NY Corrections Officers Claim They're Still Working 24 Hr Shifts After Mayor Said It Never Should've Happened

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Last year NY officials said they made a mistake when it came out that corrections officers were being forced to work 24 hour shifts during the COVID-19 outbreak.

When this came to light the mayor called it a managerial mistake that shouldn't happen again.

But according to some corrections officers working at Rikers Island the practice of working those shifts hasn't stopped yet.

NY Officials previously declared that these officers should never have been expected to work these 24 hour shifts in the first place.

The corrections unions have even previously filed lawsuits over the work conditions, saying that officers are working on little sleep and without enough rest. The mayor called it a mistake, but if the allegations are true then it looks like that mistake hasn't been fixed yet.

Some corrections officers have allegedly been sleeping in their cars because they're too tired to drive home after working such long hours.

If those officers are working on little sleep then that could pose a risk to the area they oversee, which could put the community at risk.

It's estimated that some 1,500 officers have allegedly had to do these 24 hour shifts since last spring. It seems that NY officials are a little too late on trying to change the managerial mistake that never should've happened in the first place. So much for not being allowed to go on from that point forward, because if these allegations are true then it still is for many corrections officers who are reaching their breaking point because of it.

Some of those corrections officers are allegedly working 30 hours at a time and having little energy left for themselves or their families.

If they are at all concerned about retention and the wellness of those running the facilities then they might want to lower the hours so as to not push officers to the point of exhaustion or having to sleep in their cars.



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