Money Begets Money.

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       A dim candle light was flickering and boy was writing something in its light. He was uttering something like “Recycle of waste thing “and writing it down probably he had a home assignment. Suddenly the door opened with a bang and his father entered the house, tumbling unable to stand on a fixed place. His father sat down on some distance from him and took out two bottles of vine from a black bag he was holding. He then called his wife “Sara, hey Sara!”. She came in from the kitchen made him bed and then turned off the light.

       Next morning the boy woke up the first thing he looked at was those two empty bottles of vine. He was looking at them with sadness and despair on his face. Suddenly some thought crossed his mind and he got up took the bottles and went out of his house. He went straight to the Scrapyard where bottles were being collected. He went to the person who was loading bottles and gave him the two bottles he had. That person took the bottles and gave him 50 cents. He took them and ran straight to the shop. The shop had its board displayed and “Rent a bicycle” was written on the board. He offered 50 cents to the shop owner and took bicycle on rent.

      Now he took the bicycle and started riding it until he reached a narrow road with different stalls on its side. He stopped before a milk stall where a milk man was loading milk packs into bags hanging on bicycles. He parked the bicycle and asked the man for milk first he refused but then he agreed on the condition if this boy took one of his men with him, the boy agreed at once. He loaded 30 packs of Milk into a bag and went in to a Bazar fully crowded with hotels along both side of the narrow road of Bazar. He stopped before different hotels and gave them packs of milk. Payment was being received by the man sent by that milk stall owner. It was 11 a m in the morning when he sold all the thirty milk packs and returned to the stall where he started.


         He had sold milk pack of worth 30 dollars. Stall owner gave him 10 dollars and a pack of milk and said “Take it home”, but he was not ready to go back yet. He turned around and went straight to a tea stall across the road. He offered him milk pack and 5 dollars in return for a thermos full of tea. Within 5 minutes’ tea was ready the tea stall owner poured tea into thermos and handed him over along with a pack of buns. He took the thermos and went to bus stand. The bus from Karachi had just arrived and it was its first stop after 10 hours of continuous drive towards Lahore. He entered the bus and asking everyone in the bus if they want tea and some nice buns. People were tired and nothing is better than tea to make tiredness go away.

    Almost half the thermos was sold in the bus and the rest was sold out in front of car repair shops. He went back to the tea stall and gave him all the money. Total of 65 dollars he made from selling Tea and buns, the tea stall owner charged him only 15 dollars and gave rest of 40 dollars to him. Now he had 45 dollars he took the money and went to stationary shop and asked for the price of map of Pakistan it was 80 dollars as mentioned on its tag because it was a big nice map but it was on sale so they gave him in 45 dollars. He took the map and went home.

    Next day he woke up put on his uniform and went to School. During recess time, he went to his geography’s teacher office. Teacher was sitting there with an old and torn out map of Pakistan hanging at the wall beside him. He went straight to the wall and replace d the old map with the new map he had bought yesterday. He handed 80 dollars tag to his teacher and stood there in silence, at first teacher asked him “what?” but he didn’t speak a word. Teacher read his mind and gave him 80 dollars from school decoration fund. A smile crossed his face seeing 80 dollars, he thanked the teacher and went out of his office. The rest of the day passed in school activities. He came home and had his meal. After meal, he took the money and again he went out. 

      A young man was standing beside his bike on which he had stack of newspaper surrounded by many young boys who were asking to give them newspaper for free so they can have sold it out and earn. Man was abusing them and was asking them to stay away from his bike. Suddenly that man say a hand holding 80 dollars in his hand approaching toward him. He took the money and gave the boy 25 newspaper. The boy took newspaper and started counting “23,25…” while walking away from his bike. The boy stood and thought something and said with the loud voice “O you investor” the boy turned around and asked if he was being called. The man said yes, I called you the investor and asked him to come back, the boy turned back and reached him. He gave him 20 dollars back but the boy refused to take them back instead he asked for more newspaper. The man gave him 10 more newspaper and the boy left. 

       The boy went to the busiest road in the city and stood on the pavement near traffic light signal. Whenever signal turned red he went car to car and offered people newspaper. He sold his last newspaper just before the sun set. He went to home and after taking some rest he took out the money from his pocket, placed it on the floor. He separated coins from the notes and started counting “1,2,3………136….140” he had 140 dollars now. He separated 100 dollars and went to the kitchen where his mom was cooking her mom look at him and he said “Mom here is the 100 dollars for you”. His mother smiled at him and she wanted to say how proud she was at her child but all her words turned into tears of joy. After giving money back to his mother he came back to the room and took out his little money box and started putting those 40 dollars he had into it coin by coin. 

        While he was putting his last coin into the box, suddenly the door opened and his drunken father came in. He got afraid because he thought his father will snatch his money for the vine. His father was looking at the money box and the boy was shivering with fear, suddenly his father began to smile and waved his hand in a manner as if he wanted to say no. His father put hand in his pocket and took out 10 dollars and gave him so he can put them in the box too. This was the first day his father gave money to him. He felt very happy, took out a copy and wrote 50 dollars and put date before them. On the very next page was the advertisement of the bicycle company and it was written “400 dollars” on it. It was his eight day he had been selling his father bottles and repeating this very same routine except the map thing so it was his last installment for bicycle. He looked toward his father and they both started laughing with joy after he put a big tick mark on the advertisement. 

              So, dear steemians the main idea of this story was to invest money to get more money. It is not false to say money begets money. Keep yourself motivated just like this little boy and keep up the hard work, work on the strategies to achieve your goal. We should invest more money on getting steem power rather than cashing it out and spending on useless stuff. I hope this story brings some lesson with it. 

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That was interesting to follow. Lovely story and great lessons.

thanks a lot I hope you see the other two stories before it they are also good lesson please do read an upvote :)

Love this my man. Time and consistency are definitely the strongest variables for wealth. Thanks for sharing :)

Talk soon.

yeah and we have to keep on striving for goal this holds true for anything. thanks for reading

So true :) No problem.

Talk soon.

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