The Old Historical Tomb Hazrat shahrukh alam in City Multan

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Today i visit the Tomb hazrat shahrukh alam tomb, in multan city. it is very old and famous Historical place in multan city, the thousand of people are daily come to visit here and say pray here for is very respectable place for all pakistani population. The shrine is high is place in old times and now his height is low because the road has gone up.Muhammad bin Tugluq to the relatives of shah rukn-e-alam for the last's entombment in 1330
The shrine is the example of the beauty. there is a mosque in a rigth side of shire and his courtyard is very large many people are daily come here, say prayers and worship their. The shrine is said to have built by Ghaius-ud-Din Tughlak during the goverment Depalpur.The sanctumis thought to be soonest case of Tughluq engineering and is of the most great place of worship in the subcontinent. there are very big pillars use in the building the is made with old design, it is the example of the art,i am explaining the external part of the building



this city is very beautiful , thanks for sharing

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A very peace and calm place

History is really amazing if people will only study and understand it. I hope we can get more information about this Tomb.

i like your post...

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It's a amazing historical place.

Wonderful place, it´s very interestin, I haven´t been there, but I would like visit in a future, thanks a lot for share us.
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