Reality Of @Sweetsssj She Is Doing Fraud PArt # 2

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From A good supporter i am getting this calculation that sweetsssj is uvoting 12 accounts daily basses and she upvote all the 12 Accounts and she upvote all the 12 accounts post at 6 th day and payout all the payment on the next days

From what I can see there are a total of 12 accounts that are being upvoted on the 6th day and every one of them makes a daily withdrawal to the same bittrex number. The accounts are:


It seems like she is farming upvotes from these accounts with her delegated steem power. Most of the accounts make 4-5 posts a week so lets do a little math and assume they all make 4 posts.

One 100% upvote = ~$300

$300 x 4(posts) = $1200 per week/account
$1200 x 12(accounts) = $14,400 per week

$14,400 x 0.75 = $10,800 after curation

$10,800 / 2 = 5,400SBD per week and 5,400 SP

SBD is currently worth $6.20 so 5,400 x 6.2 = $33,480USD being taken from the reward pool weekly.

Also, a bunch of these accounts are in the process of powering down so that SP is being converted to Steem and withdrawn as well. There is no rule against something like this but the fact that all the votes fall on the 6th day leads me to believe it is so they have no chance of hitting the Hot or Trending page and no one can see what she is doing.

All the numbers are rough averages and this is only my opinion, there may be another explanation and if anyone has a guess let me know.

New Account which i missed in last post

you will not see any other upvote on those accounts only you can simply visit to the account i already mention and see there posts which are 6 or 7 days old you all will understand this game .


A humble request to @steemflagrewards To investigate about this and she is miss using of the steempower which is delegated to her .


Such behaviour is the shame for the platform.


There is nothing shameful here, there is nothing wrong but a lie made by a troll named @walden ask @teamsteem and @thejohalfiles and all the actually productive users of steem

dont be fooled by someone who spends money on a minnowbooster upvote to slander someone

Its leeching behavior like this that resulted in me pulling any further creative posts on this platform.

I blocked sweetsssj a long time ago, purely because she was continually spamming the trending section and it was highly annoying.

Now I find out she's no better than the rest of the parasites, gaming the system.

Things have to change, or Steemit as a platform is doomed.

lol yeah blame the successful sweetsssj for the reason why YOU are uncreative and a loser LOL good one man

The best thing about self-voting haters is I get to live in their heads, rent-free.

Oooh, stainless steel appliances AND a jacuzzi? You shouldn't have!

While we might not like the strategy used by @sweetssj it is nonetheless perfectly "legal" according to the laws imposed by the current hard-fork. Fact is that nearly all those with significant SP are profiting from that power in one or more ways. Some like sweetssj and haijin just annoy us more.
I have seen a simple comment earn approx $345 because it was upvoted by a single wealthy account. The post itself earned a few dollars! Circle voting and reciprocal voting (to name a few "businesses") are part of the topography here. Just try to enjoy the experience as the rich get richer. The STEEM economy is no different from any fiat economy, sorry.

I am of the opinion, that when one considers all of this monkey business, some of the witness that promoted these changes to sell the last hardfork to us, knew exactly what would happen, because they intended to abuse it.

The Steemit economy WAS different.

Greed tends to morph all economies into the same state where the rich get richer and the rest of us just exist. Cryptos are no different.

just flag... its the only way to say no. instead you all talk...

Some are too small to flag, but they can still research, find and publish. Also very useful to those who do have the resources to flag. Greetings!

How about they buy steempower and not be jelous losers in a crab bucket acting like a stupid shot post from a loser on steemit is PROOF that a WHALE who is one of the TOP content creators is somehow doing something WRONG because she is making money on steemit?

By the way people are allowed to upvote their own posts and have multiple accounts, some of them are accounts people GIVE to other peopel as BUSINESSES as INCOME STREAMS what she does with her money and her accounts and her steempower is none of your business

Stop focusing on the success of others and start focusing on your OWN success

You should work harder to get your own followers and steempower stop squabbling over the Top Chinese steem user, She is CRITICAL to spreading steem in CHina AND helping internet freedom IN china

She barely makes a DENt on the reward pool, go whine about @haejin you sound jelous.... these users are doing nothing wrong

Steem is small, no one is making any good content, if we have followers with steempower we get to make money, get over it

we have the steempower, get your own, stop whining, its not STEALING that money was NOT going to you ANYWAYS

@ackza So, how about some of them giving themselves huge upvotes on material clearly copied off YouTube? Or worse, ripped DVDs? You call that success? I don't! I don't flag; I confront them with the work they copied in the comments. I do this because DMCA take downs do not return me the views, likes and comments of work stolen from me and uploaded to FB or YT, but the lack of views do deny me the opportunity to profit in any way from my work. Maybe I should turn the table and copy their original stuff, ..oh wait, I almost forgot, they don't have any. I'm not jealous, I'm disgusted to the point I may never publish my best work on any platform. Even YT doesn't protect me. If I record a cover band there are 23 copyright holders for 1 song, but if some one copies my original and re uploads on YT or FB, I have to find it my self and put in a claim. Yeah, I know how it works, thieves calling the owner a thief. So yeah, your right, instead of bitching I'll just post the evidence and stop creating new material. Shit posts it is. Greetings!

