Madonna was in love with John F. Kennedy Jr., son of late US President John F. Kennedy in 1987. But Kennedy Jr.'s mother was against this relationship. Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash in 1999.


Sean Pen A love star in Madonna's life, Shane Pen Since 1985 The most talked about was pop musician and the love of this Hollywood star. He got married too. But the tie was torn off. They were divided in 1989. Shaun Panne was charged, four years of married life, no talk has been made, only the quarrel has been quarreled. Madonna, on the other hand, had a complaint that Shaun Pen beat her.


What ever her life was, she is always loved by us


Madonna was a crush to many 90's kids :) Although she had a very disastrous life

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