The tide would soon turn

in #blog8 months ago

No condition is permanent and no situation will last forever. This should give you hope no matter what you are facing. Inside the tunnel is a great darkness, but at the end of the tunnel is a great and marvelous light.

The situation might look unsolvable to you now, if you won't give up and you will keep trying, you will soon realize that every problem has its solution embedded in it, you only need to see more clearly.

Thinking of committing suicide or do something dirty just see this moment pass is not the best you can do, because when this time is finally over and you look back to this period, the regret might deny you the joy of having victory over such a time like this.

DSC_8446 (2).jpg

For you to have nothing to regret about now in the future, be careful of how you handle now.

I am emmakkayluv, my pen don't write, it only bleed my heart on paper... Till I come your way again, remain ever blessed.