Farmers are Happy, Crop is mature.

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Wheat grower plays a vital role not just in the economic growth and future development of the state but also fulfills the eating needs of a majority population of the country respectively.
Their duty is not just producing good food to be sell on fair price but their fiduciary obligation is fulfill when they produce such quality which customer buy and fulfill their basic need for food but hygienic aspect.we1.jpg

After a struggle of a long time and following the time and instructions and taking reasonable precaution as well as invest their time and money, At this point they see the prosperity of their success in very distinctive manner.

we 2.jpg
As parents see the success of their childs, feeling happy when they find return of the struggle in this way , they produce the basic eating commodity for all of us by taken in grant the gross domestic usage of the country.
we 3.jpg

Now, its time for them to payback their investment with a appropriate return,
we should respect to all the farmers and supports them in the way we can, because they grow that food which we consume and our consumption is more than important growing and other business aspects.

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Good content keep going...

i love crop season because its make happiness to peoples who work on 6 months

ab to harvesting v hogy kabki yaar

yes but we strating in few coming days

Farmers may look poor or wretched, but they are the bravest folks out there. We are living in a generation where nobody wants to mingle with bushes, or break the earth to grow food. Farmers do this for us. We should appreciate and support them at all levels.

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Great photos. UP4YOU :)


Most of older generation in my home country South Korea was making a living from harvesting and selling rice. What they did was sustaining their province as well as saving their money for their children. Even thought they haven't gotten any chance to be educated, they didn't wanna inherit their job.