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where have you been?

so let me tell you why im not active on the platform lately.
its cos its cold, long sitting infront of the screen is making me a popsicle.
this is a little bit of what i do to keep warm. since it takes forever to make a gif online
i will keep this brief.

it starts with the stretch

weighted stretches are easier for me. do this with weight just enough that you can rise up with.

wrist shaker,

both of my wrists have been broken at one time or another, even my thumbs lol.
this is to strengthen them and for injury prevention.
shake it like they are on fire. really shake them. with gradual and great intensity.(dont worry my wrists are way stronger than your average joe.)

standard plank

every day i cough up 5 mins. my max record is not known to public,
i won the actifit.io challenge with 10minutes.

the traps.

trapezius muscles. is a must to train. otherwise your body will compensate with not the muscles you want when you carry something, thats when you can get really injured. its a miracle i can grasp even such a huge weight. with my right hand

one arm lesson

dont do it on a slippery floor, you can get injured,
there is a reason ow why i do the things i do, remember my both wrists has been broken.
there is an unseen force here that prevents me from doing these cleanly. the fact the both my
arms are going in seperate directions does not help. but i have found a fix to this.
i wont look like i struggle as much with this. p.s. this is a weighted exercise


just a month ago, i couldnt even lift anything with my right hand, mainly the wrist.
it was such a pain. i injured it in course of one month in the summer time... when the weather was fine.
as a result i couldnt even. lift a simple water kettle damn it.
even when i would just open up my palm with my right hand. it would hurt like hell. it wouldnt heal for 2 weeks.
so i decided jus ef it. im gonna train through my weakness. train through that injury.
and guess what it worked. i feel the pain less and less each day, it becomes more subtle and subtle.


thats all ive got for now.


Hey @franciferrer! It’s been awhile so I thought I would drop by!

Are you still doing your planks? 🙂

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What is your body weight?

my height and weight is 1:1 with Bruce Lee.

Great, you may join my fitness challenge on stemit, see youin the discord channel

How did you injure your hand?

while trying to tidy up my fathers shithole of a yard, for which his kids have to pay penalties of, many heavy objects there that i had grasped with extended fingers , i believe that is how i got the injury. large metal objects that weigh far more than i should have lifted, but there was no other way to ltransport that shit. oh i also , moved cars with bare hands. toss them to the side and what not. ... that injury got me immobilized for a long time. i lost all my strength. i wont do that shit again ever in my life.

sad... are you fully recovered now?

more or less. yes.

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