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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

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Happy Next Monday steemiversary :P

The way you are writing and replying as well as quality of your posts show not only how good of a blogger and psychologist you are but how good of person you are too!

I have learned a lot of things by your posts about psychology and indeed many had misconceptions about it, some because of they real life experiences and other just read somewhere something by someone :P. If they sit and read your posts they will 100% change their views.

Also another great thing your post helped me and that may sound weird, is to understand better how humans think, what they prioritize and what their perspectives are. I get to understand them more and more not only by the posts but by the comment section where everyone expresses to you their feelings, worries, doubts, thoughts etc etc


My dearest @filotasriza3 :)

Our Steemit friendship has been going on for a while, right? I missed you when you took a break from the platform. It is wonderful having you back 😊 It humbles me very much to hear you have learnt things from the work I share here on the platform! And, I could not agree more with you when you say that the comments people kindly leave us here furthers our understanding of human thinking and emotions. It is fascinating right? :D

Thank you for everything my dear.
You take good care of yourself.