Beauty Blog: Lavender + Silver Paper Foil + Aurora - Unicorn Powder 🦄

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Hi there!

Yesterday I made this beautiful combination for a semi-permanent nail system. It's a delicate nail art made with a little of magic powder, pieces of silver foil and a light tone.


Lately I've been obsessed about wearing pastel and nude shades on my nails. Before this I was wearing a vibrant red wine that I decided to remove earlier than it was necessary to do it. Semi-permanent gel nail polish it is supposed to last at least 3 weeks on the nails if applied well, if we take a good care of our hands and if the materials are of high quality but that's a matter for another post. The case is that I started to get rid of it yesterday at only 15 days after its appliace.


I had an important doctor's appointment today and getting my nails done not only makes them look good... But also relaxes me. I am a dentist who's afraid of doctors and I literally freaked out yesterday because I love to Google things a lot and I also remember everything I learned during my college years. I'm one of those patients who asks doctors "Am I dying?" Just because I had a headache.

(Please, tell me I'm not the only one that says these kind of things!!!)


So, basically, the anxiety I felt inspired me to make the nail art I'm showing you in the photos. For me, in short, art in almost any form is my refuge.


The color I choosed was lavender purple (#066) from the Max Glow brand. I applied aurora powder to the index finger nail to get a litmus effect. On my ring finger nail I added small pieces of silver foil.


I hope you had liked this nail art combination. I'd like to read you in the comments. Don't forget to visit your personal doctor at least once a year and please try not to be as paranoid as I am.

Lots of love,




Photos taken by me with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 | Dividers designed on Canva • Photo on the divider from Pexels | Photo Editing AppSnapseed | Earn Free Bitcoin



Beautiful nails with creative colors and designs!

I just went to the doctor a few weeks ago, after missing a few years.
He says I'm healthy.

I don't mind going, and if I feel tense, I just relax my muscles and breathe slow and deep. That seems to help me.

I hope your doctor's appointment went well! :)

Thank you!!!
I don't know why I'm so afraid of doctors in general. This time I drank a chamomile tea before going to the appointment. I only like to visit my dentist. Hahahaha
Yes, everything is fine. Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful colour. My wife prefers gel polish in these shades. This is her favorite.

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