5 Alternatives To Blockfolio

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I've been looking for a few more alternatives to Blockfolio and found a decent number of apps (mobile, desktop and web based) on the market today which can do a similar job as Blockfolio portfolio tracker. Many of these are good at what they do but it also depends on what you are looking to get out of them.

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I've recently written about this wonderful mobile app for portfolio management, cryptocurrency price track and trading. You can read more about it here. This app is also highly rated by many users and is available for Android and iOS devices.


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It's another highly rates application to help you keep track of your portfolio. It does offer a lot in the free version but the Pro version can handle unlimited exchange API connections. It features a standalone desktop app which is lacking in some competitors. It has a lot of features that's hard to summarise similar to BitUniverse. It claims to have the largest listing of coins and features a desktop version as well.


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This is another app that I tried today which I found to be quite useful for crypto users. The interface isn't as great as some of the other apps but it's decent. It supports importing your exchange portfolio for over 30 exchanges and also has a news aggregator feature. Some of its best features are limited to the Pro version only.


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It's a decent product but doesn't match up to it's tagline of being the 'most advanced crypto portfolio tracker.' It has a good UI. However it lacks a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. You are limited to using it on your desktop browser or mobile browser. I didn't test it a lot on my mobile but on my Mac it was fine. They seem to be working on the mobile app release. Hopefully they'll do it quickly.


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This is an interesting service whose tagline is 'If you are going to panic, panic early.' It's available for Android and iOS and is basically a news aggregator with portfolio and alert features. The pro option seems a bit pricey at $99 and i'm not entirely convinced that it's worth the upgrade. But the free version is great as far as it's interface is concerned for catching up on cryptocurrency news and updates.

If you know any better app that's not in this list please feel free to inform me in the comments below.

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I am viewing Cryptopanic right now on my laptop and right away, I am loving it. So Thank You! I've been sampling several sites of this kind for weeks and this might be the answer.

CoinStats is included in my rotation and my comment on that one is that it's Easy on the Eyes. Nothing thus far has been perfect in every respect. If it was, I expect I'd be waking up shortly.

Side mention- I only recently came across Blockstack apps available on Blockstack Browser. I'm on Linux mostly and I hate messing with manual installs (bc community guides are not enough in some cases) but the web version works using any other browser (might defeat privacy somewhat).

They have more than half a dozen wallet & portfolio apps of varying complexity and features, all built by community teams and members.
Not saying I recommend any this soon but it's an interesting platform that puts Bitcoin blockchain to alternative uses.

Thank you for this comment. I somehow missed replying to this. I hope this post was useful overall. :)

please see seemytelos.com is an idea i have been mucking about with for a while because I could not find anything to tell me how much liquid EOS or Telos I had across all my accounts

Nice and clean, the way it should be. I played around with portfolio apps. Custom web pages too although I'd do better without relying on third party widgets (messy & unreliable). What you did is perfect for portfolio. I wanted fast & easy chart access all together. Now I just jump from an organized link page.

I have zero coding experience beside some HTML. The short cut solutions just won't bend on demand, lol.

Good information.
Thanks for sharing.

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This is actually really helpful, I was getting tired of Blockfolio and soon there will be significant moves to keep track with these apps :D

Btw, do you have any idea what's the space these apps take on your phone?

I forgot to reply to this sooner. I'm not sure of the space because I haven't looked closely into that. I'm on a S8+ and so far no app has managed a slow performance on this and I have sufficient memory on the phone so everything runs without a glitch.

Hey @firepower thank you for that valueable post. I use blockfolio myself and it feels like I want to try something new. With your post now, I have some alternatives. Awesome :)

Hey! I'm glad you found it useful. Thank you for your comment.

Wow it's good way

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thats gr8t information @firepower sir....!! soon i will try dis apps.....

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I'll stick to blockfolio but if theres a new app where I can just add transaction numbers and that's it. That would be the best app to track your portfolio.