eSteem tells me to say hello

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@eSteem's telling me to say hello. Says I haven't posted in forever.

That always seems weird since I post a daily bunch of bullshit about my fake attempt to get healthy. Of course I'm talking about @actifit..

I mean, I post everyday. And now that the chia s split it has re-invigorated me to engage more.. what with trying to comment on posts more rather than just upvote.

So I feel I'm around. Lots to read. Lots of covid updates and lots of info on new features on new chains and newly envigorated witnesses on old ones.

I have ideas of what to post but then a day passes and I think what the hell, that seems pointless now. I used to like livejournal cause no one took it seriously. Anx early twitter was all quips. Now... you have to write a page of your novel or be considered milking the shitposts.

That was fun for a bit, cause it was nice to challenge that push to only post perfection. But now that people say 'don't come and milk my chain' I'm less inclined for the next week..

Maybe I'll get back into the groove.. into posting something, post about songs I like, do movie reviews, my coding journey, other stuff I'm interested in...

Apologies on typos cause the mobile app and my sausage fingers do not mix well.. plus I have no idea which chain this now posts to, so might have to add some tags when I know..

[edit] cause why not

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