Life, Games, Travel and Freedom - An Awesome Week

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It's been an awesome week for me oscillating between anxiety and relief. You know when that's happening you're probably headed in the right direction - so yeah - exciting!

Everything about this awesome Week --


Huge respect to my girlfriend @ashlynncrow for quitting her day job and pursuing a life doing what she loves - writing!

Of course, this has also, been a source of anxiety for both of us, as our income has been halved, but in the end, I think it's for the best, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of her here on Steemit.


Now that we both work from home, and Ashlynn is free to travel, we bought flights to Stockholm for $300 each, roundtrip and that's a damn fine deal. I'm sure it will be the first among many travel adventures.


I started trading some of my Steem for other cryptocurrencies. This is all new to me, but hopefully it will work out and support my goal of financial freedom. Thanks to @mada for his advice and for for suggesting @quickfingersluc as a resource. Appreciated.


I was offered a second opportunity to do some creative work for a game company, and got paid for my first character and story development gig at the same company. It's only a small part time gig, but it's super fun and fits into my work schedule. My favorite thing to do is make stuff up, and that's what the gig is. Excited to see what's next.

Health and Fitness

I've put on 20lbs of muscle from working out like a madman over the past year.

A few months ago I visited the famous Gym Jones in Salt Lake City for their fundamentals course. It was the most difficult physical thing I've ever done, but well worth it. I weighed about 165 lbs forever, and Bobby Maximus along with the great coaches at Nerdstrong Gym helped me to to grow larger and get closer to my superhero standard of fitness.

Also, I got all my blood tests done and my health bar is at 100%. Sadly, I was not told by my doctor that I have an adamantium skeleton and a healing factor - but maybe next year.

Nerd Media

I found out I'll be a guest on the show GM TIPS for Geek & Sundry on Twitch. Above is one of my favorite episodes if you've never watched it -- check it out!


I'm running a D&D (Pathfinder) adventure that's incredible. Here's what's making it so great:

  • The group is awesome, instead of just playing with close friends who I'd normally play with, I cast this game choosing a few friends who I thought would be great for this campaign specifically, and it's turning out to be a fantastic decision.

  • Being a great GM also means being a great event organizer and we are organized well - using a facebook group to plan meetups and trade information has been extremely valuable. Polls like this have been awesome for planning sessions:

  • Everyone is really into their characters and are role-playing, and not power-gaming. Which means they all fit the story, and are working toward character development rather than collecting powerful items, gold, and powers -- my favorite way to play!

  • The adventure has been a blast - it's called Hell's Rebels - in it you have to overthrow the lunatic leader, by collecting allies and starting a massive rebellion.

  • The group is super creative. We've been using an adventure blog on facebook, where people can write details about their characters or the world around them and the GM (me) rewards them for their creativity. This has helped players to feel like the game is still going on even when they're not at the table.

So that's about it, but there's so much more to look forward to in the future. I can't wait to see what comes next.


Img: Stockholm


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Writing is a fantastic career, but one that has any up and downs, so just be prepared for them. Over the last 10 years I have published 24 novels. Traveling to the locations where you write is always a great way to get the story correct, and have fun doing it. I wish her the best and remind you to always be there for her, as I know you will, my friend. Just found you and following you as well

Thanks for the advice @johnnyray

I don't envy you in your role-playing game. It is an all or nothing affair. In 1980, a close friend invested in materials and I drew maps and a world with two suns. The spread took up two rooms in his condo. I was the arbitor. It was intense and more people joined. Then my friend, the vortex of it all, was killed in a bizarre motor vehicle crash. We never did pick up the pieces in more ways than one. I guess this has a lot to do why I don't really enjoy MMORPGs. I hope I didn't bum you out. Be well.

Enjoy Stockholm!!

I don't have any particularly good tips, other than just walk and walk and walk and see where you end up - it's a great place for that

Enjoy, upvoted and followed



Thanks -- I can't wait!

this is amazing @decimus i'm really excited for you and i'm sure you'll create amazing projects and opportunities for yourself in the future! lovely to connect with you.

love the beard brother :)

Thanks - beards are great.

you are great man :)

may I follow you..?