Yes, We Should be Our Own Media

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There is a reason why media distrust is at an all time high, and it remains the simple reason that the mainstream has shown willingness to exhibit bias and manipulate facts to pass their ideological perspectives. For many, there lies the confusion of ‘who to trust' as there is an abundance of outlets all assuring truth.

Since truth is subjective based on individual perspectives, it should be subject to facts which no matter how hard you look – no mainstream and even some alternative outlets will ever fully provide. Digging out facts from speculations and half truths is left to every information user.

Truth should not be left to any media outlet, especially at the initial stage of its existence. The responsibility of discerning truth is left to one person only – the consumer. Adopting the lazy man method of having a ‘reliable source' only makes it easier to be manipulated. The ability to discern is not an innate ability for most, but we all have the tools for broader research at our disposal to guide us.

Decentralization of information is one of the biggest gifts given by blockchain with individual opinions taking the fore rather than a centrally planned opinion center. With its expansion, it will hopefully take away the powers for central manipulation by subjecting all ‘sides of truth' under proper scrutiny to get the most accurate.


Totally agree. I'm excited to toss around this idea, since I just happen to own the domain name I am interested in developing the defacto news outlet for the world. It must include several ideas you put forth with this post.

I am interested in putting together a team to develop this and you sound like you have some great ideas.

Great idea. I doubt I either have the time nor the skills to pitch in though. But I recommend @ihashblox if he's interested. A gifted writer and I think he was working on something similar a while ago

Interested and humbled by your kind words empress <3

Thanks for the heads up @empress-eremmy.

I ageee with the benefits of decentralising media . That said. Are we really decentralised ? Charles Lee in litecoin. Vitalik with ethereum . Even here . The witnesses have the power in Steemit so we are in fact centralised here. A flag from one of these guys might ruin you. So it all depends what the whales want.

Or we need become a whale too...

Becoming a Whale should not mean subjecting everyone to your will. It is only a guarantee that your voice will be heard. Power afterall, respects power

Then all of the people must realize, they have power...
Power of thinking, deciding, choosing. Buying, voting. Saying no, and stand up themself.

Not enough like these. Need to WANT these, and will USE these.

Yes, we can always complaining, we are manipulated or something. But this is just a bullsh.t, this is doesnt matter.

What only matter, its what we DO.

Very valid point

We are fighting them now with all we have, and maybe this time we will win enough of a victory that more and more will come to see them for what they are and say enough is enough, no more, it's time for the truth to be known...

Facts rely on attestation by evidence and testimony. Evidence, on scientific verification. Testimony, on reputation. All demonstrated in the public forum. Otherwise their factual status isn't established.

What we are witnessing now regarding mainstream media is the failure of evidential and testimonial attestation of fake news. That means something still remains of the public forum, it is alive, it can yet pull through.

I have absolutely no faith in the "mainstream" media.
Investigative journalism is dead.
Propaganda has replaced it.


Evidence, on scientific verification.

There is ample proof you can get "scientific verification" for anything if you offer enough grants and money.
Sad, but true.

And it won't stand up to scientific scrutiny. What people often trust is not the science but the reputations of sellouts.

Testimony, on reputation. All demonstrated in the public forum

What gets to determine how reputation is based if not from factual truths? A reputation built on lies and deceit is false

How do you show a witness is unreliable? Reputation is based on repeated action. This regular behavior gives the integrity to the persona of an individual. He may be deceitful in his heart but as long as his actions remain consistent with the persona, you can rely on his reputation.

I agree. The future of media is the blockchain.

Once the money behind the media realize this, they're going to buy up the market for influence. Imagine CNN buying 100,000 STEEM POWER for their account, just to have influence here? Only upvoting CNN approved posts? What a wild thought!

Or George Soros funding 1000+ SJW Steemit accounts, all for the purpose of trolling? A bot army of crazy lefties? Not fun... but at least the value of STEEM would likely skyrocket.

howdy empress-eremmy! excellent and thought-provoking post with so many more thought-provoking comments, great job! It will be interesting to see how the blockchain can be influenced as huge institutional investors come in! at least I think I hope that's what will happen.

Thank you Janton

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"Decentralization of information is one of the biggest gifts given by blockchain with individual opinions taking the fore rather than a centrally planned opinion center."

Outstanding insight.

Decentralization is so hopeful, so promising.

Have you been following @distributedweb? They appear to be doing some amazing things in this space.



No I have not. I'll check them out right away

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