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i wish!
continuing from missing in action.

ok so well. its not entirely true that i exercise just to keep me warm....
i do it for the strength, i also want to make a movie where i am in a fight cool and all that...
i do it cos i dont want to become lame. it also is fascinating to know what i can and cannot.
i do it to stand out,

i want to be outstanding.

do i want too much? only time will tell what fool ive been.


i will be able to do wonders, and it is sure to put a spring into my step.
oh and whenever i think that i could jump as high as my shoulders.... or even over my height.
its very practical. to have such a skill , jumping even to chest height will be amazing.

straight punch

dont stand infront when im doing this. you will get hurt.
i dont know which one should i increase in this the weight or the reps.............. hmmm hmmmm
it doesnt work this gif.. so press the link to view.


you ever met people whose handshake is retarded?
they grasp the hand too quickly and grips hard.
while your hand is stuck awkwardly in their awkward grip
its not a good style...
handshake should be firm and precise not competition of whos stronger.
just watch what you do with your grip, next time you handshake someone.

leg raise

my form will improve, this makes for a stronger core.

harder than a PLANK

altough i have a proper form in plank. this for some reason is not easy.
its a leg hold while your lower back is pressed firmly on the floor.
i dare you to try and do two mins of this without the collapse of the lower back making it an arch

the thoughts.

its for the self betterment. if we will sink, into the life without empowering our own bodies.
then it opens up a doorway that will cause only draft. and draft can be deadly.
lets stay healthy, lets do the things we want to do. this will make us happy. lets be strong.


How much can you deadlift and squat?

i can lift myself, and i can squat myself with one leg. other than that i do not have the equipment to know exact numbers. cheers

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