Real Life Is Calling / Signing Off For 48 hrs

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Signing off for 48 hours, need to focus on the real world and realign myself. This time will be spent with my fiancé, will be a first for a quite a little while spending the whole weekend together.

I will be back guys, spammed my VP down so it can recharge while I’m away.

Don’t you worry I will do the contest announcement video and next contest post on Sunday.

Most likely switching to SBI winnings for the next one what do you all think?

Keep it real 🤙 talk Sunday.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Have much success on your real life tasks and a good and healthy rest my friend! Much fun and romantic moments with your fiancé :)
We will see us back whenever you are ready! We will wait as long as it takes - 48h are really not that much - but we will think of you. I am sure :)

Seeya with an also healthy vp ;)



Thanks dude, just wanting to announce my disappearance as it effected the contest 😅

It was a good time away, much needed as I have been non stop working and blogging the last few months again. Going to make this a thing every few weeks, put down the phone and step away completely.

We had a good couple days, ended up taking my dads truck up the mountain the first day and just Netflix and chillin the second 👍

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Netflix and chill. Aha .. Well well... xD

I love SBI and I think they make great contest prizes. Helping grow Steemians 24/7/365 one share at a time.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, instead of a liquid prize that can be withdrawn/spent this relates to encouragement of further creations. SBI adds value to my own creations at the same time thus it seems to be a better option for adding value vs taking value from Steem as a whole.

Thanks for the input, strongly leaning towards it for today’s contest post.

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Enjoy your time with your fiance there. Forget about the digital world. Just enjoy the world in the old fashioned way.

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I most definitely did, like our younger years we ended up going for a drive up the mountains just to enjoy being away from everything! Amazing to see how the view from our old spots has changed with forestry clear cuts, I know they replant but it will never look as beautiful as it once did. Just a reminder of life’s lesson, change is the only for sure thing we can count on never to change 😉.

Thanks for the support my friend 🤙

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Just a reminder of life’s lesson, change is the only for sure thing we can count on never to change 😉.

I like this one

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My formula..
Life first!
Dtube Second !!

Please take as much as time off and come back when fully ready :)

I'm here if you need anything!

Yea man if only work didn’t eat up the majority of my days I would love to make my creations the priority!

Was a good break and thanks for the support my friend, everything is good just making sure it stays that way with a little refresher.

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