YEs i agree with you

I think the point is not that its "legal" or "illegal" after the fork but rather to inform people of what is happening so they can be more informed about who they are voting for. While what she is doing is definitely allowed it puts a drain on the daily reward pool that affects all users of this platform. It is similar to informing the people of certain individuals or corporations using legal loopholes to avoid taxation by their governments, the point of spreading the information is not to stop it but rather make people aware it is happening. Sixth day voting is a sneaky way to make money, it keeps posts from hitting the hot and trending pages so no one notices and allows you to maintain your reputation as a "good steemian". I dont like it but as you say, the steem economy is no different than the fiat economy.

6-day vote could be easily monitored by analysing the blockchain.

Well stated.

Its enabling attitudes like yours that will contribute to the downfall of this platform.

"Why not, they can do it if they want."

It isn't whether they can technically do it, its more a question of whether they should do it.

In fact attitudes and comments are NOT what enables on this platform. It is the rule set inculcated in each hardfork. These hard-coded constraints very specifically express the desires and directions of the rich and powerful on the various STEEM platforms. Look closely and you will see the very same greed played out on this platform as plays out every day in the fiat world. The reason for that is that humans are greedy and selfish. While a few may be magnanimous there are many more who are not. I would certainly like things to be different but merely wearing rose coloured glasses really won't change a thing.

Any system that can be gamed, will be.

But this was supposed to be a social site, where a community could rise up and have certain standards -- but they don't.

That is why Steemit will fail.

You'll find that the very ones that should leading us in exemplary behavior are the very ones gaming it the most! Sad :-(

you sound like a communist

Reminds me of a joke:

"It was so cold, I saw a socialist with their hands in their pockets."


Try the veal, I'll be here all week.

well done on this analysis and investigation. There is a lot of work involved in putting these things together

You should support real steemians like @sweetsssj and ignore the nonsense from these trolls who are really just losers begging for attention.

This user would have gotten no attention if it wasnt for t his pathetic post full of lies and slander

Just like the recent post by @walden just a bunch of bullshit jealousy that really makes me mad because it tricks the new users they are so gullible and will believe whatever gets a big upvote, and when people buy upvotes to promote their lies people end up believing them

There is no other word for it than to say this person is stealing from all of us and must be brought down. I have resteemed this for you thanks for posting.

No first of all this is proof of nothing

second of all you cannot steal from steemit you need to learn from inertia there is no stealing from the reward pool that is an invalid concept

but most of all, your supporting a false accusation, please dont be a blind follower like that

She isnt STEALING from you

she has been here since the beginning she has a lot of steempower and followers, dont be jealous of her rewards

Youre being a crab in the crab bucket just like @dan talked about in the white paper

Crap. I am sick of people who think about themselves all the time. And fraud ?? Crap

i know this would be very scary if i work on this and they are not helping me in any way this would be very nice i like the way people like to help me this is nice thanks to all

This is making me sick people that have to sqeeuze every drop of money outoff everything they can. Its time we fight back and flag them. Together we can cleanse this site. I'm investing all the money i can every week to become a whale so i can kill the bad fish before they kill steemit

I hope you all will help me against to these cheaters what do you think should i make a new server for this fraud ?

Keep going, little whale!

Great catch.

Well shit that is pretty sleazy and you are right on the 6th day it gets a $300 upvote in almost every single case.

However nothing preventing her or anyone else from doing it though honestly the power of decentralization. Your free to do whatever the heck you want there is no one governing so people with money of course control it lol. Shes got the monies

we are doing our very best to fight agaist the spam always

Not so sweet after all. She simply needs her delegated steem power removing by the sounds of it!

Thanks for the research. I don't have the SP to make a big dent in this, but I'm taking it down some.

do my best to flag...

We need a comunity For this i will be making a server on discord soon so i love all to follow me and i will make a group i hope many will be interested to fight against the spam

Yeah sounds good. But with people that got only power like you it will be difficult. But we got all time...

I know I am not powerfull but i want people like @netuoso who are with me and other big people can able to just resteem my post i donot want to make money always but if i make a good community i will be able to help every one and we will used our power to flag those who are scamming but resteem this post wil be helping the steemit .@tuvokhl

A lot of people are getting involved in this flag stuff now :-) currently there is a scammer going down... look for trevonjb how he has to suffer :-)

Thank you for your service!

you are most welcome i am liking the way you are helping us in this way and it would be nice help from every one i am getting

whoa..good job, @farazahmad! If only she could just upvote my posts... lol

excellent post @farazahmad, thanks for bringing this to our attention, resteemed and I'm going to share in a few of the groups I'm involved with

And You are doing the same @farazahmed . Look at upvotes on your comments....You are also getting upvotes on your comments from same account everytime and that account is @trevonjb

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