The last of the 5BulletPoint and Shitosts - Last _Ever!_

in #bloglast year

Well maybe not ever.. but maybe within the confines of a limited and totally centralized blockchain

#freethebockchain #donttreadonmeman!


  • if it's broke, you fix it, if you can't work with someone, walk away
  • and I'm not someone super attached to things, I mean, I like to think of myself as someone who doesn't care
  • while I completely have a ton of junk I save like a hoarder

ok let's start over

  • like a hoarder!!

Gah! off track!

Let's try this

  • Hi, have you heard about the #newnewsteem?
  • it's so new it has a new name Hive
  • everyone's doing it
  • cummon, you know you want to!
  • 1 drag, man, just take one draaaaag..

Gah! I have no idea what I am trying to say

  • Likely moving to hive
  • surprised we didn't fork earlier
  • if you haven't heard, Sun is censoring Steemit posts now
  • it is time to go

But I still have to be here because @splinterlands is here.. for a while anyway.. and steem-engine is still partly linked here in some ways I think..

Anyway, 5bulletFriday and shitposts will move over there, @actifit is moving.. so I'll be hanging there a lot more..

Of course you know about the 5 bullet Friday..

Tim Ferris of 4 hr body and 4 hr work week fame has a 5 bullet friday where he brings you links to things he found interesting

This isn't anything cool. Just stuff that I've been thinking about lately..

Previous XX Bullet Point Posts

last Five Finger Justice Post

poinless bullet post

Bullet Points for a Monday

May 24th

the First Five Bullet Post

What is a shitpost Sunday?

It's in honour of @whatsup's milking it challenge, where I post something with no value or relevance, once a week.

For what is a social media without being social, or random posts, or just plain garbage?

the original shitpost

And if anyone wants to earn crypto while learning.. here's some links..

full disclosure.. I get moolah for referrals..

join coinbase and get a $10US when you spend $100

Earn EOS when you learn about EOS

Earn Stellar Lumens when you learn about Stellar Lumens


Enjoy and best of luck

Well, if yer staying on steem I'll have to come back and read.. your posts are usually quite hilarious..

you sing steemit still? Just curious.

and this part is just me talking to me: hmmm, I wonder if SteemPeak will allow you post to either one or the other?

Wait, what other interfaces will still be on steem??

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